Countless men and women want to rejuvenate their facial appearance. Of course, the plastic surgeons can perform face lift surgeries in order rejuvenate and refresh your face. Although a face lift surgery can offer all these possibilities, you may not want to go under the blade. In that case, a non-surgical face lift procedure may work wonders for you. 

Millions of people each year choose to have non-surgical face lift procedures for having an improved facial appearance. Non-surgical face lift can offer you a wide range of cosmetic solutions. For instance, if you have a saggy appearance on your face, our doctors can fix it without performing any surgeries. Not only that, restoring the facial structure and/or removing the wrinkles is also possible with our services.

What are the Advantages?

The results of a non-surgical face lift procedure may be similar to that of a face lift surgery. Besides, it may even have some advantages over the other surgical procedures. First of all, the non-surgical face lift procedures usually take less time than the face lift surgeries. 

Non-surgical face lift solutions are also more comfortable compared to the face lift surgeries. Because, the doctors in our clinic can perform the procedure without applying general anaesthesia. Moreover, the doctors do not cut or drag your skin in any way, therefore, the results look very natural.

The downtime after non-surgical face lift procedures are also considerably shorter. Going back to all your usual habits will not take a long time after the procedure. Whereas in a face lift surgery, you would have to wait a bit longer before returning to your daily habits.

The lack of risks is another feature that makes the non-surgical face lift more advantageous. There are no cuts during the procedure, therefore, there is no risk of infections. Besides, the general anaesthesia can sometimes cause complications too. However, since the non-surgical face lift does not require general anaesthesia, you will not face these issues either. 

Who is Suitable For Non-Surgical Face Lift?

Many people want to choose this technique for rejuvenating their faces, and they wonder if they are suitable for it. Almost anyone can be a suitable candidate for non-surgical face lift techniques. First of all, both men and women are able to have this wonderful solution to improve the overall facial appearance. Besides gender, the age is also not an issue. People of all the ages are suitable candidates for non-surgical face lift. Even if you are at young ages, you can still have this noninvasive treatment The type and color of your skin is not going to cause any complications either.

The procedure is the best option for you if you want to have a face lift but do not like surgeries. If you want to tighten your skin or rejuvenate your face, this procedure is going to be very effective. This would be particularly helpful if you have lost weight recently, and you have sagging skin on your face. Non-surgical face lift can lift the sagging skin and give you a much younger and dynamic look. 

You should consult our clinic, to find out more about what non-surgical face lift techniques can do for you. In this way, our doctors can guide you in the best way about the possibilities of the procedure. Feel free to share your expectations with our doctors, so that they can advise you the best solutions. If what you are asking can be achieved with non-surgical face lift procedures, then you will have what you desire.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Costs

The non-invasive method surely has a lot of perks and can offer great results. However, a lot of people are curious about the non-surgical face lift costs. The cost usually depends on a variety of factors. Every patient has different needs, and you cannot apply the same process to everyone. For this reason, the doctors make an individualized plan for each patient. 

The location of the clinic and the skills of the doctors can be a determining factor for the cost. For instance, if you go to a clinic with highly experienced doctors, their prices will likely be higher. However, do not think that just because a clinic asks for high prices it is a reliable clinic. Some clinics may charge you with a lot of money even though their work is lousy. 

On the other hand, the clinic’s location may have a significant impact on the cost of the procedure as well. Keep in mind that you need to pay your travel expenses too.

Most importantly, the treatments that the doctors will include in the process will directly affect the cost. Non-surgical face lift may combine more than one technique in order to give you what you want. Since all the techniques have different costs, we determine the price accordingly.

At any rate, the non-surgical face lift costs are generally cheaper than face lift surgeries. The reason for that is the fact that it usually takes less time than a face lift surgery. Moreover, you do not need anaesthesia for numbing the pain during the procedure, which means no anaesthesia fees either.

The costs in our clinic are very affordable and our services are of high quality. However, before we give you a price, first we need to know what you need. If you want to get a price for our non-surgical face lift services, contact us now. Our doctors are going to evaluate your requirements and give you a price.

Non-Surgical Face Lift Turkey

Turkey is in the heart of the cosmetic operations. Many people from around the world travel to Turkey every year  for having  high quality and affordable cosmetic procedures. Because, there are not many locations where you can find excellent work for a reasonable price. Our clinic particularly is a very good example of an ideal clinic for these services.

We are one of the most advanced and renowned cosmetic clinics in Turkey. You can find our clinic in Istanbul which is very easy to travel to. This is a significant advantage considering the fact that there will be a lot of flights to our city. You do not need to arrange your life according to your flight ticket. Instead, you can get your tickets for the time that is the most appropriate for you. 

Moreover, the costs of these procedures in Turkey are rather low compared to other countries. This is due to the fact that there are many cosmetic clinics in Turkey. A lot of clinics mean more competition and lower prices. Although our clinic is one of the best in all of Turkey and Europe, our prices are still very affordable.


The aftercare is very important for most of the cosmetic procedures, surgical or non-surgical. When you take all the necessary precautions after the operation, you get improved results. However, non-surgical face lift does not require much precautions or aftercare. As a matter of fact, most of non-surgical treatments are so safe that the downtime is nonexistent for the patient. You can get back to work right after leaving the doctor’s room. 

Your doctor is going to inform you about the procedure in detail. Of course, all the steps that you need to take after the process depends on the treatment you have received. Most of the procedures will not require any aftercare. However, some of them may require some very basic instructions such as not being exposed to direct sun. The doctors may also tell you not to wash or rub your face. Nevertheless, you will need to follow these instructions for a very short period of time.

Finally, the applied techniques are completely non-invasive. Therefore, they will not leave any permanent scars on bruises on your skin. Some procedures may cause tiny side effects after the surgery. However, none of these effects will be permanent. They will disappear in a couple of hours, besides, they will be hard to notice by the others anyways.


Am I suitable for non surgical face lift?

Non-surgical face lift techniques are available for men and women of any age. These techniques are non-invasive and do not pose any risks. Therefore, if the procedure can give you the look your desire, you are a suitable candidate.

Is non-surgical face lift painful?

Most of the non-surgical face lift methods are painless and do not even require anaesthesia. However, if there is going to be a process where you may feel pain, the doctors will apply local anaesthesia. You will not feel pain or discomfort after the procedure either.

How many non-surgical face lift sessions do I need?

The amount of sessions that you need depends on your expectations. So, please tell your doctor about your expectations. In turn, the doctor is going to tell you what you need and how many sessions it will require. However, you will start to noticeable results even after your first session.

When can I return to work after non-surgical face lift?

You will most likely be able to get back to work right after the procedure. Be that as it may, the best thing to do is asking your doctor about the proper time for it. At any rate, the downtime will not be more than a day after most of the techniques.