Vaser liposuction application is an extremely successful regional fat reduction treatment method. The number of fat cells in the body of adult humans is fixed to a certain extent. Because the number of fat cells does not increase after puberty. However, the volume of fat cells increases for various reasons. When the volume of the fat cell increases, this leads to weight gain. It is very important to adopt a proper and healthy diet and exercise and a regular lifestyle in order to lose excess weight. However, some people who adopt a proper diet and healthy lifestyle may have stubborn fat deposits that do not disappear or melt. Certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, waist, outer and inner sides of the thighs, and knees, are the regions that are resistant to diet and exercise and where fat accumulates.

Vaser Liposuction application is the process of removing fat deposits in certain parts of the body by absorbing them with a special vacuum. Vaser liposuction surgery is not a weight loss surgery. This application is a surgery to correct body shape and structure. With this surgery, fat tissue with increased volume and resistance to diet and exercise is removed from the body. Thus, the number of existing fat cells in the body is also reduced. In addition, the purpose of Vaser Liposuction is not weakening, but contour correction. This surgery is an operation that does not have any risks. With Vaser Liposuction Application Fat accumulated in many areas of the body such as the neck, under the chin, cheeks, upper arm, chest, breasts, abdomen, waist, back of the leg, hips, thighs, inner side of the knee, etc., are removed by vacuum.

Who Can Apply For Vaser Liposuction Application?

Vaser Liposuction application is suitable for those who do not have problems such as cracks or sagging on their skin. With liposuction application, the best results are obtained in middle-aged and non-overweight people who have had at most one birth. When is the Best Time to Have Liposuction? It is the best time after losing weight for people who are on a diet. However, for women who give birth, it is appropriate to apply Vaser Liposuction one year after birth.

In addition to the Vaser Liposuction application treatment, the lymphatic drainage massage applied has a very important benefit. It is recommended that people massage themselves after the surgery. Thus, massage increases the speed of healing.

Which Parts Of The Body Is Suitable For Vaser Liposuction Application Application?

Vaser Liposuction application can be applied in every region. However, it is quite suitable for the abdomen, waist circumference, and under-neck (jowl) parts of men. In women, this method is very suitable for hips, abdomen, waist, hips, inner and upper parts of the legs, inner knees, ankles, lower arms, under the neck (jowl), and back.

Vaser Liposuction Advantages

Vaser Liposuction balances the distribution of adipose tissue in the body. It improves the body profile aesthetically. However, although the Vaser Liposuction application has many advantages, this application is not a weight loss technique. Vaser liposuction application is not an effective treatment for cellulite. Therefore, in addition to liposuction treatment techniques, regular and balanced exercise, a good diet, a healthy and balanced lifestyle help to achieve a more successful result.