Celebrities who got hair transplants. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure performed to restore the old appearance of thinned or lost hair with different techniques. Hair loss is mostly seen not only in men but also in women. And people feel uncomfortable with their external appearance due to hair loss and feel a lack of self-confidence.

Nowadays, many people undergo hair transplant surgery on the street, at work, and everywhere. Even though we do not notice, they have hair transplantation in famous people. When it comes to celebrities who got hair transplants, maybe no one comes to mind, but when you look at the photographs of a young artist you love, it is very easy to understand this.

Celebrities who got  hair transplants usually have this procedure done to make them feel younger. Because this youthful feeling provides advantages such as self-confidence and being more active in social environments. One of the biggest reasons why famous people do this is not to lose their fans and to maintain their popularity.

Hair loss can occur due to any disease, accident, or hormones transferred from the gene. Hair transplantation is an operation that does not require anesthesia or anesthesia. Although many famous artists do not mention hair transplantation, you can listen to the stages and facts of this process from the doctors.

Hair transplantation takes 4 to 6 hours on average. This period is really short for celebrities who do hair transplantation because it is a very short time for them to do this job with this intensity.

The reason why celebrities choose hair transplantation is that they can go home and rest a few hours after the procedure is completed.  This process is so short that the person can return to his social life after 2 to 8 days.

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Hair transplantation can be done at any age. But mainly people over the age of 18 can benefit from these procedures. For example, we can give a few examples of celebrities who are older and have a hair transplant; Celebrities like Jason Gardiner, Gordon Ramsay, James Nesbitt, and Louis Walsh got their hair transplants done after they reached a good place in their careers.

Celebrities Who Got Hair Transplants: Check Them Out

Some of the celebrities who had a hair transplant said the following after the procedure they had;

Wayne Rooney; I was getting bald at the age of 25, I didn’t want this and I had a hair transplant, I am very happy with the result.

Louis Walsh; He spent exactly thirty thousand pounds for his hair. And he says he doesn’t like the space behind his head in his bald time.

James Nesbitt said the following; He states that when he starts to lose my hair, he gets very worried and lacks self-confidence.

The reason why celebrities who had hair transplantation get such good results is the choice of good doctors and clinics. Because there is no compensation for the memory made in hair transplantation operation. The demand for hair transplantation is increasing day by day. And there are many places that are not suitable for the surgical environment, trying to do it in unhealthy environments and at cheap prices. And these places do not transplant but do hair massacre.  Otherwise, the patient can become infected and get various diseases. When choosing a hair transplant doctor, you can take a look at the doctors of famous people who have a hair transplant. An unreferenced doctor may lose all of your existing hair and cause bad results.

Hair transplantation has developed its own technology in the last 50 years

And with this developing technology, the number of celebrities who have hair transplantation has also increased. In fact, the first celebrities that come to mind are the celebrities on Hollywood’s first list.

Although the surgery is serious and expensive, celebrities who have hair transplantation do not publicly announce it. The reason is, as we mentioned above, baldness causes a lack of self-confidence. Since the results of the hair transplant process lasts between 6 months and 18 months and this development passes slowly, we cannot understand the hair transplantation process, just as we do not understand the celebrities who have hair transplantation.

We want to give you three examples of celebrities who have had a hair transplant. These names; Lebron James, Jeremy Piven and John Travolta. None of us have a clue when these celebrities have a hair transplant. The reason is that this process continues slowly, just like hair growth.

The actors compete not only for their roles but also for their hair.

It’s easy to tell by looking at Hollywood movie stars. Hollywood stars who have thinning hair or begin to lose hair immediately apply for hair transplantation. Although the actors were the style of the month, hair transplants made them young, the biggest example of this is Elton John. Hair transplantation is a short operation as we wrote, but what matters is the time after the operation. Because you should take care of your hair, do not sweat it and wash it too much.


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Thom Yorke

Rob Brydon

Hugh Laurie

Declan Donnelly

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Jeremy Piven

Chris martin

Wayne Rooney

Jason Gardiner

Mickey Rourke

Billy Bob Thornton

Kyran bracken

Nicolas Cage

Mel Gibson

Calum Best

Jamie Foxx

Louis Walsh

Tommy lee jones

Robbie Williams

Edward Norton

As a result, when we look at the celebrities who have hair transplantation, they have brought all these procedures to their very good place. Those names; Billy Bob Thornton, Elton John, Jermy Piven, Mel Gibson, and John Travolta.