What Is The Recovery Time For Buttock Augmentation? Brazilian butt lift is one of the popular surgical applications that continues to be preferred by women. According to the plastic surgery statistics made in recent years, the demand for Brazilian butt aesthetic operation is increasing day by day.

A butt aesthetic procedure is applied every 30 minutes on average every day. Brazilian butt enlargement operation (Brazilian butt) or butt enlargement operation is a butt enlargement operation where the person’s own fat is used to enlarge and shape the butt. In this operation, fat is taken from areas such as abdomen, hips and hips by liposuction method, and then this fat is applied to the butt.

What Is Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

In some cases, additional liposuction can be applied around the buttocks in order to ensure the verticality and fullness of the butt. While performing Brazilian butt aesthetic surgery, four techniques called fat injection, silicone applications, filling injection and stretching method are used. Which of these techniques will be applied is determined according to the wishes of the patient. In this intervention, the fat taken from one or more parts of the body by the vaser liposuction procedure is injected (transferred) to the places previously determined on the hip such as the hip cheeks or hip sides. The oils taken during this process are used after they are subjected to special processes and enriched from the stem cell.

What Is The Recovery Time For Buttock Augmentation?

Immediately after the operation, it is normal to have bruising and swelling in the areas where fat cells are taken. Pain can be controlled with medication. The recovery process after the operation varies from person to person and according to the application. However, most patients can stand up one to two days after the operation. After the silicone prosthesis application, pressure on the hips is avoided for 2-3 weeks, during this period, do not sit on the hips and lie prone. Returning to work and normal activities and swimming are possible at the end of this period.

You can start sports such as gymnastics after 6 weeks, and all activities including motorcycle riding after 3 months. After liposuction and fat grafting (fat injection), these periods are much shorter and pressure on the hips is avoided for 2-3 days, and activities such as gymnastics and motorcycle can be started at the end of this period and 2-3 weeks later. It is recommended to act in order to avoid constipation after the surgery. It is normal to have discharge from the place where the incision was made. Even if there is blood in the liquid, do not worry; This situation will disappear a few days after the operation.

There is almost no scar problem after liposuction and fat graft (fat injection) because the procedure is performed with incisions as small as 2-3 mm. Silicone prostheses are placed with 7-8cm incisions on the inner faces of the hips facing each other and since they do not extend above and above the buttocks, there is usually no problem. It is extremely important for your Brazilian hip aesthetic surgery to be successful in the post-operative period as well as to be successful. It is up to you to continue this process successfully. If attention is not paid to what should be followed in this process, it is possible to encounter negative consequences. The recovery process after hip aesthetic surgery is not as difficult and tiring as expected.

Modern techniques help this process end in a comfortable way. The patient stays in the hospital for one day to observe postoperative complications. The patient is recommended to rest at home for two days after discharge. During this period, bruising, redness and edema can be seen at a high level. You can return to daily life after two days. After the first week, you can do light exercises. Post-operative edema also disappears within a week to a month. After three months, a full recovery is achieved. It is okay to do heavy exercises starting from the third month. Of course, the warnings and cautions about these periods should be explained in detail by the doctor. The doctor will clearly share the points that need attention. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the healing process proceeds as planned.

What Should Be Considered In Buttock Augmentation Operation?

Complications expected to occur after the operation vary according to the operation method. Redness, bruising and edema are frequently encountered in fat injection and filling methods. It takes about a week for all of them to pass. The most common complication that confuses the post-operative observation period is edema. Since edema causes the hip area to swell more than it should, it causes the butt aesthetics to look different than it should be. Edema-related results disappear completely within two weeks at the latest and the final results of butt aesthetics can be observed.

After the operation, mild nausea and vomiting may occur due to anesthesia. In addition, although it varies according to the painkiller used, a slight pain may be felt in the butt area. It is common to encounter all these complications.

The surgeon asks the patient to wear a special corset to treat the areas where liposuction is applied after surgery. It is recommended that the patient wear this garment for eight weeks to ensure that the area from which the fat was removed heals properly. This method is also used to keep swelling to a minimum, reduce discomfort and help the skin recover.

One of the most important points about recovery after Brazilian butt lift surgery is the sitting position. It is recommended that you do not sit directly on your butt for at least eight weeks after the operation. Patients are generally recommended to sleep on their abdomen or facing sideways. It is recommended to use a circular or inflatable pillow in situations where you have to sit. Putting the pillow between your legs helps to prevent the pressure exerted on the fat graft by lifting the butt. Since sitting directly on the butt can affect the fat circulation in the area, it is very important to follow these recommendations to achieve long-term results.