• Medications given should be taken according to the instructions for use.
  • Neck Pillow should be used for a week and should lie on your back.
  • Heavy sportive activities should be avoided for a month. (Outdoor walking for a while can be done)
  • Swimming in the sea or swimming pool should be avoided for a month and operation area should be protected from direct sun light.
  • Caps or hats shouldn’t be weared for one month. Loosen hats that provides no touch to the operation area can be preferred if it’s required.
  • No sexual activities for 5 days.

Medicine Use; Cipro 500 mg. Tablet 2 x 1 (Morning 1 evening 1 with full stomache)

Prednol 16 mg. Tablet 1st day 3 tablet, 2nd day 2 tablet, 3rd day 1 tablet with full stomache.

Parol   Tablet 3x 1 full stomache  (it’s optional if you have pain you can swallow one tablet)

PS : Aspirin can be recommended by docs and experts depending patient’s situation.

Washing and Care; Dressing a wound and washing session can be planned the day after operation . if patient stay longer it might be planned on 3rd day.

PS: The foam shampoo that given after surgery is shaked before use and sprayed to the whole surface of operation area and it stays like that like 25-30 minutes . After waiting , it is rinsed by non-pressurized soft and warm water. Patient needs to do same procedure until last washing (10th wash) and it needs to be done with gentle and kind tapping with fingertips as experts instructed and explained in the hospital

İlginizi Çekebilecek Ürünlerimiz

Cleaning of Scabs; 10th washing is for cleaning of scabs . Please don’t hesitate to ask assistance of related patient consultant before it’s done . You should use foam for 45-60 minutes to make scabs quite softly and with the help of tissue scabs should be cleaned . Please don’t afraid if follicles hurt because scabs should be cleaned properly and follicles never damaged.

Shock Loss; After the shedding, an image that is formed will make everyone happy , redness goes away, hair transplantation is not understood, the empty area becomes completely hairy. This situation disappoints people with the process we call shock loss after 15-20 days. This situation is a highly scientific normal result of hair and body biology, it is perfectly normal. When they see that the hair starts to grow slowly after the 2nd month, they are extremely happy and the other times will be expected.

Hair Growth Process; The transplanted hair starts to grow slowly in the 2nd and 3rd months, 18-25 % in 4 months, 40% and 50% in the 6th & 7th month, and 100% at the end of 12-15 months.

PS: Instructions must be followed strictly in order to prevent complications that may occur as a result of incomplete or incorrect use and to ensure more successful, efficient and healthy transplantation results after one year.