I-Lipo Laser Treatment, I-Lipo is a non-invasive laser treatment for fat loss and body contour that requires no incision and its very fast. Through the wonder of low-level laser technology, I-Lipo can stimulate fat cells within your body to release their content. Once released, all the fat flow freely in your body and it’s ready for it to burn it easily with little effort. The releasing of it usually comes when the body requires to spend much energy due to physical exertion. But with I-Lipo this can happen after 30 minutes laying down on a table with the device strapped and turned on.

I-Lipo Treats Fat Cell. But What Are Fat Cells?

Adipose cells, better known as ‘Fat Cells’, are the cellular units inside of which your body does store fat. Your body does not do so as a practical joke on you to make you lose your figure and look rounder. Far from it, it does so in order to store up energy inside your body for you to use whenever you need it. The fat cell stores calories in the form of lipids, the actual accumulation of it ends up creating and giving volume to fat tissue. They remain in there until the body deems it prudent to start burning them up in order to harness energy. Now, modern life requires very little physical exertion compared to, say, hunter-gatherer time. That, and the fact that food is now plentiful and consumption is rampant, allows us to overeat and, therefore, over storing fat within our bodies. That is the actual reason we get fat; the body continues to store all that fat within expecting to use it someday. Yet, if you remain living life without physically exerting enough, that day might as well never, ever come. Not unless you force it, though. That is where intense physical exercise becomes so necessary to incorporate in our everyday life. Bar the adoption of a constant routine of healthy eating habits, exercise is a necessary lifestyle habit to incorporate. The two of them, though, are even better. Now, since people these days also lead very busy lives. And, although busy, they require little real physical activity they might still not have time to properly exercise. That is when convenient treatments to reduce fat, contour the body, and improve appearance come in handy. That is when something like the I-Lipo treatment comes in handy.

How Does I-Lipo Work?

I-Lipo is a low-level laser technology-powered treatment that delivers the body shaping results you so desperately want. The I-Lipo laser treatment sets out to make the fat cells within your body shrink. It achieves this through a photobiomodulation process in which the laser applied punctures the fat cells’ membranes. The reaction transforms triglyceride molecules store within the fatty cells into fatty acids and glycerol molecules. Those two released from the fat cell and in doing so become ripe for your body to burn and do away with. The compounds released are just so very small that your body can easily release them through your pores. Yet, it will need a little push for that, see, in order to burn them up, your body will have to use them as fuel.

Thus, it is extremely encouraged, almost required, that you go an exercise after an I-Lipo session. Burning the fat released through the treatment is easy. The I-Lipo made half of the work for you already! If there is such a thing as the right time to exercise in order to lose weight, that is right after an I-Lipo treatment. Both fatty acids and glycerol molecules are just there, floating around, waiting for your body to burn them up. And, as you can probably tell if you ever exercised in the past,  even moderate exercise burns up calories.  

The I-Lipo device itself is extremely simple to use. They only require to place and secure the different laser nodes into the area you looking to treat. Once secure, it is a hands-off treatment from then on. They can very easily go do something else and occasionally pass by to check on you. The treatment itself lasts very little time, 20 to 30 minutes is all it takes for a session to compete.

Are the Effects From I-Lipo Permanent?

No, they are not permanent by any measure. See, because I-Lipo does not destroy or suck your fat cells out like regular liposuction would do. Instead, it forces them to shrink by puncturing their membrane and releasing its contents to flush them out. The fat cells remain in there, however, and will, given the chance, store fat back again. The I-Lipo procedure can help you to drastically slim down with very little physical exertion. But it is only the adoption of good dietary habits and routinely physical exercise that guarantees you stay thin. If you return to unhealthy eating habits that required you to seek an I-Lipo treatment, the cell will get fat again. Thus, leading to require another set of I-Lipo treatment sessions. 

I-Lipo’s Advantage Over Liposuction

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One the other hand, the very nature of I-Lipo affords it an advantage over the like of liposuction or CoolSculpting. Those two treatments do away with the fat cells in the targeted areas, removing them from the body. Due to that are not having any more fat cells, it will not be possible for the body to store fat there. While not gaining fat in some areas, like the abdomen, for example, sound phenomenal, it comes with a cost. The body still needs to store fat and will look to do somewhere else regardless. And it will find the place, no matter how awkward. When removing the fat cells from the most common spots, the fat will now accumulate in other places. This can lead to some very odd-looking fat places on unsuspected places including around shoulders and breasts. With I-Lipo you can still predict where you will get fat if it ever comes to that and target those same areas every time you need. I-Lipo also saves you costs and scars all over your body.

I-Lipo FAQ

Q: Does I-Lipo require any incisions?

A: No, not at all. There will be exactly zero cuts done to your body during an I-Lipo section. Unless, of course, you cut yourself with a paper signing up.

Q: How many I-Lipo sessions do I need to get the best results?

A: Results are apparent after the very first session. However, the best result that lasts up to six months after the last session requires 8 different sessions to achieve at minimum.

Q: How long does a single session of I-Lipo last?

A: The average session of I-Lipo last between 20 to 30 and not a second longer.