We are in a life where you can barely find the time and do sports. Wouldn’t you like to spend more calories by making your movements more effective while exercising? This is possible with the device. A sports equipment, which multiplies the moves you do in a session.

Power Plate is a sports equipment designed by Russian scientists and developed by NASA. It has been used in various fields including sports, fitness, health and physical therapy. Power Plate, which is a device that protects the muscle strength of astronauts, is also available for those who would like to stay fit and strengthen the muscles.

Muscle groups work with the vibrations of this equipment. You can think of the vibrating floor of this equipment as a stepping board. Every exercise on this ground causes different muscle groups to work. While you are on Power Plate, you have the opportunity to train many muscle groups and never get tired.

Power Plate is a very useful tool to increase body resistance and flexibility. In addition, it has effects that; 

  • strengthen muscle groups, 
  • relieve regional pain, 
  • indirectly regulate hormones, 
  • accelerate and regulate blood circulation 
  • improve cellulite areas.

This system aims to increase the body health and balance to the highest level by providing all the muscles in our body to work. This equipment has also received the best anti-ageing award of the year, especially in terms of increasing muscle and bone density. 

Moreover, Power Plate is not only for weight loss or tightening but also when we cannot find enough time to do sports. It is a form of work that you can apply for.

Planning Before the Power Plate

Prior to this equipment sessions, all values such as body mass index, metabolic rate, fat rate, muscle ratio, water amount are taken into consideration. Moreover, the situation is evaluated by taking regular analyzes every week. In this cycle, where you will start to observe the result from the 3rd or the 4th session, the reason for taking consistent measurements is to create the necessary seriousness and discipline.

This session, which requires regular 3 times a week, is especially effective in terms of tightening, accelerating metabolism and weight loss, activating fat burning and increasing fitness.

Benefits of the Power Plate

The Power Plate is an excellent exercise and fitness alternative. 10-minute Power Plate session equivalent to approximately 1 hour of fitness work.

While working with this equipment, the muscle group in the working area works and develops at 95% density. Working with Power Plate for 10 minutes corresponds to 60 – 90 minutes of strengthening exercises with classical methods. Because while working with Power Plate, many muscle groups work at maximum efficiency at the same time.

Power Plate provides flexibility by heating the muscles and tendons in our body. Just a 2-minute stretch program improves the body’s flexibility. Moreover, it offers simultaneous stimulation of all receptors that provide coordination between intramuscular and muscles. Thus, body coordination ability and harmony increase, and accordingly, a sense of reaction and balance develops.

During a Power Plate session, the muscles contract by 35 to 50 times per second, causing blood to pump up to 35 or 50 times per second, even to the smallest capillaries. This blood flow contributes to the energy storage of cells in a short time. This increase in blood flow also allows wastes in the blood to leave the body quickly, and the blood cells are renewed.

Power Plate causes enrichment of metabolism, exacerbates fat burning, and regulates the central metabolism. Consequently, it reduces the fat layer under the skin.

Power Plate provides more secretion of many hormones that have positive effects in our lives. This increase increases our quality of life and positively affects our sexual life.

Massage exercises with Power Plate help reduce fat tissue under the skin, break down fat cells and have a firmer and healthier tissue. As the cellulite decreases and the tissue strengthens, the in-depth effect begins. With such exercise programs, strengthening is detected even in the facial muscles. 

Power Plate Process

With the oscillation speed, our muscles are stretched and relaxed 40 times a second. For example, our abdominal muscles working under this oscillation for 1 minute are tired as if they were doing shuttle movements hundreds of times. When the work is complete, the body adjusts the metabolism to balance itself. With this adjustment, the performance of our body increases.

It is necessary to go over it and do the exercises as the trainer shows to use the Power Plate efficiently. Since it works with a passive system, the person does not have much work. He only feels a certain weight on the body and muscles. The most important feature of the device is that it does not overload the heart.

Sessions take only 10-15 minutes. 10-15 minutes of work with Power 

Plate and repeating this 3 times a week is sufficient to achieve the results. In those with regional problems, approximately 5-7 cm thinning is possible at the end of 7-9 sessions.

The working principle of the this equipment device is based on vibration. It makes the body more active by operating the muscles in your body about 50 times per second with the vibrations it creates. With the Power Plate device activating the body, your metabolism works faster. Consequently, therefore fat burning is accelerated. Thus, you gain time and lose weight more quickly with the Power Plate device.


Does Power Plate work effectively?

Yes. The result you get from the this equipment will make you happy with a regular working metabolism, pronounced muscles and a tightened body appearance.

Is it suitable for people with excess fat?

This equipment exercises are ideal for those who do not have a habit of exercising and who cannot start and continue the training. This is especially recommended for patients undergoing obesity treatment. The aim is primarily to help patients with weight problems.

Who is not suitable for Power Plate?

Those who have implants and prostheses in their bodies, have pacemakers, underwent brain surgery and pregnant women should not use this device.