How Much Is A Brazilian Buttock Augmentation? We live in times when people’s appearance is very important. Beautiful appearance is an advantage in almost all social life, business life and bilateral relations. There are three places people look statistically. Although it varies according to men and women; If we are to give an example from the body of women who apply for aesthetic surgeries, the face area, butt area and chest area. It is thought that the person has a beautiful appearance if these three regions are aesthetic.

Genetic factors and environmental factors cause people to distort their appearance. While some can be prevented, many are almost impossible to prevent. The way to eliminate these effects, more precisely to hide them, is plastic surgeries and preoperative applications. The buttocks, that is, the hip area, is one of the regions where the most alternative applications are. Popo is a very special structure. Due to its oily structure, it is very sensitive to the effects that can be applied on it. In addition, it is located in the middle of the hip and waist area and connects the two regions. While performing this binding function, it affects both regions aesthetically; It is affected by both regions. In other words, when it comes to butt aesthetics, an aesthetic that starts from the waist area and includes the hip area rather than the aesthetics of the fatty mass between the hip and waist area is understood.

What Is Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

As the name suggests, the buttocks of Brazilian women define the limits of hip aesthetic surgery. The production place of the materials used for butt aesthetics is generally Brazil. The Brazilian butt lift or Jeniffer Lopez in our society is a surgical intervention known as hip aesthetics, hip augmentation, hip augmentation, Brazilian hip. While performing Brazilian butt aesthetic surgery, four techniques called fat injection, silicone applications, filling injection and stretching method are used. Which of these techniques will be applied is determined according to the wishes of the patient. In this intervention, the fat taken from one or more parts of the body by the vaser liposuction procedure is injected (transferred) to the places previously determined on the hip such as the hip cheeks or hip sides. The oils taken during this process are used after they are subjected to special processes and enriched from the stem cell. People want their butts to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Standard expectations are for the butt to be plump, upright and protruding. Hip aesthetics is a subject that can vary from person to person. An operation is performed in line with the height, weight and expectations of the people. Fat injection and liposuction applications are preferred if a full buttock are aimed while performing Brazilian butt aesthetics. After the butt aesthetic operation, you will have a plump and upright hip. The view of your butt when viewed from the side is corrected by narrowing your hips in the upper area. After all these operations, you will have the aesthetic appearance you want to be permanent.

Who Can Get A Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

Who can have Brazilian hip aesthetics vary individually, except for some basic criteria. As with any surgical operation; There are also certain conditions for Brazilian butt lift. First of all, you must be an adult over 18 years old. After passing the first condition; The necessary procedures and steps are decided after an examination by a specialist physician.

Due to age progress or due to weight gain and loss; You can choose this method when it comes to sagging, disappearing lines and loosening in your butt area. Of course, there should not be a health problem that would prevent this operation during the examinations to be performed. If you do not have any health problems; You can have the lines you want.

However, when people who traditionally apply for butt aesthetic surgery are examined, people over middle age are encountered. The main reason for this is that environmental and genetic factors mostly affect people after middle age. Conditions such as aging, gravity, nutritional habits, and sports habits may cause the aesthetic appearance of the person to deteriorate after the thirties. People also apply for butt aesthetic surgeries in order to eliminate this problem.

A second group is those who have problems with the aesthetics of their butt from birth. They want to have butt aesthetic surgery based on some images taken care of both on the media and social media. These people are generally between the ages of twenty and thirty. Although the age limit of eighteen is ethically applied in butt aesthetic surgeries, some doctors ignore this limit; Butt aesthetic surgery can also be performed on those under the age of eighteen.

How Much Is A Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

One of the most sought answers about the Brazilian buttock augmentation operation is about how much the operation is. As with other aesthetic operations, it is not possible to give a clear answer for this. Pricing of each type of butt lift operation is made separately. Therefore, it would be wrong to say a clear price. There are many factors that affect the price of the operation. One of these factors is that the operations are performed for aesthetic purposes. We can list the factors that determine the price in butt aesthetic surgeries as follows; The purpose of the operation, the technique to be used during the operation, the amount of the material to be injected into the region if fat injection and filling injection will be used, the nature of the filling material to be used for filling injection, the amount and type of silicone to be used if the prosthesis will be applied, the conditions of the hospital where the operation is performed, the specialist surgeon to perform the operation and the quality of its team, whether the operation was carried out when demand was intense.

Although these are factors in general, there are dozens of other factors that can affect the price more or less. You can get the best price from your doctor after a detailed examination.