How To Enlarge Breast Naturally? Breast augmentation is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by women. Although aesthetic operations have been performed in many areas from the past to the present, they have been painful and intense. Thanks to the advancing technology, these operations are now both more comfortable and more painless than before. Nowadays, with the more frequent use of anesthesia, while planning is prepared according to the patient’s complaint, anesthesia can be preferred as local or general anesthesia depending on the severity of the operation. Since the operations differ from person to person, it is impossible and unrealistic to expect an exact result for every person. For the best results, the patient should fully share what he wants with his doctor, and the doctor who will operate should present the patient the appearance that will affect the patient’s health in the best way.

How Is Breast Size Determined In Breast Enlargement Operations?

The correct size prosthesis depends on the person’s anatomy, so it is different for each patient. It can determine the appropriate prosthesis size depending on the patient’s expectation with some unique measurements made on the patient’s height, body structure, sagging rate, chest, shoulder width and breast. However, if the patient’s expectation is not suitable for the patient, the doctor should share this with the patient. It is essential to choose a surgeon who understands the complex interaction between the existing breast tissue and the new prosthesis. This allows the prosthesis to be selected that will be beautiful, elegant and durable, with minimal risk of complications. The tissue-focused approach focuses on evaluating relevant aspects of the patient’s anatomy, such as breast width and subtype of breast tissue, on making the decision.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Enlargement? 

It is usually comfortable after the operation. Pain is minimal. If the prosthesis is placed behind the breast muscle, there may be the limitation in arm movements for a few days. Pain and swelling may occur several weeks after surgery. Scars will pass over time but may not disappear completely.

While healing, it is necessary to wear a compression bandage or sports bra to provide extra support to breast implants and to maintain positioning. It is crucial to buy the required bra with a doctor’s advice. In case of any unbearable pain, painkillers prescribed by the doctor are used.

During this period, the patient may need not to make massive physical movements. Likewise, it may be necessary to avoid a steam bath, solarium or sauna for at least two months after breast augmentation surgery.

If the body does not have a physically demanding job that requires diligent work, the patient can return to work within a few weeks. The patient should avoid strenuous activities that increase heart rate or blood pressure for at least two weeks.

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If there is warmth, redness or fever in the chest, the patient should contact his doctor as there is a risk of infection. In addition to these, or in cases where there is shortness of breath or chest pain alone, the surgeon should be consulted immediately. 

Do The Techniques And Silicone Shapes Used In Breast Enlargement Differ From Person To Person?

Since each operation differs according to the person, of course, the techniques and silicone shapes will also vary. Prostheses used for breast enlargement are placed in the breast volume with four different methods. The prosthesis placement procedure is performed by entering through the nipple, breast fold, 3-4 cm incisions made under the armpit, or through the navel. The pocket prepared under the breast for prosthesis can be organized under the breast tissue or the breast muscle under the breast tissue.

It is divided into two main groups as round breast prosthesis and drop model breast prosthesis. Drop model prostheses take the shape of a normal breast better, the nipple and the part under it are fuller. It is mostly preferred in cases where there is little breast tissue. These prostheses are produced in different width, length and height combinations. When determining the size of the prosthesis to be used to enlarge a breast, the structure, height, weight and body dimensions of the person’s breast and rib cage are taken into consideration. Provided that these physiological limits are not forced, the patient and the doctor decide on the size and shape of the prosthesis to be used together.

How To Enlarge Breast Naturally?

In addition to these operations, one of the most curious issues is the question of how to enlarge breast naturally. Padded bra, breast contours and upright posture can also be counted. However, these numbers do not increase breasts; they only make the breasts look bigger. Consuming more estrogen-containing foods; estrogen is the female hormone responsible for the growth of your breasts, among other things. Although your body naturally produces estrogen during puberty and even until the age of 18-19, it may be beneficial to consume foods containing estrogen to make your breasts a little larger. If estrogen levels are low, phytoestrogen comes into play in response to the question of how to enlarge breasts naturally and helps enlarge your breasts. Studies show that using phytoestrogen tablets increases the size of breast tissue in pre-menopausal women, and many delicious foods already contain phytoestrogens.

So there is no harm in adding them to your diet. If you want to grow your breasts naturally, all you have to do is gain a few pounds. Thus, the areas of the abdomen, thighs and body that gain weight more quickly than the rest of the body become fuller. You may not want to gain weight to make your breasts bigger, but this is the surest way. To gain weight, increase your calorie intake, turn to fatty foods like cheese and sugary foods like cookies.

Besides, exercise is crucial. Push-ups are not only an excellent exercise for the triceps muscle but can also strengthen the pectoral muscles just below their breasts. Also, lifting dumbbells is a great exercise that can help boost your pectoral muscles. Finding a pair of 3-5 pound dumbbells and lifting them. This exercise can be done at home without a weight bench. Doing butterfly movements with dumbbells, doing wall push-ups or crunching can also answer the question of how to enlarge breast naturally.