Does PRP Work For Hair Loss PRP hair treatment means that people use their blood instead of medication during treatment. PRP treatment is used in many areas, such as hair loss for skin rejuvenation. Also, this treatment method prevents the slowing of cell renewal due to genetic or environmental reasons. In this article, we will give you the answer to the question of does PRP work for hair loss.

Before PRP treatment, some blood is taken, and this blood plasma is separated and injected back into the body. Platelet cells are very high in plasma. The main task of these cells is to ensure blood coagulation. For example, these cells play a role in wound healing. For this reason, PRP treatment is used in treatments such as removing cracks and orthopaedic treatments.

Also, no foreign substance is given to the person in the PRP treatment. The whole process is completed with its blood, so PRP treatment is entirely natural.

What Can PRP Treatment Be Used For?

We had previously answered the question of does PRP work for hair loss. Now, we will explain where PRP treatment can be used. In undesirable situations such as illness and accident, there may be unwanted changes in the person’s body. Many changes occur in the human body over the years.

Wrinkles increase with age. This situation causes the elastic fibres in the skin to deteriorate. PRP treatment is currently used in the treatment of many diseases. For example, PRP treatment can be used in non-healing wounds, scars, tendon ruptures and hair treatments.

And PRP treatment is a procedure performed with the patient’s blood, so it is processed naturally.

What Is The Price Of PRP Hair Transplant Treatment?

PRP hair transplant treatment consists of 3-4 periods on average. And medicines are available every 3-4 months. The average price of PRP hair transplant treatment is between 1,500-3,000 USD. Prices may differ in each country. But it should be known that hair transplantation treatments are cheaper than in Turkey.

Hair Treatment And PRP

Hair loss is a problem seen not only in men but also in women. And hair loss can occur at any age. It is normal to lose 100-150 hair strands daily; if you have more than this number of hair loss, you should consult a clinic. The permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation

We have given you the answer to the following question as yes before; Does PRP work for hair loss? If you have a hair loss problem, you can enter PRP treatment with your blood.

In PRP hair transplantation, the success rate is very high, and PRP hair treatment takes a short time. While regular hair transplant operations take 4-6 hours, this time is shorter with PRP treatment.

In PRP hair transplant operation, you will not feel any pain. And there is no scar after hair transplantation. Thus, the person can continue his everyday life without taking a break.

Hair transplant has been improving every day for the last 50 years. PRP hair transplant treatment has been used frequently in recent years. The reason why there is much interest in this treatment; The treatment is straightforward, and the effect shows immediately.

After hair transplantation, the PRP method supports new hair follicles in the transplanted area. And the hair follicles stick to the skin more easily. PRP treatment is an easy and safe procedure. The answer to the question of does PRP works for hair loss is absolute yes.

PRP treatment is a treatment method that can be applied not only to people with hair loss but also to people who want to nourish their hair follicles.

PRP treatment can be applied to men and women, and the most significant advantage in this process is that the person’s blood is used during the procedure. Thus, it does not carry any allergy risk.

How Is PRP Applied To Hair?

There are some things you should pay attention to when you have a hair transplant. One of them is a doctor and a clinic. Because the more references and experience a doctor has, the more successful your hair transplant will be. Does PRP work for hair loss? The answer to the question depends on the doctor as 50%.

In hair transplant operations, the doctor who performs the procedure should always be conscientious and sensitive. Otherwise, it can cause big problems.

In the PRP process, some blood is taken from the patient. And it is injected into the treated area with a needle. There may be little redness after PRP treatment, but this redness is temporary. Thanks to PRP treatment, you have no risk of contracting an infectious disease. However, if you decide to receive PRP treatment for hair loss, you should declare your anaesthesia tolerance to your doctor in advance.

The application varies from person to person. PRP treatment may take 30-60 minutes on average. And, like after every hair transplant treatment, you should not leave your hair in scorching and frigid environments.

PRP hair treatment is like other hair transplant treatments. After PRP treatment, you should not wash your hair frequently. Otherwise, you can damage your hair follicles and kill your hair follicles. If you want the answer to the question of does PRP works for hair loss is yes, you need to follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Before PRP hair treatment, you should not use cigarettes, alcohol, coffee and caffeine-type beverages two days before the surgery. Especially if you are taking medication for any illness, you should have stopped taking your medication 15 days before the operation. And it would help if you told your doctor about the medicines you use. In case of doubt, these drugs can have side effects. And it can affect your hair in bad shape.

In this article, we gave you the answer to the question of does PRP works for hair loss. You can come to our clinic to get more information about PRP hair treatment and get more information.