The signs of ageing are one of the most important problems that aesthetics try to solve today. Always looking beautiful and young has been the sole purpose of people throughout history. Our facial area and neck are the places where signs of ageing begin to be evident first. The reason for this is the pressure that gravity exerts on us throughout our lives. Since we do not have the option of overcoming gravity, face and neck lifting operations are a saviour in such situations.

As we age, the muscle and adipose tissues under the skin in the neck region, like all tissues, begin to sag downwards. Our neck area is the first place where fats are collected in weight gains. In some patients, the neck area may look fatter, although there is no body obesity. In this case, it causes you to look heavier, older and tired than you actually are. The biggest factor of sagging in the neck area is ageing. It is one of the factors that make people look older than they are. However, even if you are young, you might have a sagging neck due to genetic factors or weight gain.

The Structure of Your Neck

The skin in the neck area is very thin. There is a thin layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue under the neck skin. The subcutaneous fat tissue layer can exceptionally get thicker under the chin. Under the neck skin, there is a thin, curtain-shaped muscle that we call platysma along the length. 

This muscle starts from the bottom of the neck and rises to the middle of the face and is in continuous through the layers of your face. Apart from these, the deep muscle structures, salivary glands, deep fat compartments and skeletal structure of the neck region might also affect neck aesthetics.

Always Keep In Touch With Your Doctor

It is worth reminding that you should inform your doctor about your medical history, allergy, smoking and drug use during the consultation for your neck lift surgery. Although it is a simple procedure and a hundred percent safe when done by an experienced doctor, some drugs you use or habits such as smoking may have effects in the process.

The doctor performs neck lift surgery under general anaesthesia. This means you will not feel any pain during or after the surgery; there won’t be discomfort. Your doctor may ask you to wear special corsets after the surgery to help your skin to heal.

You should avoid any hard work for the first few weeks, but you will be able to go back to your social life after only two weeks.

How is Neck Lift performed?

First of all, you should explain why you want to undergo this operation and what you really expect of it during the examination. Your doctor will evaluate skin, muscles, adipose tissue and even salivary glands, which are the causes of ageing symptoms in the neck area, one by one and add them to the treatment plan if necessary.

The surgical methods that the doctors use for the neck region can be listed as neck skin stretching, repair of the platysma muscle in the midline where it is split, removal of the wrinkle-causing bands, removal of the under-chin adipose tissue, and treatment of sagging salivary glands. You should plan what you really need with your doctor in detail.

Neck stretching surgery usually starts with a tiny incision that your doctor places behind your ear. Since this incision is just under the scalp and is in a very good area in terms of skin quality, it will not leave any scar on your body. Also, If you are smoking, your doctor may ask you to stop smoking completely at least one month before surgery. This is because habits such as smoking might make your skin heal very late.

After the doctor makes the incision behind your ear, he lifts the neck skin from both sides to the midline. However, in some cases, if there is excess fat under the chin and muscle laxity, your doctor might use other techniques before he lifts the skin on your neck.

During the procedure, your doctor also might take out the fat tissue in the midline that usually causes deformities. If a muscle repair is not necessary for this area, instead of making a transverse incision and removing the fat, the doctor might remove this excessive fat tissue by liposuction.

The salivary glands, which simultaneously cause protrusion under the chin, can be partially removed or hung inside the chin. Along with the under-chin muscle repair, the removal of the bands that cause transverse wrinkles in the neck area can also be removed. Following all these procedures, the doctor will collect all excess skin behind the ear and removed from the neck area.

Who can go under the neck lifting surgery?

The doctors generally perform lower face and neck lifting procedures as part of facial rejuvenation procedures. However, you may undergo only neck lifting if you do not have serious problems in the upper and middle face areas.

People who have congestion on the edges of the chin, lubricate the neck and sagging the neck skin are suitable candidates for these procedures. Since sagging in the neck area usually occurs due to ageing, the doctors perform this surgery to the patients who are over the age of forty. However, as we have mentioned before, if you are young but still have problems around your neck area and over the age of eighteen, you may still go under a neck lifting surgery.

The most important thing in any surgical operation is the doctor. Operations such as neck lifting require a surgical and hygienic environment, as well as a qualified doctor. As long as you go through this operation with an experienced team and expert doctor, the results will be highly satisfying, and you will look way much younger. Our well equipped facility and expert doctors will be more than happy to help. If you have any further questions or would like to learn if you are suitable for the operation, you may contact our doctors any time.

What happens after the surgery?

Neck lifting and healing process is quite fast. Your doctor will apply a bandage over your neck that stays only for three days. This procedure is an outpatient surgery which means you will be able to go home right after the operation. If necessary, your doctor might ask you to stay in our facility one night for observation purposes. You also will be able to take a bath on the same day keeping the treatment area as dry as possible.

There will not be any swelling or bruises after the operation. Your doctor might recommend massaging in the neck area for two months to make the healing process faster. We will remove the stitches after six days. As with any facial surgery, you should protect yourself from direct sunlight for a few months after the neck lifting operation.

You will be able to see the final results in three months if you follow your doctor’s recommendations carefully. Our doctors and experienced team will be there for you during the whole process to make sure you are healing comfortably. 

Neck Lift in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s leading touristic regions. This unique country, which is surrounded by three different seas and has lands in both Europe and Asia, is also one of the most suitable places for medical tourism.

With its remarkable studies in the medical field and its well-trained doctors, Turkey is serving patients from all over the world. Tens of thousands of people visit Turkey just to go under surgical operations each year.

In addition to this, high-technology pieces of equipments and experienced doctors are not the only reason that makes this country a frequent route for medical operations. At the same time, Turkey is the only country where you can get quality health care services at the most affordable price.

Our facility is equipped with high quality medical instruments. We are serving thousands of patients coming from abroad every year. If you would like to go under this surgery in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us to get the best medical service here.  

Neck Lift Prices

It is necessary to objectively evaluate the patient’s complaints and aesthetic expectations in order to provide clear information about neck lift plastic surgery prices. Neck lift prices can be determined after the patient is first examined and determined what kind of operations he needs.

It is worth noting that neck lifting prices in our facility are friendly for every budget. We offer customized prices to our patients depending on their situation. If you would like to consult us about the prices, please contact our team.


Is a neck lift a painful operation?

No, it is not. Our doctors perform this operation under general anaesthesia, so you will not feel any pain during or after the surgery.

Are neck lift operations expensive?

No, they are not. We offer budget-friendly and customised price policy for every patient according to their needs.

Are neck lift operations safe?

Yes, they absolutely are. We offer internationally-approved, hundred per cent safe operations. Our experienced team and expert doctors will get you the look you desire without any discomfort.

How do I know If I am a good candidate for neck lift operation?

If you do not have any underlying diseases, you might be a good candidate for a neck lift. However, the best way to learn the answer to this question is by consulting an expert. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

How long does it take?

Neck lifting operations are not long, but the time depends on the surgery plan that you and your doctor decides. They usually do not take more than three hours.

When can I go back to work?

You will be able to go back to work after two-three days if you are not doing any heavy work. If you follow your doctor’s instructions strictly before and after the surgery, it will take only a week or two for you to turn back to your normal life completely.

Is neck lifting operation permanent?

Yes, they are. Even the ageing continuous you will not have the same type of sagging and deformities again after going under neck lifting operation.

Will there be any scars?

No. Since the incisions will be at the back of your ear, you will not even see them while they are disappearing.  

How young will I look?

The answer to this question depends on your situation, and it may change from person to person. However, since a sagging neck area makes people look very old, most of our patients look five to ten years younger after the operation.