Slimming is shaping your body with a focus on your health and aesthetic fitness. It can help you keep a better figure and deal with every women’s worst enemy, which is cellulite. We can divide slimming treatment into two categories; the first one is weight loss, the other one is regional slimming.

Weight Loss

As we all know, weight loss means reducing one’s overall body mass. In order for your weight loss to yield satisfactory results, you have to consult a doctor. The doctor will establish the right diagnosis for your body type and your weight loss goals. After your diagnosis, our doctor will present a proper aesthetic treatment that you can follow to achieve your desired looks.

Regional Slimming

Regional slimming is not essentially a weight-loss method. It is more like a general name for the methods our patients use in order to reduce fats accumulated in specific parts of their bodies.

Each one of us has a different body type. But one thing we each have in common is that we all experience lubrication in some part of our lives. And as we age, the excess fat in our bodies start to get distributed unevenly. This accumulated fat leads to unaesthetic looks and unfortunately cannot be reduced by exercising and keeping a healthy diet.

But thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now achieve great progress when it comes to regional slimming. With various techniques, methods and applications, patients can now attain their desired looks without having to worry about any setbacks.

Before we get any further, we must state that exercising and keeping a healthy diet is definitely good for your health even if they sometimes can’t help you with your aesthetic needs. The reason why they can’t help you with your aesthetic needs is that they are mostly not enough to break the fat accumulated on various parts of your body throughout your life. 

However, most of the methods we are going to mention in here has the ability to shrink, break up or even dissolve the fat cells accumulated on your body. Exercising and dieting after going through a slimming operation will certainly help you get rid of broken-down fat cells. So we advise you to follow our doctor’s suggestions without hesitation. Now let’s take a look at various slimming operations we offer and learn what they can offer.


Lipomatic is a kind of cosmetic operation that helps patients get rid of their excess body fat. It is a small procedure that doesn’t even require an administration of anaesthesia in most cases. Patients can see extraordinary differences in their bodies even after a single session.

In these operations, our doctors remove the excess fat from the patient’s body and then massage these areas to distribute the left tissue evenly. This also allows doctors to avoid leaving any loose skin and eliminate any sagging and cellulitis.

Patients don’t feel any pain during the operation and can leave the clinic immediately after the procedure takes place. Recovery time is usually between 3 and 7 days.


LPG endermologie is an FDA-approved massage procedure that is used for treating aesthetic and functional problems. It can restore fluid flow and accelerate vascularization on the patient’s body. It can also stimulate the production of substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids which contribute a lot to achieving firmer skin. This procedure can help you break down excess fats in your body as well.

LPG must be performed by a trained professional. Our doctors ensure our guests a pleasant, gentle, natural and effective experience with LPG, which can transform one’s way of being. All in all, LPG endermologie is an effective alternative treatment for patients who want to shape their body. 


Cavitation is a non-invasive treatment for getting rid of excess fat in the body. It is a great alternative for patients who want to get quick results without having to go for detailed operation. 

The reason why cavitation is so popular nowadays is that it offers tons of advantages that most other methods can’t. For example, cavitation method has zero recovery time and is completely painless. The procedure often takes less than an hour. The sessions usually feel like having a massage. Finally, patients can experience up to 4 cms of fat reduction in their desired parts in a single session.

So, cavitation is an effective method. But how does it work? Cavitation uses ultrasound technology to reduce the fat cells in the targeted parts of the patient’s body. It is fairly similar to getting a pregnancy scan. 

Our doctors use a device that transmits concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy. This transmitted energy can target and destroy subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membrane. Then it disperses the fat into surrounding cells and recycles them into proteins and glycerol.

Power Plate

Power Plate is a device that patients can use for weight loss and body contouring. Its working principle is fairly simple. It has a platform which patients can stand on, and this platform vibrates gently but very quickly. This vibration activates the muscles of the patient and allows the patient to burn calories.

So, you can lose weight just by standing on this device, but we recommend our patients to engage in some form of cardiovascular exercise to maximize its benefits.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now provide our patients with safe ways to achieve their desired looks with minimal effort. A day will come, and everyone will have these devices at their home for their personal use. But until that day arrives, we will continue to offer our patients with these cutting-edge devices and equipment and help them maintain a great body.


Are slimming operations painful?

No, they are completely painless operations.

Are slimming operations healthy?

Yes. All the methods we apply are FDA-approved.

Why should I have a slimming operation?

If you want to lose weight or achieve regional slimming, but you have some obstacles to do that on your own, slimming operation offers a healthy alternative.