What Is PRP Treatment For Hair Growth? PRP hair transplant treatment means using one’s blood instead of medication. PRP method is a treatment method used not only in hair transplantation but also in many areas such as skin rejuvenation. PRP treatment prevents the slowing of cell renewal due to genetic or environmental reasons.

PRP stands for; It means platelet-rich plasma. It provides healing in various parts of the body. The answer to the question of; what is PRP treatment for hair growth; helps to restore hair growth. Doctors use this treatment in the treatment of hair loss in cases caused by androgenetic alopecia, which causes hair follicles to shrink.

How Is PRP Treatment Done?

In PRP treatment, some blood is taken before the patient. This blood plasma is then returned to the body. Platelet cells are found in large numbers into the plasma. The task of these cells is to provide blood coagulation, and they play a significant role in wound healing.

PRP treatment is also used in the reduction of cracks, orthopaedic treatments, and scar removal operations. This surgery is natural as it is performed with the person’s blood. PRP accelerates tissue repair. What makes this happen is several growth factors and proteins found in it. Some types of hair loss are caused by damage to the hair follicles, and PRP can be applied in such cases.

Hair Loss And PRP

Hair loss is a problem not only in men but also in women. And hair loss is a problem that people of all ages can experience. You can learn the answer to the question of “what is PRP treatment for hair growth?” in detail in this article. It is usual for an average person to shed approximately 100-150 hairs a day. If you have more than this number of hair loss, definitely consult the nearest clinic.

There are many treatment methods for hair loss. One of them is PRP treatment. And looking at the statistics, PRP hair transplant treatment achieves more successful results than other methods. While regular hair transplantation takes 6-8 hours, PRP hair treatment takes less time, and there is no pain in the PRP treatment process. The duration of PRP hair treatment may differ from person to person. And it should not be forgotten that you should keep your hair away from extreme cold and extreme heat after treatment. And after the procedure, you should not wash your hair immediately, but follow the instructions given by your doctor.

İlginizi Çekebilecek Ürünlerimiz

After hair transplantation, there is usually a scar on the skin, no scar on the scalp in PRP treatment. The person can continue his daily life in the usual way without taking a break. In regular hair transplantation treatment, the treatment period lasts 4-5 months, with PRP treatment, this period is three months.

PRP And Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant technology has been improving itself every day for the last 50 years. And there are many treatment methods applied in hair transplant technology. One of these methods is PRP. PRP treatment has been used frequently in recent years. The ease of PRP treatment and its immediate effect is one of the reasons why this treatment method is commonly used.

PRP can be applied after hair transplantation or before hair transplantation. The application of PRP treatment after hair transplantation is as follows; It supports the new hair follicles in the hair transplantation area (with the proteins it contains), and the hair follicles are more easily integrated into the scalp with this method.

PRP hair treatment is straightforward and reliable. As it is known, one should be very careful and meticulous in hair transplantation. With the PRP hair treatment method, these procedures are more comfortable and provide an excellent convenience for the doctor who performs the process.

PRP treatment is a treatment method that allows not only people with hair loss but also people who want to nourish their hair follicles. Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone, regardless of gender, in the treatment of PRP.

The answer to what is PRP treatment for hair growth is; It is a treatment that can be applied to anyone who wants to have a hair transplant. The most significant advantage of PRP treatment is that it is a form of surgery that does not pose any problem for people with any allergies. Because this process is done with the blood obtained from the person himself. Therefore, there is no risk of allergies in this hair transplant operation.

Stages Of The PRP Operation

As with any hair transplant, there are some things to be considered in PRP treatment. For example, you should not consume any alcohol 48 hours before surgery. If you smoke, you should not smoke for 48 hours before the surgery. And most importantly, you should not use any medication until 15 days before the operation day. If you have to use any medication, you should consult your doctor.

The steps in PRP hair treatment are as follows;

Blood is drawn from your arm veins because this blood will be used again during treatment.

This blood is separated into its components, and thrombocytes of this blood are removed with the help of a syringe.

Then, these thrombocytes are injected into the skin to be transplanted.

This whole process takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. And there may be several sessions depending on the type of hair treatment.

In this article, we told you the answer to the question of what is PRP treatment for hair growth.

PRP is not a treatment applied in cases that cause hair loss. PRP hair treatment helps hair growth. For this reason, the person may need to have more than one PRP treatment.

If you want to benefit from PRP treatment, you can go to the nearest clinic and get free information. After a standard hair transplant treatment, there are instructions from your doctor in the treatment of PRP. You must follow these instructions. After your hair loss is controlled, a return injection may be required every 4-6 months.