Lipomatic, which is the prominent technological application of aesthetic surgery these days, refers to the removal of adipose tissues that accumulate in certain areas of the body. In other words, it is the process of shaping the body by removing the excess fat with tubes and vacuum tools.

Unlike the classical liposuction method, doctors use a vibrating device called Lipomatic to perform the operation. The device takes its name from the technology used in this method. With a lipomatic session, it is possible to get rid of 3-4 kilos of fat tissue. Consequently, it is possible to get rid of excess fat and get a firmer look with this method. 

This method is applicable to the upper parts of the arm, breast, abdomen, butt, hip, legs, hips, chin, and neck area of our body. These are the regions where people are most disturbed in their body as the rate of fat burning is progressing slowly. 

If there is no result from diet programs that are changed from week to week or daily exercises, the lipomatic method can be applied. This operation can be performed in almost every part of the body, especially the parts we mentioned above.

Fat removal with lipomatic is an FDA approved and reliable method. Moreover, it is one of the most reliable devices that allow sensitive and high volume fat removal in all body areas. According to authorities in aesthetic surgery, the removal of fat stores and the shaping of the body with lipomatic is the best method in the world.

Below you can find the answers to many questions regarding the process of lipomatic procedures.

Before the Application

Aesthetic applications are becoming more diversified day by day, and their applications become quite easy. While having a beautiful and aesthetic appearance becomes essential for everyone, one of the medical methods of having a fit body is lipomatic fat removal application. If you want to fight and overcome the excess fat that disrupts bodily aesthetics, you can choose the method of removing fat with lipomatic.

After sharing the aesthetic expectations of the patient, the areas where the lipomatic application will be performed and the amount of adipose tissue to are determined by the doctor’s evaluations. Then, the doctors decide the type of anaesthesia at the planning stage. 

In cases where skin elasticity is low, sagging may occur in the skin if excessive liposuction is performed. To prevent this, it is helpful to follow your doctor’s recommendations before the operation.

If you have chronic health problems or if you are likely to experience health problems as a result of this application, your doctor should determine this in advance and warn you about it.

You can contact us for a piece of detailed information about the lipomatic process. Feel free to call or email us in case of any questions.

During the Operation

Lipomatic fat removal is one of the latest technological advances in fat removal surgery, and it has become quite common these days. The high-frequency vibration and radiating infrasonic waves that occur in the fatty tissue make a rapid dissolution with no damage. Consequently, it is a faster return to daily life with lipomatic.

One of the most significant benefits of lipomatic is to tighten the skin while removing the fat tissue under it. This minimizes the risk of skin sagging after surgery in people with low skin quality and high amount of fat.

The duration of surgery is considerably short with the use of lipomatic, and it provides much better results.

After the Application

This process performs perfect tightening by repairing the skin after fat removal. A few hours after the application with this method, the person can quickly go home and return to work within 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the situation.

Weight loss should not be expected in the early period due to oedema that will occur in the body after fat removal surgery.

It is a liposuction method that may have minimal temporary swelling and numbness in the target areas. These problems disappear in a short time.

The healing process is shorter than other fat removal processes. However, the post-lipomatic process will still vary according to the patient.

There are some points you should consider after the operation;

  • Doctors warn patients about waiting for 7-10 days in sports. During this time, you can do light sports and exercises. You can also take walks during the day.
  • The person can take a shower bath easily after a day. 
  • Those who want to swim should wait at least 15 days after Lipomatic. Remember that you also need to wait at least one month for activities like hot water or sauna.
  • If possible, do not consume salt and fat in your daily diet. If you cannot do this, you can consume very little oil and salt.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the use of a corset.
  • Drugs that are not recommended by the experts, such as painkillers, should not be used. Patients can relax their body by drinking herbal tea in such cases.
  • Repeated oil removal can be done with 4-6 months intervals.

All these are general information for the post-lipomatic healing process. You should follow the doctor’s recommendations after the procedure as each patient’s needs are different.

Advantages Compared to Other Methods

As it is the subject of vibration movements in lipomatic fat removal method, no textural damage occurs in the body, and it is possible to recover in a shorter time.

In this method, the cannula adipose tissue stops itself when it comes out. This prevents internal injuries. On the other hand, one of the most favourable aspects of the lipomatic fat removal method is that the chances of oedema and bruises are much less.

With this method, the transition period of patients to normal life takes much shorter. You can start performing daily life activities more quickly.

Within 2 to 4 weeks after this procedure, the level of thinning reaches the best point. For maximum thinning, it is necessary to wait 2-3 months.


Is lipomatic a painful operation?

No. Lipomatic is not a painful operation compared to other fat removal methods.

Who can have lipomatic?

If you are over the age of 18, you can get rid of your fats immediately with this method. However, it is still useful for your doctor to examine you for any risk conditions before the application.

When can I return to my daily life?

After the operation, you can return to your daily life within a couple of days.