There is a large number of people who suffer from hair loss. Unfortunately, this issue can affect people from all age groups and both genders. So, although most people think that hair loss affects males more, it is simply not true. Thankfully, if you are a woman and you suffer from this condition, there is a solution. We offer hair transplant for women who want to have dense and beautiful looking hair.

Thousands of women choose a hair transplant operation to get rid of hair loss permanently. Of course, there are many reasons why they prefer a hair transplant over the other ineffective methods. To begin with, it is superior to the other methods in numerous ways. So, it is no surprise that it is highly popular. Some advantages of a hair transplant are:

  • Hair transplant is a permanent solution; you do not need to repeat the procedure.
  • Considering the fact that you just need to pay once, hair transplant is affordable.
  • It is the only hair loss solution that can make you grow your natural hair effectively.
  • Does not require any maintenance.
  • The procedure is comfortable and completely painless.

For hundreds of years, people have tried to find an effective solution for hair loss in women. However, nothing ever managed to yield results as effective as those of the hair transplant. For instance, there are various hair products that claim to make your hair grow. Although these products are on the market, none of them has ever offered a significant amount of hair growth. Moreover, they claim that you need to use these products on a daily basis in order to achieve any results. 

The reasons for women’s hair loss

The beauty of the hair is very important for everybody. In fact, there are a lot of different hair products aiming to offer ideal hair appearance for each woman. For this reason, it is natural to feel uncomfortable and worried if you are suffering from hair loss. The reasons for women’s hair loss will differ from one person to another. Of course, if you wish to put an end to your hair loss problem, it is important to know what is causing it.

We averagely lose about 50 – 100 hair strands in a single day. However, this is very natural, and it does not pose any problems. Because your scalp will keep producing new hair strands which will replace the ones you have shed. 

During certain times, you can shed more hair than usual. Most of the time, this is temporary, and it stops after a very short time. However, sometimes you may shed unusual amounts of hair, and the new hair strands do not grow quick enough. In that case, the thinning hair will become more and more apparent each day. 

Hormonal imbalances are among the most common hair loss factors. Because they have a very important role in the cycle of hair growth, so, any sort of irregularity with your hormones may cause hair loss for women.

Being exposed to excessive amounts of stress is another reason why you might be having hair loss. Considering the fact that psychological stress affects our overall health, this result is not awkward. 

Ageing can also cause women’s hair loss. This depends on the genetical factors as well. Some women lose their hair in their early years, whereas some have dense hair even in old ages.

Consequently, it is important to determine what causes you to lose hair because it is imperative that you find the source of the problem before eliminating it.

Which methods are applied for women’s hair transplant?

Performing a successful women hair transplant requires a skilled and experienced doctor. Only then, the patient can obtain the results that she desires and feel satisfied. However, the methods that the doctor applies for women’s hair transplant are also very important. 

There are two main hair transplant methods that you need to know of. First one is called the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. Doctors who apply this method for women’s hair transplant will follow some certain steps. Of course, the first thing they do is developing an elaborate plan for the procedure. Then, they harvest the hair follicles in grafts from the donor area they have chosen. When they are harvesting the hair follicles, they keep them in a special solution that prolongs their life cycle. Once they gather enough grafts, they start transplanting them into the scalp of the patient.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) works in a similar fashion to that of the FUE. However, this method has a slight difference. The doctors who use the DHI method for women’s hair transplant do not wait until they get enough grafts. They directly implant the hair follicles they have extracted into the desired area. Besides that, the DHI method follows most of the same basic hair transplant procedures like the FUE.

Women’s Hair Transplant in Turkey

Today, a woman can find many hair transplant centres around the world. However, it is not very wise to get a hair transplant in a random facility. When you choose a facility, you need to make sure that you are satisfied with its services. 

Location of the hair transplant facility is crucial. We all know that some countries are very bad at hair transplant procedures. However, women’s hair transplant in Turkey is a highly satisfactory experience for the patients. 

Thousands of people visit Turkey every year for medical tourism. Simply because it is one of the best in the whole world, like all the other medical procedures, hair transplant operations in Turkey are very high quality. Besides, the prices are very affordable, especially when you consider the grade of the work done.

Our facility has the most advanced equipments matched with the most experienced doctors in the hair transplant industry. Providing our patients with optimum results is our top priority. That is why we are one of the leading women’s hair transplant facilities in Turkey. Consult us now, make an appointment and learn more about the details of the process.

How much does women’s hair transplant cost?

Having dense, voluminous and beautiful hair is the dream of most women. Considering the importance of having such hair, no cost is too great for obtaining it. 

However, some cosmetic products that claim to encourage hair growth are usually costly products. Besides, although you pay so much money for them and you need to use them every day, they do not work. Even if they show a slight improvement, they are always temporary.

On the other hand, a hair transplant operation can provide permanent results for an affordable price. Women’s hair transplant costs are incredibly reasonable, especially when you take the results into account.

A box of hair growth shampoo may seem cheaper than a hair transplant operation but you cannot know the side-effects of the product. Furthermore, remember that you need a hair transplant only once, whereas you need thousands of bottles of shampoo. Therefore, you will be spending much more money in the long run, for something that does not even aid you.

Particularly, our facility is very affordable, even though we offer the highest quality of service. If you want to find a budget-friendly solution for your hair loss issue, contact us now and learn more immediately.


Can I have a hair transplant?

If you are over 18 years old and you do not have any preventative health conditions, you can have a hair transplant.

Is women’s hair transplant painful?

The operation is completely painless, thanks to mild anaesthesia. You can read a book or watch a movie during the procedure without feeling any discomfort. 

Are women’s hair transplant results permanent?

The hair follicles that the doctors’ transplant during the procedure are resistant to shedding. In other words, the transplanted hair will be very strong and more durable than before. The results will not fade over time, and you will keep a dense hair for the years to come.

How long does a hair transplant operation take?

It depends on the amount of hair loss. If doctors need to transplant more hair, it will naturally take more time. However, in general, the procedure only lasts for a few hours. 

Can women have a hair transplant?

Women can have hair transplant operations, just like men do because the operation is available for both genders. Although the males suffer more from hair loss issues, women can have hair transplant too.

How long does the recovery take after a women’s hair transplant?

Since it is not a major surgery, the recovery period is very short. Your doctor will tell you about the precautions that you need to take during this period. If you follow the instructions of your doctor, you will recover faster than usual. You can go back to work in 2 – 5 days. On the other hand, full recovery usually requires about a couple of weeks.