LPG Endermologie is a non-invasive treatment that tightens the skin and leaves it smooth. It is one of the very few treatments recommended against cellulite and for good reasons. Results after a couple of sessions are capable of leaving a cellulite-afflicted area looking almost brand new.

Who Undergoes an LPG Endermologie treatment?

There are several profiles that fit the bill for a perfect candidate for LPG Endermologie treatment sessions. The most common to see of those are:

You Want to Look Youthful

One of the most massively appealing aspects of the LPG Endermologie is that you don’t have to have a high BMI to undergo it. Skinny people choose to undergo the treatment all the same for the shiny, youthful look it gives them. Sun-damaged, wrinkled, and aged skin that sags alike, all can look massively improved after some sessions. 

You Have Some Fat Pockets

Deposit of fat, also known as fat pockets, are accumulations of fat that seems to love to clump together at awkward places. On the upper arms right after the shoulder, the inner thigh, lower abdomen, around the shoulder blades, etc. You know them, you have seen them, and probably still have some. These are particular annoyances for naturally skinny people to have, making them look rather ‘skinny-fat’ instantly. Their particular localization makes them a nightmare to try to out workout without targeted muscle training. But no so much with LPG Endermologie. A couple of sessions specially focused on those obnoxious pockets will take care of them.

You Recently Gave Birth

Recently blessed with a bundle of love, mothers cannot be happier after safely delivering a healthy baby. Well, they could surely be a tiny little bit happier if the baby bump leaving did not hit their bodies so hard. Stretched out and loose skin, extra fat pockets from childbearing, bloating, sagging. And too much exhaustion from taking care of the baby to even begin to think of working out. Luckily for new and repeating mother, an LPG Endermologie treatment is there to help them out. 

You Are Suffering from Cellulite

This is the big one. As the most widely recommended treatment against the seemingly impossible to beat condition. Cellulite is exactly why most people choose to undergo LPG Endermologie. And the treatment is meant specifically to improve the look of skin stricken by it. But to understand how first we need to address just exactly what is cellulite.

Cellulite, The LPG Endermologie Nemesis

Cellulite is something most women are familiar with. Not for anything also, since the condition affects approximately 80% to 90% of women from every background. So, it is safe to say that is you are a woman, you are going to come to face some measure of cellulite in your lifetime. When a part of your skin suffers from cellulite it starts to show ‘dimples’ on itself of varying depth. The agglomeration of dimples can give it a distinctive pattern which varies on severity. The least severe ones are the simple, small dimples here and there. while others form slight or deep creases across the skin that makes it appear as it is folding over itself. Needless to say, it is a nightmare for women that love to look a radiant, smooth skin all the time. It is also culturally linked to aged skin or as an effect of gaining weight. None of those things are requirements to suffer from cellulite, however. The condition can manifest at any age and even in people that have remained slim all of their lives. The exact reasons why cellulite actually happens remain unknown to this day. So far, the most widely accepted theory pins it to the connective tissue found between the surface of the skin and the fat lying just beneath itself. This tissue is rather thin and when the fat increases, it pushes against it. The dimples we see are the result of the pushing reaching past the connective tissue and touching part of the surface of the skin.

The condition is also known as orange peel skin. This due to the look it leaves to your skin resembling the texture of an orange peel. Other very colourful and creative names are cottage cheese skin, the matters phenomenon, and hail damage. 

How Does LPG Endermologie Work?

So, how does the LPG Endermologie can cure something so common, yet, so concerning? Simply, by giving you a massage. That is no joke, the procedure involves basically that and nothing else. But rather than some hunk persons applying pressure to your body, the massagist here in question is a device. LPG Endermologie involves a handheld massage roller the doctor will use around the desired areas. The massage roller does not even apply pressure as a human massagist would. It actually sucks up your skin and it sucks it up with enough force that it does also suck up the connective tissue beneath it. What this does is to actually force the skin, tissue, and fat on the area to move. The forceful shaking by the device allows blood flow to increase to the area. This, of course, improves circulation of not just blood but fat, toxins, and ultimately water within the body. See, the whole point of the ‘moving’ the device does is to shake the layer of fat which lets it flow loose for a while. And when it does so, not only that will improve your skin appearance but is also a chance to get rid of it. Next time your body gets rid of excess water immediately after the LPG Endermologie, it will be getting rid of some fat as well. Lastly, LPG Endermologie also strengthens that connective tissue that is oh so susceptible to let dimples happen. 

What Can You Expect After An LPG Endermologie Session?

You can expect a much smooth-looking skin for a while, of course! The treatments take around three different sessions for it to attain the right look, however. Results from such sessions tend to last up to six months depending on your age and fitness level. Speaking of fitness, LPG Endermologie is no substitute for an effective workout regime. The sweating following the loosening of the fat is one of the best ways to easily get rid of it. Thus, you are still advised to keep working out after the procedure. All in all, your skin win look tighter and smoother thanks to the LPG Endermologie.

LPG Endermologie FAQ

Q: Does LPG Endermologie require incisions?

A: No, not at all. It is a non-invasive procedure; thus, zero cuts happen to your body.

Q: LPG Endermologie is simply a massage?

A: Yes, a massage with a special device that is. It will suck the skin up rather than pressure it down which will move the fat up and make it easier to get rid of.

Q: So, LPG Endermologie does cure cellulite?

A: It only improves the look of cellulite-afflicted skin for a couple of months depending on how many sessions you got. The cellulite skin will return a while after discontinuing the treatments. There’s currently no definitive cure for cellulite.

Q: Do men also use LPG Endermologie?

A: Yes, they do. Male models and celebrities do use LPG Endermologie to have their skin looking fantastic for a shoot or public appearance.