Teeth Whitening, People spend billions of dollars each year on products that claim to whiten the teeth. Because, having white teeth has great positive impacts on a person’s overall appearance. It can make you look at least 5 years younger than you are, and greatly boost your self-confidence as well. 

There are countless products that offer whitening solutions, and most of these products are easy to find. However, some of these products are unreasonably expensive, and they do not really offer significant changes. A professional whitening procedure is a much more effective alternative to these useless products on the market. 

Besides being more effective than other products, a pro teeth whitening procedure also has long lasting results. We offer professional whitening procedures in our clinic, and we are very good at what we do. We can help you have a brighter smile without having to use unnecessary whitening products. Consult us now and find out more!

Causes of Yellow Teeth

The enamel is the outer part of your teeth and it is what gives your teeth the white and bright color. When the enamel erodes or gets stained due to various reasons, your teeth will start to look more yellowish. Knowing what causes the enamel to erode can help you prevent your teeth from getting yellowish. 


You should be very careful about your diet if you wish to keep your teeth as white as possible. Because, some certain foods and beverages can harm your teeth and cause them to look yellowish or sometimes gray. Some of the beverages that can cause your teeth to get yellowish are coffee, tea and red wine. This is because, these products can easily harm your enamel and cause permanent discoloration of your teeth.


Consuming tobacco products is also very harmful for the teeth and its negative effects last for a long time. Because, the stains that smoking causes are very hard to get rid of. However, if you quit smoking, you can reduce the stains that cigarettes cause on your teeth. You should also brush your teeth more often in order to remove the persistent stains that the cigarettes cause.


Although the amounts may differ, most of the toothpastes or other dental products contain fluoride. When excessive amounts of fluoride come into contact with your teeth, it may cause yellow teeth. The fluoride is especially harmful for the teeth of the children, because their teeth are very sensitive.


Sometimes the enamel of your teeth may wear off as you get older. As a result of this, the dentin which is the inner part of your teeth will become more apparent. The natural color of the dentin is yellow and when it is exposed, your teeth will look more yellowish. 

Poor Dental Care

Brushing your teeth regularly and taking good care is very important for keeping your teeth white. When you fail to do so, your teeth will start to get yellowish overtime. However, just because you brush your teeth regularly does not mean that your teeth will always remain white. Your teeth may become yellowish through aging even if you brush it more than enough.

Teeth Whitening Turkey

There are countless people travelling to Turkey every year for having cosmetic procedures. These procedures range from teeth whitening to hair transplant operations. The reason why so many people choose Turkey over the other countries is the fact that the prices are very affordable for these operations. Besides, Turkey is a very reliable and renowned country when it comes to medical procedures. 

The location of the clinic where you will receive the teeth whitening procedure is very important. Although the procedure may sound simple, a lousy clinic can totally ruin your teeth whitening procedure. We are one of the best clinics that offer professional teeth whitening in Turkey. Therefore, when you choose us, you know that you are getting the best services that you can possibly receive. 

Teeth whitening clinics in some countries may offer their services for extremely low prices without a reasonable explanation. You should avoid these kinds of clinics, because the quality of their services are usually very poor. On the other hand, the countries where the clinics ask for really high prices for teeth whitening also exist. High price does not always mean high quality, therefore you should avoid these clinics as well.

Teeth Whitening Costs

The cost of a professional teeth whitening procedure depends on what each patient requires during the process. Not every patient needs the same amount of care for whitening their teeth. When you choose to have a teeth whitening procedure in our clinic, our doctors will carefully diagnose you. Following the diagnosis, they are going to determine the methods and the chemicals that they will use. They will plan the process in a way that you get the best results at the end of the procedure. So, what the doctors do for each patient differs, and so does the cost of the teeth whitening procedure. If you want to find out more about our teeth whitening costs, feel free to get in touch with us.

The cost of a professional teeth whitening procedure may be more expensive than the products you can try at home. However, none of those products are going to make a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth. Besides, you need to use those products every single day in order to see even the slightest change. 

On the other hand, the improvements that you get from a professional teeth whitening process is very apparent. Moreover, you do not need to have more than one session to have white teeth. All you need to do is just having a single session with the experienced doctors in our clinic. The results of the procedure is going to last for long years until your teeth gets yellowish again overtime.

Our prices will include the cost of everything that you need to have for successfully completing your teeth whitening procedure. This means that you will not be facing any surprise fees at the end of the procedure. 

What to Do Before a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

You can obtain better results from a professional teeth whitening if you prepare well for the procedure. First of all, a lot of patients confuse the teeth whitening with a teeth cleaning procedure. Because of that, they do not know that they need to clean their teeth before the teeth whitening. The teeth whitening procedure does not clean your teeth, it only whitens it for offering you a better look. Besides, this procedure can remove the stains more effectively if you have cleaned your teeth before coming for teeth whitening. 

Applying some lip balm on your lips before coming to our clinic is also a good idea. Because, your lips can get a little dry, since they will be open during the teeth whitening procedure. Other than that, there is nothing else that you need to physically do for getting ready. Our doctors are going to guide you through all the steps of the procedure. Remember to follow the instructions of your doctor in order to achieve the best possible results from the procedure.

Teeth Whitening After Care

The first couple of days after the whitening procedure is critical for making the results permanent. Your doctor is going to give you a list of things that you can and cannot do with your teeth. If you do not follow the instructions of your doctor, you can undermine the results of teeth whitening procedure.

First of all, you may want to quit smoking for at least the first 3 days after the process. You can use electronic cigarettes to a certain extent, but the regular cigarettes have to be avoided no matter what. 

Second, you should avoid drinking beverages that can cause dark stains on your teeth. These beverages include coffee, tea and red wine whose stains are very persistent. Some foods like red meat and chocolate should also be avoided during the first 24 hours after the process. Because, these foods can also cause staining on your teeth just like the mentioned drinks.. 

If you want to determine what the staining foods and beverages are, you can try something easy. Just imagine rubbing that food or beverage on a plain white shirt. If you think that it is going to leave a stain, then avoid eating or drinking that food/beverage. 

Colored dental products such as toothpastes or mouthwashes may also stain your teeth. Therefore, you should look for alternative toothpastes that are completely white and will not stain your teeth. Consult your doctor to get a detailed list of the foods/beverages you need to avoid within the first hours. They will tell you exactly what you can and cannot eat for 24 hours after the teeth whitening procedure.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can offer quite a lot of benefits to the patients with discolored or yellow teeth. The most significant benefit of the procedure is the improved self-confidence of the patient. It is hard to deny the impact of a beautiful, bright smile on someone’s overall appearance. Most people have this kind of smile during a period of their lives, but they lose it overtime. However, the teeth whitening procedure can restore the white smile that greatly improves your look and boosts your self-confidence.

An enhanced appearance will have undeniable effects on your life. Remember that a great looking smile can open every door, and a great smile comes from white and bright teeth. The results of the teeth whitening procedure are very apparent so nobody will miss your new, improved look.

There are some bacterias that cause gum diseases or tooth decay. A professional teeth whitening procedure can also help you get rid of these harmful bacterias once and for all. So, these medical benefits besides the cosmetic ones is obviously a lot like hitting two birds with one stone.

Who is Suitable for Teeth Whitening?

Regardless of the age, pretty much anyone can have a teeth whitening procedure, because it is a very simple process. Our doctors are going to evaluate you and tell you if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. However, you do not need to worry since %99 of the people are suitable for teeth whitening. 

Besides, the procedure is totally painless and risk free, it is almost as simple as brushing your teeth. Nevertheless, it needs to be performed in a professional clinic with teeth whitening specialists. Otherwise, the results of the procedure may not be satisfying for the patient.

Your doctor is going to advise you to quit smoking at least for a couple of days after the procedure. If you are a smoker, this is good opportunity for you to quit smoking completely. Because, you will have the chance of making a fresh start with your new white and bright teeth. Go ahead and contact us now to see what you can achieve with our high quality teeth whitening services.


Does teeth whitening clean the teeth?

The purpose of a teeth whitening procedure is bleaching the teeth, however, it can also clean some of the bacteria. However, it should still not be confused with a teeth cleaning procedure.

How long does a teeth whitening last?

The results you achieve with a teeth whitening procedure may last up to 10 years. This depends on how you take care of your teeth after the process. Think of it as having brand new teeth, if you do not take good care, they will get yellow again.

Is teeth bleaching safe?

There are no reports of any serious complications caused by teeth bleaching procedures. It is quite safe and totally risk free.

How can I get the best results from a professional teeth whitening?

Follow the instructions of your doctor through every step of the procedure. Stay away from things that can harm your dental health or cause stains. If you take proper care of your teeth after the procedure, the teeth whitening will yield better results for you.