What Is Plastic Surgery?

How Much Is Plastic Surgery? Mankind always wants to look more beautiful with a flaw brought by creation. It does this in order to comply with the understanding of beauty and aesthetics that society has and impose on people and to be accepted, and also to complete the deficiencies in terms of health. Although plastic surgery is very common today, it has actually been applied since ancient times. Previously, aesthetic operations were started to be performed under conditions where pain was intense without anesthesia. However, he would not give up his passion for beauty. Later, it was started to be performed by taking anesthesia, and even nowadays, it is also performed by numbing the area to be treated with local anesthesia. Today, plastic surgery is a treatment method that everyone can easily apply and get a positive result. Plastic surgery is not always used for aesthetic corrections.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery is not just artificiality as the word plastic evokes. Plastic surgery, in order to intervene in the congenital deformations of the person, when an accident that causes the loss of any traumatic limb, after recovery from a fatal disease, limb deficiency (a woman with breast cancer getting help from plastic surgery to replace her lost breast), postpartum (tummy tuck) In such cases, it is one of the first solution methods that come to mind. Congenital conditions, usually intense complaints such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and some complications during pregnancy, can be increased in cases of intensive complaints such as prominent ear or droopy eyelid.

The patient also develops self-confidence after the surgery, as the plastic surgery intervenes in the parts that the person hides or is embarrassed and feels bad. After these operations, the patient is usually more in peace with himself, which increases his happiness.

Who Can Have Plastic Surgery?

It has been concluded that the tendency towards such interventions is more intense in individuals between the ages of 18-35. However, it is preferred by doctors to apply aesthetic operation to individuals who have completed bone development. Because, according to the complaints of the patients who have undergone aesthetic intervention, plastic surgery over time; It is divided into two for health and for aesthetics. In plastic surgery for health, the intervention to be performed to eliminate both the patient’s appearance and the health problem should be prioritized.

One of the most important examples of this is nose surgery, or rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery is generally applied for patients with respiratory difficulties. The external appearance of the patient is changed both aesthetically and eliminating the respiratory problem. Plastic surgery does not mean plastic or artificiality with the meaning given by its name. It is a serious intervention and one of the most common surgeries.

Plastic surgery is applied in line with the demands of patients with deformations in their body that negatively affect their daily life and psychology. However, while applying plastic surgery, it is very important to give the patient the dream appearance to the patient and to perform a functional procedure in terms of health. Plastic surgery can be applied to almost everyone. However, it is very important to follow certain procedures while applying. Whether the patient is suitable for the operation to be performed must be checked by interviewing the doctor beforehand. Various variables such as skin type, body healing time, anatomic structure of the body, skin structure, daily life of the patient, gender of the patient, the size of the surgery, the severity of the surgery, the age of the patient, smoking, alcohol or substance use affect the operation process.

How Much Is Plastic Surgery?

As aesthetic operations are preferred today, prices have started to increase more in line with the supply and demand. Plastic surgery operations have a wide range of fields. And it is not possible to limit the exact prices in this area. Each operation is personal. It is difficult to price personalized operations. Operations vary depending on the doctor. Even the location of the clinic or the hospital to be operated is very important in pricing. Prices are more expensive in more central and large cities such as Istanbul or Ankara.

In addition, the operation price varies with various variables according to the materials to be used, the training of the doctor, the awareness or the reputation of the doctor. However, if a scale is desired, the lowest surgery price is lip aesthetics and this operation starts at a price of 500- 1,000. The price continues to increase depending on the size of the operation. Operations such as abdominal lifting and facial aesthetics are more expensive than other operations. Because these operations are literally surgical for both the patient and the doctor.

It is followed by neck and breast aesthetic operations and nose surgeries. Breast aesthetics include operations such as breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift. Generally, these operations are under the abdominal stretching and facial aesthetics. After any aesthetic operation, the patient should be given a recovery period. Some patients want to have a second operation on the same area before recovery is completed. Except for minor corrections, a new surgery should be performed one year later. The healing process may be earlier in some patients, and later in others. It differs from person to person. However, the waiting period of one year for a new surgery is the same for every patient.

At the same time, additional operations can be performed in some cases to the operation to be performed to eliminate the complaint in the area where the patient is complaining. For example, a better result will be obtained if the eyebrow lift operation is applied to give a better result of the low eyelid surgery, or the realization that the patient needs a chin operation after rhinoplasty surgery. In such cases, the patient is informed and a new surgery plan is created. If any additional surgery is added to the existing process, it becomes impossible to determine the cost of the operation.