What Is Breast Enlargement?

How Much Is A Breast Enlargement? Aesthetic operations can be done and accessible by everyone today. The desire for the perception of beauty and perfection continues to increase day by day. The fact that women especially prefer aesthetic operations has completely changed the perception of beauty. Breast enlargement aesthetics are among the most preferred aesthetics. Breast enlargement today; It is a widely applied aesthetic operation.

Often, patients who have lost their breasts in pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing, cancer disease, breasts that develop disproportionately due to adverse effects in development, or developmental disorders, or in cases where their breasts cannot complete their development, the breasts cannot reach sufficient size. With breast augmentation, small breasts become more massive and fuller, and aesthetically more pleasant and beautiful. By placing natural materials made of silicone, which we call prosthesis or implant, under the breast tissue, the breast volume is increased.

After the examination for breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon identifies other variables that will affect the surgical decisions, such as the skin covering the chest, the presence of breast tissue, its volume, whether there is sagging, whether there is any mass, and the condition of the breasts. For patients with noticeable sagging breasts, the plastic surgeon may also recommend a method to reduce or reshape the breast skin, namely breast lift surgery, in addition to breast augmentation surgery. During the doctor’s control, if needed, additional operations can be performed by talking to the patient.

Breast augmentation is generally recommended after the age of 18 when the breast tissue completes its development. It can be done over the age of 50 as long as the person is in good health. However, if the asymmetrical and problematic breasts in which one breast is highly developed in adolescence and the other breast does not grow creates psychological severe problems for the person, it is possible to perform breast augmentation surgery at an earlier age with the approval of the parents.

The size of the prosthesis to be placed is decided by considering the patient’s height, shoulder width, sagging rate, if any, rib cage width and the patient’s request. During breast augmentation surgery, the size of the permanent prosthesis is decided by comparing it with the impression prostheses of various sizes.

The most important criterion when determining the size of the prosthesis is the patient’s request. However, after the measurements made, the doctor should share the most suitable size for the patient with the patient and decide accordingly. The breast to be made should be done in the best way for the patient’s desired image and the patient’s health.

Breast augmentation can change the size and shape of the breasts. At the same time, the surgery can change the image of the body and increase the self-confidence of the person. Weight gain or loss after surgery can also change the appearance of your breasts. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the breasts, further surgery may be required to correct these problems. However, the patient and skin tissue must heal first. When the patient recovers, a second surgery can be performed.

How Much Is A Breast Enlargement?

How much breast augmentation surgery is one of the most curious questions. However, no matter how much it is researched, it is not possible to find an exact answer to this question on the internet. Like any plastic surgery, various variables affect how much breast augmentation surgery is. These can be grouped under three main headings as materials to be used during surgery, variables originating from the doctor and variables arising from the patient.

As is generally known widely, the most commonly used breast prosthesis material is silicone. Apart from the use of silicones, operations in which the person’s body fat or filling-purpose ingredients are used as material and transferred to the breast can also be performed. Round and drop-shaped prostheses stand out in breast prostheses, which differ in shape as well as material differences. Breast prostheses, which are obtained with the formation of the sheaths in which the silicone is placed in the form of a gel, meet the different demands of the patients in terms of structure. The doctor’s opinions and evaluations also play a role in the selection of the breast prosthesis to be used in operation, depending on the patient’s wishes, expectations and preferences.

According to the choice made, if the breast shape desired by the patient is rounded, round silicone and drop-shaped silicone can be used to achieve the breast appearance compatible with the aesthetic perceptions of the patient. Along with the choice of breast prosthesis, the amount and size of the material to be used according to the scope of the operation is determined according to the fullness and size criteria desired by the patient.

How much breast augmentation surgery depends on the type of surgery to be performed. The type and brand of the material to be used for aesthetics has a significant effect on the prices. For example; Round or drop-shaped silicone prostheses are used in breast augmentation. Drop-shaped dentures are more expensive materials than round dentures. Many brands produce these prostheses. For the aesthetics to be long-lasting and to get good results, the silicone prostheses used must be of high quality. Prostheses, which can be defined as a new generation, 1st quality, are materials with a lifetime guarantee, high density, high resistance to explosion and leakage.

Since the quality of the material used in this type of surgery cannot be compromised, the cost of plastic surgery also increases. It should also be checked with which anaesthesia the surgery will be performed. General anaesthesia is generally used in breast aesthetics performed by surgery. Patients should stay in the hospital for at least one night in procedures under general anaesthesia. Length of stay in the hospital causes the prices to increase. In the operations performed with local anaesthesia, the cost of the hospital will decrease as the patients will be discharged on the same day. The extent of breast augmentation surgery may vary depending on the city or district where the surgery will be performed. Whether the hospital is a private or a state hospital causes the price to change.How Much Is A Breast Enlargement?