Unshaven Hair Transplant, Surprisingly, one of the aspects of the hair transplant that bothers potential candidates the most is neither sharp objects nor scars. Rather, they mostly hate the fact that they need to shave their hair for the surgery. And just that thing is enough to have them thinking twice about deciding to undertake the procedure—just a bit of hair.

Only that is not just hair. Most people identify very much with their hair. It is an integral part of how they look. And for personal and even professional reasons they are reluctant to let go of it. Good news for them is that, now, they won’t have to. The most skilled hair transplant surgeons came up with a version of the FUE hair transplant procedure that skips that dreaded step. 

The unshaven hair transplant, also known as the Unshaven FUE hair transplant or just the U-FUE hair transplant is your solution in this case. 

As the name gives away, the procedure makes away with having to shave you in order to extract and implant the grafts. Nothing short of a welcomed improvement for those who would think twice about letting go of their mane. An unshaven hair transplant requires the highest level of skill from the surgeon part. Extracting the hair follicles from the scalp is already hard when with the hair shaved. Multiply that many times when working with long, unshaven hair.

Luckily for anyone expecting to undergo this version of the procedure, only the most skilled surgeons offer it. Due to the nature of the procedure, the surgeon will extract fewer grafts from the donor site. Also, the duration of the surgery increases quite a bit due to the fact that it takes longer to extract with unshaven hair. But the procedure could happen in a number of different sessions as well.

Why Some Prefer the Unshaven Hair Transplant

As mentioned previously, some people just love their hair, or at least, hate to lose it. Since it is one of the most significant features of our personal appearance, this is understandable. Our personal appearance and hair are ours, and only ours, identifying largely with it is only natural. But on a more professional rather than social level, this also makes a whole lot of sense.

For some people, simply letting go of their hair for a while implies a sudden change on the way they look. During this, they would feel bad, or worse, incomplete. So, it’s only natural wanting to look their best and maintain a constant, identifiable image.

The situation creates an interesting conundrum when balding starts. On the one hand, balding will, if left unimpeded, inevitably change their looks like a shave would but permanently. But, due to not wanting to get rid of the hair temporarily, they are also reluctant to undergo the hair transplant. Here is where the demand for an unshaven hair transplant comes from. And, since the demand for it is very high, the most skilled hair transplant surgeon went hard at work to conceive the unshaven hair transplant.

More and more people that both simply love their hair and live off their appearance seek the procedure. Let’s take a look at how it unfolds.

How Our Doctors Operate Unshaven Hair Transplant

The procedure itself is the very same as your FUE hair transplant of the traditional variety. With the big exception that the hairs of the donor site and the receiving site don’t undergo shaving. Everything else remains the same.

After the application of anaesthetic in the donor area, the surgeon proceeds to begin the excision of the hair follicles. Since the hair remains unshaven, only a certain number of hair follicles strategically selected will be up for extraction. The chosen hair follicles will have the respective hair sprouting from it trimmed with special scissors. The surgeon, with the help of a special visor equipped with a set of magnifying glasses, makes an incision near the hair follicle. 

They then turn the scalpel circularly around the hair follicle to excise it from the surrounding tissue completely. With the help of forceps, they’ll extract the hair follicle and will store it on a tray. The tray has a special solution on it that will help preserve the heir follicle for later grafting. Then, the surgeon goes on to repeat the process for as many times as hair follicles the patient requires.

Once all the grafts are safely extracted and collected, the procedure moves into the grafting phase. For the unshaven hair transplant, the top of the head remains unshaven. Thus, the receiving site gets the puncturing to make room for the grafts among the remaining long hair. One by one, the surgeon places the grafts in the tiny holes made for them to repopulate the area. When the final graft is in place, the surgery ends. 

Please note that, due to the fact that only some strategically located hair follicles qualify for it, the unshaven hair transplant collects fewer grafts than the traditional FUE hair transplant.

Unshaven Hair Transplant At Our Clinic

Our surgeons perform the procedure as intended: without involving any shaving of the area. As a patient, you want the best, and we provide it. In our clean facilities, our surgeons will restore your hair to its former glory without having to cut any of it. 

Trained to the highest level of precision with microsurgical equipment, they ensure your grafts are cleanly extracted and put in place. The best part of it is that you can go back to work with your full mane as if nothing happened. People would not be able to tell if you had any work done! Get in touch with us if you seek the next level of hair transplant.

Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

Unshaven hair transplant carries all of the benefits of a traditional FUE hair transplant and even some of it own. Among them:

  • No Shaving Your Hair – The big and most obvious one first. There will be no need to have to shave your head in order to undergo the procedure. The extraction and grafting will proceed with your hair at the same length you had when you came in and end like that as well. Great news for anyone not looking forward to rocking a very short hairstyle for a few months.
  • Natural-Looking Results – Just like with the FUE hair transplant, the unshaven hair transplant allows placing the graft following your natural hair growth pattern. The hair growing from the new grafts blend seamlessly with the rest of the grown hair in your scalp.
  • No Scarring – The scars from the traditional hair transplant are invisible. Only very tiny dots that scab remains. Since the unshaven hair transplant only extracts a selected number of hair follicles, you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Little Downtime – After a traditional FUE hair transplant, you can go back to work after five days of following aftercare options. The same happens after an unshaven hair transplant and, since there are fewer grafts involved, usually even quicker. Consult your physician to get the exact estimate of downtime you’ll require.

The best benefit out of them all for an unshaven hair transplant is that very few could tell you had it. Thus, allowing you a seamless transition from the procedure and back to your social life and work.

Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey

So far, Turkey has been and remains one of the leading hubs for undergoing an unshaven hair transplant, which comes as no surprise if you know of the cosmetic tourism boom that has been happening for the last two decades. 

Undergoing an unshaven hair transplant in Turkey is attractive due to the skill of the surgeons and the affordability of it. The price of a hair transplant in Turkey is around a third of the average international price for the same procedure. This has nothing to do with the quality, though. 

High-quality surgeons and lower prices have made the Turkish hair transplant industry a powerhouse worldwide. Thus, making an unshaven hair transplant in Turkey an attractive prospect for patients all around the world.

Unshaven Hair Transplant FAQ

Q: Why is the shaving of hair not required for this procedure?

A: Many hair follicles are easily accessible for extraction without shaving the hair. Thus, the procedure does without the shaving part, which patients hesitant of shaving are thankful for. 

Q: Can an unshaven hair transplant really restore hair to areas without shaving any of it?

A: Yes, that’s exactly what it does. There’s no shaving involved at all. There’s only a light trimming of the hairs growing from the chosen hair follicles to better handle it.

Q: Will the result immediately look natural?

A: Yes, the moment you walk out of the surgery, it will be hard to tell you had any work done at all without looking closely.

Q: Is an unshaven hair transplant painful to undergo?

A: The administration of local anaesthetic in the donor area precedes the start of the procedure. You will not feel any pain whatsoever during it.