Mommy Makeover, which is preferred mainly by women between the ages of 20 and 39, is becoming an increasingly preferred operation every year.

Nothing compares to the pleasure of being a mother. However, after pregnancy, the body’s deformity and the presence of various scars in some areas can often bother the mothers. Even famous names like Angelina Jolie or Michelle Monaghan owe their incredible physics to this incredible aesthetic operation after becoming a mother.

Mommy Makeover, which is now a trend in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, is an opportunity that helps mothers gain their former bodies even after having a child. It includes aesthetic operations that help mothers after giving birth to a child. These surgeries increase their self-confidence and eliminate image problems.

Mommy Makeover is an aesthetic operation in which the deformations occurring in the mothers’ bodies after pregnancy are minimized. It includes procedures such as breast augmentation or breast lift, as well as tummy tuck and liposuction.

Each woman is affected differently from pregnancy and birth. However, some common problems occur with pregnancy. These are protruding abdomen, relaxed skin, saggy breast, and scars after birth. With the Mommy Makeover operation, you can get the chance to eliminate all these problems correctly.

Nowadays, the age of having children has increased with the participation of women in professional life. Now women become mothers in their 30s and 40s. After university education and a successful career, having children is at the bottom of the to-do list for women. As a result, after birth, problems appear as a deformed body, sagging breasts, a swollen stomach, and excess hips.

Since diets and exercises don’t work, Mommy Makeover can help for a firmer and fit body. We do abdominal stretching surgeries to eliminate relaxed abdomen, breast reduction, erection, or enlargement surgeries to prevent growth and sagging in breasts, liposuction procedures to reduce fat accumulation.

Mommy Makeover is essential for especially for women who give birth more than once. On the other hand, it is generally preferred by women who do not plan pregnancy again. However, a woman who has had this surgery will have some relaxation in her abdomen and breasts when she becomes pregnant again. However, no deformation develops like after the first pregnancy.

After 6 months for patients who have undergone breast surgery, after 1 year for patients who have undergone abdominal stretching, they may have a pregnancy period again. Since the pregnancy process is a difficult period, minor changes may occur in your body. Therefore, patients plan their pregnancy time according to this situation.

The most affected areas in the body during pregnancy

Hormonal and mechanical changes during pregnancy show themselves mainly in the abdomen areas and breasts. The uterus, usually the size of an orange, starts pushing the abdominal wall forward with the baby’s growth. Consequently, it shows the most irreversible effect on the abdominal muscles causing these structures to separate from each other. This causes the body to deform.

Pregnancy affects especially women with a slim body. Although the excess of the skin is minimal, the abdominal muscles’ tension cannot support the intra-abdominal organs sufficiently, and these organs hernia outwards.

What operations does Mommy Makeover involve?

Tummy tightening, liposuction, breast surgery are among the operations you can get with Mommy Makeover.

Tummy tightening helps to get rid of excess skin while tightening the abdomen. If there is not much excess skin, endoscopic abdominal stretching can be performed, and tightening of the abdomen can be achieved without leaving any scar. Besides, regular exercises help this process.

Liposuction is a healthy way to get rid of the weight that occurs during pregnancy. Sometimes fat adheres stubbornly to the body, and diets and exercises cannot be a remedy. Liposuction eliminates these fat buildups and also restores the natural shape of the body.

Breast surgery also has an important place. The age factor and the elasticity of the person’s skin are the most critical factors affecting the breast conditions of women during pregnancy. It is shaped like a cone without removing the breast tissue, and the excess parts of the skin are removed. If there is an excess of breast tissue, the breast can be reduced. If the breast tissue is insufficient in volume, breast enhancement can be performed together with the silicone breast prosthesis.

With Mommy Makeover, all these surgeries can be performed together, or they can be performed separately depending on the needs of the patient. When an abdominal stretching procedure is performed, the patient is hospitalized one day. After other procedures, hospitalization is not required, and the patient can return home on the same day.

The healing period after Mommy Makeover

After the procedures of Mommy Makeover, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. Below, you can see the essential points during the healing period.

  • It is important not to exercise and weight for a while after the tummy tuck and chest surgery operations.
  • The patient should never force himself after the tummy tuck surgery. She should lie in a V shape and lean forward for a particular time.
  • For patients who undergo abdominal stretching and breast lift surgeries, dressing is done at 2-3 days intervals for two weeks. The bruises formed pass after a short time.
  • Patients can return to daily life within a few days after breast surgery erection.

After liposuction surgery, it is possible to rest for one day and return to daily life. However, you should use a corset for approximately one month.


Who can have Mommy Makeover?

After entering a strict diet after pregnancy and losing weight after the desired weight, If your body does not recover, although you have a strict diet after pregnancy, Mommy Makeover can save you.

Which operations do you get with Mommy Makeover?

Breast surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction are among the most popular applications in Mommy Makeover.

Is Mommy Makeover painful?

Mommy Makeover applications are not difficult processes. Therefore, the pain you feel disappears in a short time.