What Is Buttock Augmentation?

How Much Is Buttock Augmentation With Fat Injection? Today, the perception of beauty is changing rapidly. People can easily access aesthetic interventions in all ways. When the three regions that attract the most attention at first glance to a person are listed, these are firstly the face, the hand, and then the butt. In line with these data, it is not difficult to understand how today’s aesthetic understanding is shaped. People apply to aesthetic operations in all areas, whether it is a painful or complicated process. Aesthetic procedures are not easy operations contrary to popular belief. It is a tiring, laborious and excruciating process.

However, it does not prevent people from performing these pain and inconvenience plastic operations. One of the most researched aesthetic operations is Brazilian buttock augmentation. The reason why this butt surgery is specified as Brazil is that the butt structure of women in Brazil is congenitally erect, plump and protruding. Today, the intended image in butt aesthetics is the image of the butt of women in Brazil. Apart from this, the country where most of the surgical materials are supplied is Brazil.

Consequently, the doctors there are also specialized in this field. For this reason, the name of Brazil was added to the beginning of the butt operation, and the surgery was specific. Butt surgery is a relative aesthetic. Regional effects and physical structure are beneficial to the aesthetic appearance of the butt. To gain an aesthetic view to the butt, surgical interventions are performed on the butt at the point where height, weight and desires intersect. While performing butt aesthetic surgeries, methods that do not contain incisions are used as well as methods that do not hold incisions. When the aim is to make the butt plump, fat removal and fat injection operations are the most preferred.

There are four techniques in butt aesthetic surgery. These are fat injection, filling injection, silicone applications and stretching methods, respectively. It is intervened by choosing the most appropriate method or more than one way according to the wishes of the patient. During butt aesthetics, the hips are made full, and the angle made with the waist is corrected. By providing an aesthetic appearance in the place called A region, the hips are narrowed in the upper part. The appearance of the butt, when viewed from the side profile, is corrected. All these corrections are made permanently.

How Much Is Buttock Augmentation With Fat Injection?

The process made to regain the volume that the buttocks lost due to age or for any other reasons by taking advantage of the regeneration rate within the fat cells are called Butt Aesthetics with Fat Injection. Since there is no surgical incision in this procedure, it can also be called scarless butt aesthetic surgery. However, if a method that requires stitches is used in butt aesthetic operations, the scar remains. However, the remaining scars are in the areas of the butt that cannot be seen. The line between the two cheeks and descending towards the anus; Examples of regions that cannot be seen, such as hollows in the waist area. The stitches used during the operation are also unique; The fact that one of the main goals of the aesthetic operation is to provide aesthetics is the proof that there will be as few scars as possible after the operation.

Since today’s techniques are quite advanced, the small scars remaining after the process can be removed with a small operation. For butt aesthetic surgery with fat injection, first, the areas where the fat will be removed and then the places where it will transplant are determined. With special cannulate developed for this procedure, fat cells are taken from the areas where the patient’s unwanted fat is dense and transferred to the butt. Adipose tissue containing fat cells is transmitted to the buttocks in a multi-layered manner. Here, the subject that the physician will pay particular attention to is layered transfer. Because, with this technique, the fat tissue stays in the butt longer and does not melt.

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One of the most curious questions is that the price does not change according to the difference in butt lift techniques. Significantly, the cost of buttock augmentation with fat injection operation, which can be considered smaller compared to others, has been investigated considerably. Apart from this, it is never possible to clearly say the price of aesthetic operations because the variable that may occur according to the patient during the planning of the operation is too much. The purpose of the process, the technique to be used during the operation, the nature of the filling material to be used for filling injection, the amount and type of silicone to be used if the prosthesis will be applied, the amount of the material to be injected into the area if fat injection and filling injection will be used, the quality of the specialist surgeon and his team to operate, The conditions of the hospital where it is performed are whether the operation is performed during the period of intense demand.

When listed in general, these are the most prominent factors, but there are dozens of other factors that can affect the price more or less. It would be healthier to get the best price in consultations with the doctor before deciding on the surgery. In the meetings with the doctor, it is determined whether the patient needs another supportive aesthetic operation other than butt aesthetics. Since this varies according to the body type of each patient, the appearance in his dreams, the shape of the butt he wants, it is not possible to apply the same operation to each patient. At the same time, this situation prevents getting healthy results.

For this reason, the patient should meet with the doctor personally to find out exactly how much buttock augmentation with fat injection operation is. Patient and doctor cooperation is very important for a correct and healthy process. While the doctor should aim for the patient to achieve the desired appearance in the most beneficial way, the patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations. Thus, a successful surgical result is obtained.