Robin Williams Hair Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles. Hair transplantation is the process of taking hair follicles from areas where they are strong and dense (neck and side) and transplanting them into less sparse empty areas. Since the person’s own tissue is used in hair transplantation, the texture and root compliance is 100%. With today’s advancing techniques, much more natural looks are obtained in hair transplantation procedures.

With hair loss, various psychological disorders that may occur in people or situations such as getting away from social life are eliminated by hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation was performed for the first time in the 1940s by a Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda who died in the Second World War. Unfortunately, his scientific publications on hair transplantation were discovered years later.

In the 1970s, American dermatologist Dr. Orentreich published the rules of hair transplantation and in 1998, again, American dermatologist Dr. Benstain published his scientific article explaining the basics of completely natural hair transplantation with follicular unit transplantation. Since 2002, a new method of hair transplantation, called FUE, in which hair is taken one by one, has been defined, and in 2005 it became clear who is suitable for this method and its limits.

Hair Transplantatıon Methods 

Hair Transplant FUE (= Follicular Unit Extraction)

This technique is based on removing the hair follicular units with a special needle without using surgical blades (scalpel). With 0.5-1 mm motorized devices, the upper layer of the skin is cut in such a way that the hair remains in the middle, and the follicular unit is removed from the underlying loose tissues without any damage. Each follicular unit contains 2-4 hair and roots. Before this procedure, the hair in the area where the follicle will be removed is shaved to remain 1-2 mm. Individual follicles taken after local anesthesia is applied in both the donor and the recipient area to be transplanted, are transplanted to the balding area.

Hair Transplant FUT (= Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method, which is the old technique in hair transplantation, it is called the process of removing the skin part in the form of a strip in accordance with the density of the hair follicles in the area between the two ears, the elasticity of the skin in this area and the size of the transplantation area. There is a high possibility of scarring on the back of the head as a result of the operation performed.

In the FUT hair transplantation method, the scalp taken by the Plastic Surgeon is divided into single, double, and triple groups (graft / follicular unit) by the professional team and prepared for transplantation.

In the FUE hair transplantation method performed with the micromotor system, the fact that hair follicles can be taken with the FUT hair transplantation method at a rate of approximately the number of grafts removed the reason for the preference of this method. In addition, the FUE hair transplantation method with a micro motor system has replaced the FUT hair transplantation method due to the tension pain and permanent scar after the operation.

Hair Loss Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Methods

Hair Loss Symptoms and Causes in Men?

Usually, there is a spill story in his family history.

Oily, dandruff, itchy scalp

Psychological, nervous personality

The shedding first starts and progresses at the forehead border, then there is an opening that starts from the top. The diagnosis is usually made by clinical presentation.

The hair pull test is usually positive.

Hair Loss Symptoms and Causes in Women?

Female type (Androgenetic Alopecia); is the most common type. The hair on the top is reduced, sparse, thinner, shorter and contains less pigment.

Male type (Androgenetic Alopecia); rare

Hair loss due to iron deficiency.

Hair loss due to irregularities in thyroid hormones.

Hair loss is caused by hormonal irregularities due to ovarian cysts.

Hair loss is caused by hormonal irregularities after birth.

Hair loss due to stress.

Today, the onset of hair loss has regressed until the age of adolescence. The age limit accepted worldwide for hair transplantation is 22. Specialists recommend hair treatment for younger people with hair loss.

Hair Loss

Studies on hair loss show that 70% of women and men who have completed their physical development all over the world experience hair loss for various reasons.

Hair loss due to genetic factor,

Hair loss due to hormones,

Hair loss caused by unhealthy diet,

Hair loss due to stress,

Hair loss caused by chronic diseases,

Hair loss due to irregular lifestyle

Hair loss problems are experienced due to reasons such as physical trauma.

In each hair strand life cycle, the hair strand growth phase (anagen), the hair strand resting phase (catagen) and the strand hair shedding (telogen) phase continue. It is normal to lose 60 to 100 hairs in daily life. As long as the hair follicle activity continues, the hair strand will grow again. Hair shedding more than 100 strands per day or weak and weak hair growth instead of shedding hair indicates that the problem of hair loss has started.

Among the causes of hair loss, the most common genetic reason is male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia). It is coded whether the hair will fall out in the future while still in the womb. Hair follicles, which are sensitive to testosterone (male hormone), begin to shed by being affected by the secretion of the hormone.

The problem of hair loss begins with the weakening of the hair strands and loss of volume, continues with hair loss, and ends with the disappearance of the hair follicles.

At the point where hair loss is advanced and a reversal is not possible, the latest solution produced by advanced medicine is hair root transplantation.

Robin Williams and Hair Transplant

Robin McLaurin Williams is an American comedian and actress. Robin, who is a very good actor, had the problem of hair loss mentioned in our article. But he also regained his hair, which is very important for every person, by having a hair transplant and managed to preserve his charisma. Robin Williams Hair