Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery performed to change the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery can be applied to people over a certain age. It is a plastic surgery performed after the age of 16 for girls and 18 for boys. Rhinoplasty is performed to correct problems such as an arch on the back of the nose, curvature of the nose, low nose tip, asymmetry in the nose, and the width of the nose tip. When there are breathing problems outside of the nose, procedures for breathing can be added during rhinoplasty surgery.

How Is Aesthetic Nose Surgery Performed?

Many techniques are used for aesthetic nose operations. While the bone and cartilage structure is reached with rhinoplasty surgery, the soft tissue and skin of the nose are preserved. In the surgery performed, different procedures are performed in the area of ​​bone, and cartilage and shaping are made. Thus, it can be reduced, enlarged or additions can be made according to the needs. Thus, the shape of the structure is changed.

In addition, the soft tissue and skin on the structure are also adapted to this bone and cartilage structure. In other words, the bone and cartilage structures of the nose are the main changes in nasal plastic surgery. Techniques used for nose aesthetic surgery are performed as open technique and closed technique. What is done is more important in the technique applied. It is possible to achieve the same result with different surgical techniques.

Rhinoplasty Revision

In rhinoplasty, revision procedures should be limited as much as possible. The nose has some features that can change over time. Numerous and uncontrolled early revision procedures cause the skin and soft tissue of the nose to bleed and degrade its quality. Therefore, a large number of revision processes can cause serious problems. Therefore, if the desired results are not obtained after nasal surgery, it is necessary to wait for at least one year for the tissues to heal. After a year, it is necessary to plan the revision carefully. However, the revision should be done if there is an important problem that really needs to be fixed.  In addition, revision for very tiny, very millimetric changes can damage the soft tissue in the nose. This leads to more difficult problems.

In Which Problems Are Rhinoplasty Application Performed?

Many problems related to the appearance of the nose can be corrected with aesthetic interventions. Aesthetics can be performed for various complaints such as the size of the nose and its small size. Aesthetic procedures are performed due to the arched nose, low nasal tip, asymmetries in the nose, the curvature of the nose, and problems with breathing. Each case to be corrected is handled within itself. Before rhinoplasty surgery, it is determined what changes should be made with simulation picture studies. While analyzing the nose, the relationship and harmony of the face with other features are checked. In addition, the condition of the chin and forehead, other features of the face, and the appropriate nose shape are determined according to this facial structure.