What Is Breast Enlargement?

How Much Does Breast Enlargement Cost? Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations by women. The breast is perhaps one of the most critical areas for women. For this reason, the demand for breast augmentation surgery is quite intense today. Not only surgery, but women also try to enlarge their breasts with different methods, such as sports, various blends or padded bras. However, the definitive and most significant result is breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery, also known as augmentation plastic, is a surgical procedure performed to increase the volume of the breasts. In these applications; Breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or breast muscles. Breast augmentation is the name given to the process of bringing the breasts of small-breasted women to the desired size with the help of prostheses or fat injection, also called silicone implants, and the surgery performed for this. There may be various reasons for having breast augmentation surgery.

Having one breast smaller than the other or having small breasts can cause self-confidence problems in women. Apart from these, breast augmentation surgery can be performed after breast cancer surgery. Due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than usual. In these and similar cases, breast augmentation surgery should be performed to obtain larger, fuller, more massive, aesthetically more beautiful breasts.

It is essential to be in open communication with the surgeon who will operate to have the right expectations regarding the breast augmentation process and the image encountered after it. It is crucial for the surgeon to present the image that the patient wants to the patient and to give an image that will not harm the patient in terms of health. The patient, on the other hand, should listen and take into account the doctor’s every advice.

In breast augmentation operations, it can benefit from the fat tissue and stem cells in the body itself. However, as another technique, implants containing silicone or saline can be used. Implants may have saline or a silicone gel contained in a silicone sheath. Saline-containing implants are filled with sterile saline fluid after they are in place. In operations where the body’s tissue is used, the fat is taken from the fat layer on both sides of the abdomen and placed in the breast tissue. For these adipose tissues to be permanent in their new places, they must be fed with veins. It must be transplanted with stem cells to create new vascularization.

The size of the prosthesis to be placed is decided by considering the patient’s height, shoulder width, sagging rate, rib cage width and the patient’s request. During breast augmentation surgery, the size of the permanent prosthesis is decided by comparing it with the impression prostheses of various sizes. The most important criterion when determining the size of the prosthesis is the patient’s request

How Much Does Breast Enlargement Cost?

How Much Does Breast Enlargement Cost? Like any plastic surgery, it is not possible to determine a net price for chest surgeries. Due to many variables, there are changes in the costs of the surgeries. However, when aesthetic surgeries started to become widespread, breast enlargement prices were higher compared to other surgeries. This surgery was usually at the level that the high-income group can do. However, when aesthetic operations started to become widespread, the prices of breast surgeries became available and accessible to everyone, as the possibilities increased. One of the biggest reasons for this is that developing technology has made silicon prices cheaper. Besides, the increasing number of private hospitals and private clinics and additionally, the number of plastic surgeons increased the competition. The cost of breast augmentation surgery also varies according to the type of treatment. Deformity caused by damage to the breasts, including the breasts, is eliminated. Small breasts that experience slight sagging are lifted over time.

It suits clothes better, which increases your confidence in your look. Although breast augmentation has numerous benefits, surgery is not right for everyone. Doctors will thoroughly evaluate your concerns, aesthetic goals, and expectations to determine if breast augmentation using implants is the best choice for you. The attention and service quality of the centre chosen for the operation also affects the price of the breast augmentation operation. Collaboration between doctors and patients is critical for a successful result. The doctor should present the desired appearance to the patient in the best way in terms of health. In addition, the patient should listen to and follow the doctor’s advice. Thus, a successful operation has emerged.

The price of breast augmentation surgery also varies according to the material to be used. There are a variety of silicone materials to be preferred. Modern prostheses remain stable for more than ten years before needing to be replaced. Breast implants are filled with either saline (sterile saline) or silicone gel, and their outer shells are made of silicone. Saline prostheses used to be more popular. However, it has changed with the new generation silicone gel prostheses, whose feel and shape are more natural and whose deformation risks are much lower.

Solid form gels are the type of silicone breast prosthesis preferred by most patients because they create a more natural look and feel. Because they can retain their shape (fixed form feature), the probability of leakage is much lower even if the shell splits. Saline implants can be placed using a variety of surgical techniques because a long incision is not required for placing these prostheses. It can be filled with saline after an empty shell is placed. Silicone implants are pre-filled, so they require a relatively long but still tiny incision for insertion.

For this reason, it is difficult to determine the price of breast augmentation surgery in cases caused by both material and method differences. The need for any other application during the operation is also among the variables of the surgery. In addition, the hospital or clinic where the operation will be performed, the team to be involved in the process, the subject of the hospital, the doctor’s prestige, the doctor’s training, the city where the operation will be performed in big cities such as Istanbul or Ankara are among the variables that do not originate from the patient but affect the price of the breast augmentation surgery.How Much Does Breast Enlargement Cost?