Medical Aesthetic, The aesthetic surgeries traditionally include dermatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery, and plastic surgery. It is a broad term for areas of expertise concentrating on adjusting cosmetic appearance by treating conditions such as scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, skin discolouration, and spider veins. Furthermore, it includes both surgical and non-surgical operations, and our healthcare professionals may use a combination of both. 

Medical Aesthetic

While these procedures for esthetic medications are generally elective, they can substantially improve people’s lives, mental well-being, and community spirit. Recent studies show that the life of the people who had aesthetic procedures significantly improved in self-confidence. 

Another benefit of medical aesthetic procedures, again as recent studies show, is people who had such procedures are more frequently get into a relationship in comparison with their past life. 

We are providing many different aesthetic operations following your needs and wishes. We have a well-experienced team of doctors and Epilation, Cellulite Treatment, Dermapen, Legend, i-lipo, Golden Needle, Youth Vaccine, Spot and Acne Treatment, and Radio Frequency treatments are some of the medical aesthetic procedures that our doctors operate.


Epilation, or commonly used term for it, hair removal is the operation that we intentionally remove your body hair. With epilation, we can easily remove your undesired hair from specific regions. Furthermore, you can significantly decrease the risk of getting ingrown hair. 

If you choose medical epilation over traditional methods, you would never have razor burns or scars. Moreover, it is also much less time consuming than traditional methods. 

With medical epilation, it is possible to provide you with less hair growth or no hair growth at all. Our doctors performed medical epilation procedures hundreds of times before, and we guarantee to satisfy you if you choose us for medical epilation.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the dimpled-looking skin usually located in the area around the thighs. It develops as fatty tissue presses up against connective tissue deep inside the skin. Typically it impacts buttocks and thighs but may occur in other places as well. 

Estrogen, insulin, noradrenaline, and thyroid hormones are effective on Cellulitis. Cellulite can affect all males and females, but it is far more frequent in women due to the specific fat, muscle, and connective tissue distribution. According to studies, cellulite is likely to occur between 80 and 90 per cent of women. 

Our facility offers a top-class treatment for your Cellulite issues. With the help of our experts, you will get rid of your Cellulitis without having any pain. After your treatment, smoking cessation, a diet low in fat, and an active lifestyle may help to prevent you from the reoccurrence of cellulite.


Dermapen is a needle treatment. In this technique, we inject the medicine directly to the point that problems are occurring. It is the most harmless needle treatment concerning your epidermis. 

On the other hand, it is a technique that is painless and easy to heal. It also gives the best results on treatments in comparison with former needle treatments. To find more about dermapen treatment, please feel free to contact us.

With the use of dermapen, we can increase the production of collagen, and we can reduce the required time for healing. We advise you to receive the treatment once a month for six consecutive months.We treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scarring, cellulite, stretch marks, pigmentation, and enlarged pores. Furthermore, with this treatment, we can remove your non-desired tattoos. 

Dermapen is a very safe treatment technique. We have been providing dermapen for many years, and our team is an expert on this treatment.


LEGEND is an aesthetic medical device that uses Pollagen’s hybrid energy technology. It is a unique treatment. It achieves substantial, but natural, volumization of the dermal, reduction of the wrinkles, rejuvenation of the skin and lifting effects. 

This elegant medical device interacts with the natural processes of the body to stimulate an increased hyaluronic acid development, collagen regeneration, and elastin formation. This treatment is virtually painless. With LEGEND, you will have minimal downtime, and you will have a very convenient treatment. It is also an anti-ageing treatment, and the results are long-lasting. The results are also improving over time.

LEGEND is a state of the art treatment. It is one of the newest technologies possible in the market. It is a very satisfactory treatment for your needs. Since it works along with the natural processes of the human body, the results are very natural and impressive. You can reach us to get more information about this wonderful treatment.


i-Lipo is a laser machine that we use for fat-reduction. It is one of the latest aesthetic laser systems. It is a very popular and beneficial treatment since it is completely painless. With i-Lipo, you will have no downtime. It is also a completely needle-free treatment. 

This device won the prestigious ‘Victoire de la Beaute Award, Slimming Treatment of the Year, Paris’ award. With the low-level laser energy that i-Lipo delivers, we can recreate the fat burning process of your body, in a much less amount of time. 

Unlike conventional liposuction, the laser will not kill fat cells and, like many other non-surgical body-contouring therapies, will not eradicate them. i-Lipo lasers shrink the fat cells by purging their triglycerides, which the body subsequently metabolizes and removes. 

You will need to exercise or sit in a sauna for 30 minutes after the session, to boost circulation and help metabolize the fatty acids and glycerol that are set to release. However, this is completely individual, therefore, you better ask our doctors regarding your case.

i-Lipo treatment is more affordable than regular liposuction. We will offer the best treatment at the best price in the market. As a result of the i-Lipo treatment, you can lose a couple of inches from your waist, hips, thighs, or other areas of your body. Our doctors are applying this procedure very professionally. Please reach us to learn more about this new type of laser fat reduction device. 

Golden Needle

Golden Needle treatment is a treatment, during which we use a device with needles made out of gold. This device works together with a radiofrequency device. We use this device to apply radio frequencies in the treatment area to treat some dermatological problems. We recommend this treatment for scars and acne scars. It provides substantial healing on acne and stains. 

We can also perform colouring and tightening with the Golden Needle. Through stimulating the skin, the procedure activates collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin production. The lifting reaction found in the skin that repairs itself is stretching. This procedure can be applied in most areas of the skin. The Golden Needle treatment is very popular among those who want changes on these regions:

  • Hands
  • Neck
  • Face

The most important superiority of the Golden Needle treatment is that it is really quick to recover after the procedure. It is also one of the most harmless and efficient needle treatments available. 

While the microneedles made of gold are increasing the efficiency of the treatment and homogenizes the radio frequencies, it also minimizes the pain. We can provide you with detailed explanations of how the Golden Needle treatment works. Please contact us if you have further questions about the process or prices of it. 

Youth Vaccine

Youth Vaccine is an anti-ageing treatment method that is very advanced and efficient. We usually apply this treatment to the areas of the forehead, between two eyebrows, decollete, around eyes, the mouth, face, neck, and hands. 

It is a mesotherapy method that we apply perfectly. Hyaluronic acid, contained in all areas of our body from our internal organs to our skin, is contained in the skin at an early age, but sadly it begins to decline steadily after age 30. 

The skin is losing its strength and elasticity with the removal of hyaluronic acid. In this method, we are stopping this decline in hyaluronic acid. Our doctors use this treatment to make your skin look and feel much younger.

Youth Vaccine is a pain-free method. Furthermore, it consumes much less time in comparison to other techniques. In most cases, one hour is enough for our team to perform the whole procedure. After the procedure, your skin will be moisturized, and hyaluronic acid will renew your skin. Not only will your skin look younger, and it will also slow the ageing of your skin.

Spot and Acne Treatment

We are providing the best treatments for spots and acne. Today, it is a very common skin issue to have spots or acne. Removing such skin problems dramatically boosts the self-esteem of people. 

With methods such as dermapen and alike, such problems are easy and painless to overcome. Our expert doctors will decide the best option to treat your spots and acne after the examination of your skin. Please feel comfortable to contact us to learn about these treatments in more detail.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency treatments such as the Golden Needle are widely in use for the past fifteen years. Their cost-efficiency plays an important role in this popularity. In the field of medicine, Radio Frequency treatments have seventy-five years of past. 

For some of the treatments that we provide, we find it very suitable as a means to treat dermatological problems. Radio frequencies create a thermic effect when going through your skin. This can be used to treat many kinds of skin issues. 

Our doctors are very experienced in the use of radio frequencies to perform aesthetic procedures. To learn more about the use of radio frequencies in aesthetic treatments, you can contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have any age restrictions for patients?

Yes. We do not have specific age restrictions, but it depends on the treatment that you are going to have. Our doctors will decide your eligibility when you contact us.

 Are you going to medically examine me?

Yes. Before any procedure, our doctors will examine you to decide whether or not you are able to get this procedure. 

Can you treat me if I have a chronic disease?

It depends on your condition. Our doctors will consider your situation before the procedure.

Can you treat me if I am using medications regularly?

It depends on what type of medical treatment you are having. Our doctors will examine you before your procedure to determine your eligibility.

Who will take care of me during my treatment?

In accordance with the treatment you are having, one or more doctors and their team will be there for you through the whole process.

Am I going to be under the effect of anaesthesia during the procedure?

It depends on our doctor’s evaluation and your opinion. After the consultation, you can have an overall outcome regarding this. 

Are you going to assist me through the whole process?

Yes. Someone from our crew will always be there for you to assist you before, during, and after your procedure.

Are these procedures expensive?

We guarantee you the best price that you can find on the market alongside the best treatment that you can get.

Is my body going to look natural after the treatment?

Yes. We are using the best technology available with very experienced professional doctors. Your health and appearance are very important to us. We will make sure that each time we satisfy you aesthetically while maintaining your healthiness.

Are medical aesthetic operations painful?

No, not at all. Our treatment methods are the most painless treatment methods available. You will not have a hard time during our sessions.

When will I recover after a medical aesthetic operation?

It depends on which treatment you are having. Usually, it takes very little time for you to recover since we will treat you with the best available technology. For further information about the matter, please contact us.

How many sessions should I take for medical aesthetic operations?

It is different for each procedure. For some of the treatments, even one session can be enough. For the others, the number of sessions may vary. It also depends on your condition. Please contact us to evaluate your condition and inform you accordingly.