What Is Buttock Augmentation?

How Much Is It For A Buttock Augmentation? Today, the perception of beauty has become integrated with aesthetic operations. However, people’s desire to be beautiful and perfect has been going on for many years. Aesthetic operations, which were previously performed with excruciating processes, have become more common and accessible today. Surgical interventions, which used to be smaller operations in the past, are now widespread. Three places attract attention, especially when we come face to face with a person. The most striking of these, and perhaps unwittingly looked after is the butt. A perfect butt is the one that is protruding, straight and round. This shape is specific to Brazilian women. There are three reasons why this operation is named Brazilian buttock augmentation. First of all, as we first mentioned, the perfect butt in the shape of a Brazilian women’s butt.

Two reasons are that the materials used for the buttock augmentation operation are sourced from Brazil. That is why the best doctors in this operation come from Brazil. All areas of plastic surgery can be used to make the butt area aesthetic. The comprehensive and oily structure of the butt increases the variety of interventions to be made. After determining the purpose, one or more surgical methods can be used in the realization phase. Afterward, an ideal butt appearance can be revealed, and the wishes of the patient can be fully met. All methods are performed under local or general anesthesia.

This depends on the patient and the patient’s wishes. However, all of them require serious planning. Although the butt area may seem like a dead zone, some unwanted results may arise with the interventions to be made. While applying the methods, it is treated in a way that does not harm the general health of the person. To eliminate the risk factor, operation times are extended, and attention is increased. Fat injections are one of the most effective methods that can be used to provide butt aesthetics; Fat injection is followed by filling injections. The methods of both are the same. However, the materials used in surgery vary. The main feature of fat injections is the use of fat tissues taken from one’s own body. However, to perform buttocks aesthetic surgery with fat injection, there must be enough fat in the person’s own body.

The fat to be taken is obtained from the waist and hip areas. Liposuction is used as a fat removal technique. The fact that the fat is taken from the waist and hip regions provide a double-sided benefit. When fat is removed from the waist and hip area, these areas become thinner and aesthetic. The fat taken is injected into the butt area, and the butt area is made plump and upright, and the desired image is obtained. The first preferred methods in butt aesthetics are always injection applications. However, when injection applications are insufficient, silicone remains the only method that can be applied. Also, one of the best ways that can be used to comply with the “Brazilian Butt” trend is butt silicone. The primary purpose when applying prosthesis to the butt area; It is to make the butt protruding.

How Much Is It For A Buttock Augmentation?

One of the most curious questions in buttock augmentation surgery is how much it is. While investigating the surgery, people turn to the prices of the surgery rather than the risk factors. However, it is not possible to determine an accurate price for buttock augmentation surgeries, as in every plastic surgery. Because there can be many variables during surgery planning, some of these may depend on the patient, and some may be variables originating from the doctor. The purpose of the butt aesthetics to be made, what is the technique to be used during the operation, the area where the fat injection will be made after the decision is made, the amount of the material to be injected into the area if the filling injection will be used, the quality of the filling material to be used if the filling injection will be made, the amount of silicone to be used if the prosthesis will be applied and variant are operational variables.

The conditions of the hospital where the operation is performed, the prestige of the doctor in this regard, the training received by the doctor (especially if there is a different intervention to be completed), the quality of the specialist surgeon and his team to operate, whether the operation is performed during the period when the demand for the operation is intense, and the location of the operation site; In big cities such as Istanbul or Ankara, operation prices differ compared to other cities, variables such as those that depend on both the doctor and the place of operation. Although these are generally variable factors, there are dozens of other factors that can affect the price more or less.

To get the best and exact price, the doctor who will operate should be interviewed before deciding on the operation. It is determined after these interviews whether an additional operation will be performed or not. Getting services from doctors and clinics specialized in butt aesthetics is very important in terms of the results of the operation to be close to perfect. Understanding butt anatomy; To be able to evaluate together with the hip and waist requires unique expertise. Some clinics focus only on the waist, hip and butt.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of surgeons and clinics. References of the clinic and the surgeon should be examined, and even samples from previous applications should be requested. And, if possible, people should be interviewed, and long-term results should be observed. Finally, it would not be correct to say that every clinic is an expert in every subject. Fat injection, filling injection, silicone applications and stretching operations may require separate specialities. Making appropriate choices for these will ensure that the process is entirely successful. Imaging techniques should be used after the physical examination phase to reveal the anatomy of the buttocks area and to see all kinds of problems more efficiently. Thanks to imaging techniques, noticeable pitting and muscle problems can be seen. In this way, the intervention to be performed can be planned in more detail.