Does Radiation Treatment Cause Hair Loss? Usually, radiation treatments can cause hair loss. For example, if radiation therapy has been applied to areas such as legs and arms, you may lose your hair in these areas. But the radiation you apply to these areas will not affect your hair. The size of the hair loss depends on the size of the treated area and the size of the radiation you receive.

In this article, we will give you the answer to the following question; Does radiation treatment cause hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs can cause your hair to fall out. You can talk to your doctor about whether the medicines you use will cause hair loss or not.

Radiation treatments do not only destroy cancerous cells in the body. Radiation can also affect healthy cells in the body.

In radiation therapy, the cells most at risk of damage are health cells.

How Does Radiation Therapy Affect Hair?

Hair follicles are susceptible to radiation and can cause hair loss. Hair loss may begin approximately three weeks after radiation therapy. Before starting radiation therapy, you can have your hair cut. In this way, you will not be faced with a big shock.

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on the type of radiation therapy you have. You can learn this by consulting your doctor. If your hair loss is temporary, your hair will grow back 3-5 months after radiation therapy. But new hair grows out with a different texture. Does radiation treatment cause hair loss? The answer to the question is yes. However, at times, the radiation may affect your beard, not the hair.

Why Are There Side Effects In Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells. And radiation therapy affects healthy cells in the body. Since there are healthy cells in our scalp, your hair will fall out. Every person is affected differently by radiation treatments. For example, while some people experience very little hair loss, some people experience complete hair loss.

Will The Hair Shed As A Result Of Radiation Grow Again

Does radiation treatment cause hair loss? We answered yes to the question. Now we will explain whether this hair loss is permanent or not. Hair loss caused by radiation therapy can be temporary or permanent. Hair loss is usually temporary in radiation treatments performed at low doses. In high-dose radiation treatments, hair loss may be permanent, and you may lose all your hair.

You can talk to your doctor before radiation therapy and get detailed information about this issue. The situation of each patient is different, so the radiation therapy to be applied to each patient is not the same. Therefore, there is no exact information on this subject.

So even with a low dose of radiation therapy, your hair may not grow back. But usually, hair loss caused by chemotherapy is temporary. After radiation treatments, the hair can enter the growth phase again. But it is different from the hair before. Hair can be more curled than before.

What Can Be Done For Hair In Radiation Treatments?

Everyone knows that hair will fall out from radiation treatments. In this case, there is nothing to do because radiation therapy kills healthy cells in the body.

Before radiation therapy, you can have your hair cut because your hair loss during radiation therapy can demoralize you.

By having your hair cut, you can take precautions before your hair falls out. So you can start a new life with short hair. Seeing your hair falling out during radiation therapy can lower your mood.

We answered yes to the question we answered before, “Does radiation treatment cause hair loss?” It will be the best decision to have your hair cut before radiation treatment.

After cutting your hair, you should protect your scalp on sunny days. For example, you can wear a hat. Because you should protect your hair follicles from very hot so that your hair that will grow back after radiation therapy can grow with healthier roots.

For your hair that will grow out after radiation therapy, prefer to use detergent-free shampoos during the treatment. Because these types of shampoos damage your hair follicles more, you can use natural oil-containing shampoos instead of detergent-containing shampoos. Thus, you will nourish your hair follicles.

And mostly, do not use devices such as hairdryers and curlers, because such tools can cause significant damage to your hair follicles. And it sheds more than your average hair loss.

Can a wig be worn during radiation therapy?

During radiation therapy, you can buy and wear the wig you want. Wigs do not cause any harm to your hair follicles. Even wearing a wig can make you feel better.

When choosing a wig, you can choose a wig according to your hair colour and style. And remember, before buying a wig, set some of your hair aside, and when you go to buy a wig, this hair will help you choose a wig.

As a result, it should not be forgotten that radiation therapy should be done for your health and life. Does radiation therapy cause hair loss? The answer to the question is yes. But there is no need to demoralize. Because your life is more important than your hair, you can live a life without hair, but you cannot lead an unhealthy life. You should keep this in mind. Your hair may fall out during radiation therapy or grow back after treatment.

It will take an average of 3-5 months for your hair to grow back. In some people, this period may take a little longer. Your hair may not be the same as before; you may have less hair. After radiation therapy, your hair may be more sensitive. That’s why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Because cells can be damaged, after the treatment, be sure to follow the instructions given by your doctor.