Does Hair Growth Treatment Work? The average life span of a hair strand is 4-5 years, and a healthy scalp has an average of 100 thousand hairs. It is normal to lose an average of 100 to 150 hairs per day. If hair loss continues for more than two months, the person should pay attention and go to the nearest clinic. The following question is most frequently asked as a result of hair loss; Does hair growth treatment work? The answer to this question is yes, hair growth treatment works.

Causes of Hair Loss

Internal medicine and drug use

Drugs used for rheumatic diseases, weight loss pills, diabetes and birth control pills can cause hair loss. Even the last four months of surgeries, febrile illness and blood loss can cause hair loss.


If the person has hormonal problems, hair loss may occur.

Wrong Nutrition

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Another factor that causes hair loss is improper diet. Thanks to a regular and balanced diet, you can protect your hair and make it more well-groomed.

Genetic Factors

We said yes to the question of whether does hair growth treatment works. However, some genetic factors can cause hair loss. Hair loss, especially in men, is caused by genetic factors. And with age, baldness occurs.


Stress-related hair loss becomes evident in adolescence. The most significant enemy of hair health is stress. Stress affects our daily life and also affects hair health significantly.

What Are Hair Transplant Processes?

In hair transplantation operations, the hair that has not been genetically shed is collected at the back of the head. These hairs are the thickest and most permanent hair in humans. These hairs are not likely to be freed. Hair that is taken from here and transplanted can grow and be dyed.

The most important thing in hair transplantation is the way the hair is transplanted. The direction of the transplanted hair should be the same. If this process is done successfully, hair growh treatment will work.

Hair transplantation process takes 6-8 hours depending on the hair loss. There is no pain during the hair transplant procedure. And after the hair transplant procedure, the patient is kept for one day for safety, and the next day he can go home.

After the 5th day after the transplant procedure, there is no scar, and it is not clear that the person had a hair transplant. And he can carefully wash his hair himself.

When asked whether does hair growth treatment works, we say yes. Most of the time, temporary hair falls out three weeks after hair transplantation, and permanent hair begins to grow. So you don’t have to worry, the hair growth treatment works.

What Should Be Done After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, you should stay away from things that will make you sweat and tire because these will cause you to take a shower. Taking too much shower can damage your hair. Doctors recommend taking a shower every two days after hair surgery.

You should stay away from sexual intercourse for one week after hair transplantation; otherwise, you may strain your skin and bleed.

It would be best if you stayed away from stressful environments. The most significant factor that causes hair loss is stress. If you have lost your hair due to stress, you may shed your hair again due to stress after hair transplantation.

It would be best if you did not drink alcohol after hair transplantation because you will need to use antibiotics after hair transplant surgery. The answer to the question of does hair growth treatment works is yes if you apply these substances.

You should not use drugs other than those recommended by your doctor; otherwise, your hair growth treatment may fail.

One of the most important items is that you should not sleep over the hair transplantation area. Otherwise, oedema may occur.

It should not be forgotten that the hair should not be washed immediately after the hair transplant. On the second day, you can go to the clinic where you have hair transplantation and have your hair cleaned professionally. You can wash your hair yourself only after the 3rd day.

What Should Be Done Before The Hair Transplant Operation?

Some things need to be paid attention to after hair transplantation, as well as before hair transplantation.

Alcohol and smoking should not be consumed until 24 hours before hair transplantation.

Do not go hungry for hair transplant surgery.

It would be best if you never consumed beverages containing coffee and caffeine, such as cigarettes and alcohol, before the operation. We say yes to the question of “does hair growth treatment work?” But it would help if you did the things that need to be done first.

It is recommended to wash your hair before the operation.

The most important thing to be aware of is that you should not use any medication until 15-20 days before the hair transplant operation. These drugs are included in vitamins.

If you are on medication for any illness, you can share these medications with your doctor and ask if you can use them. Do not decide, consult your doctor!

Is The Transplanted Hair Permanent?

The transplanted hair is permanent, but a slight hair loss may occur after hair transplantation, this is normal. Hair transplantation is done thanks to donors taken from your neck and ear hair. And there are grafts in these procedures. There are approximately 2-4 hair strands in a graft. Some grafts may fall out after hair transplantation, but your real hair will appear after three months. The answer to the question of does hair growth treatment works is given at this point. With good care, you can keep your hair brighter and more vibrant.

You can give your hair the shape you want and use materials such as wax and gel. You can also blow-dry your hair. But you have to be careful while doing dry your hair and using wax and gel. If you do it too hard, you may shed your hair again.