Is Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery? Structural disorders in the nose, which is one of the most striking points of my face, negatively affect both the psychological and daily life of the individual from time to time. There are various methods for treating deformities in the nose. The most known and generally preferred of these is rhinoplasty surgery with today’s advancing technology. Rhinoplasty varies according to the shape of the patient’s nose, complaints about his nose, the severity of the structural disorder and the patient’s wishes. There are two different methods in rhinoplasty surgery as open and closed.

Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is generally preferred if the problems in the nose are bigger and more serious or if the patient has undergone any previous nasal aesthetic surgery. Open rhinoplasty surgery is a more advantageous method for the doctor. The skin of the nose is removed with the incisions made through the nostrils and the area is expanded for the doctor to work. In this way, the doctor can both see the area he will work more easily and intervene in this area better. Closed rhinoplasty is used for smaller interventions. The operation is performed by making cuts from the place called the product wall between the nostrils.

The scar remains invisible between the nasal wall and heals after a short time. However, in open rhinoplasty, the scar remains on the nose for at least six months. Rhinoplasty is a method used for both health and aesthetic situations. Yes, rhinoplasty is plastic surgery because it is used in cases such as changing the shape of the nose in terms of aesthetics, correcting the arched nose, and wanting to reduce the nose.

Although rhinoplasty is used in cases such as breathing difficulties, rhinoplasty is plastic surgery because it is aimed to give an aesthetic appearance to the nose. Before the rhinoplasty is performed, the patient tells the doctor what kind of nose he wants. Considering the patient’s wishes, the doctor tries to make a nose that is both suitable for the patient’s face and beneficial for his health. After the surgery is decided, open or closed rhinoplasty surgery is preferred to resolve the patient’s complaints in the best way. Rhinoplasty is not an easy operation. On the contrary, it is one of the most difficult facial surgeries.

Shapes the Face

Since the nose is an organ that shapes the face, the slightest intervention to the nose changes the whole existing appearance of the patient. When changing the nose, the patient’s face should be away from artificiality. In order to have a good result, the patient should pay attention to what the doctor says and should not ignore the patient’s wishes. In this way, a good result occurs with a good patient-doctor relationship.

On the other hand, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery, but any intervention that will disrupt the function of the patient’s nose should be avoided in order to gain an aesthetic appearance. The success of the surgery is not only related to the experience and experience of the doctor. Various variables such as the patient’s age, health condition, the subject of the nose complaint, alcohol and cigarette use, anatomical structure, skin structure, and the duration of skin self-healing affect the success of the surgery. For example, if the patient is smoking, he / she should definitely reduce smoking before surgery. After the surgery, smoking should be minimized and if possible, should not smoke.

In addition, this plastic surgery is highly demanded by individuals between the ages of 18-35. However, rhinoplasty can be applied to people who do not have any disabilities for surgery after doctor control. The factor to be considered is that the patient has completed bone development. But one exception at this point is breathing difficulty. If the patient has difficulty breathing, rhinoplasty can also be performed at an earlier age.

Is Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery: Detailed Information

The operation process varies from doctor to doctor. However, the things that should be avoided before surgery are generally the same. For example, the patient should avoid taking drugs that cause bleeding, such as aspirin. Especially, smoking is one of the habits that should be avoided as it affects wound healing. Attention should be paid to the use of alcohol. In addition, it is very important to pay attention to nutrition after surgery. The patient should avoid consuming foods containing high sodium and salt. Excessive salt and sodium delay the healing of edema and swelling. In addition, the patient should definitely avoid constipation. Since constipation causes difficulties during the toilet, the nose will be pressured in ways. For this reason, the patient should consume fibrous foods and fruits, and pay attention to their nutrition and digestion.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries. The patient should be very careful both before and after the operation. Even if the operation takes a short time, it takes at least a year for the postoperative effects to pass. If there is a need for a new operation to the nose, the patient should wait at least a year. After a year, the patient can be treated again.