Genital Aesthetics. A beautiful appearance is among the issues that are important for both men and women. When the female body, which is the center of attention all time, such as painting, sculpture, music, fashion, changes for various reasons, some problems may arise. Consequently, the psychology of the woman is negatively affected, and the self-confidence decreases.

The genital area comes first among the issues that women are concerned about aesthetically. The aesthetically smooth genital area increases the woman’s self-confidence and makes her feel much happier in her relationship with the opposite sex.

Sections forming the genital structure

  • Large lips (Labium majus)
  • Small lips (Labium minus)
  • Hymen
  • The upper part of the lips-top area (Mons pubis)

The deformities experienced in these sections that make up the genital area lead to an aesthetically bad appearance; it also causes problems such as insecurity, dissatisfaction, or embarrassment. However, although many women today are aware of their aesthetic concerns, they cannot easily express them and seek solutions alone. This is not the case anymore with genital aesthetics.

The procedures in genital aesthetics are easy and satisfying. Thanks to the trust between the patient and the doctor, the satisfactory results obtained after the procedures. Moreover, with advanced and fast medical techniques, patients can now easily reach the desired result. Genital aesthetics significantly change the lives of women. These changes can be summarized as follows:

  • Women feel better, and self-confidence increases after genital aesthetics.
  • When they wear sports clothes, tights, swimwear or bikini, they have a more aesthetic look.
  • Their partner does not experience pain in sexual intercourse.

Aesthetic types

The aesthetic applications to the genital area are divided into sections. These can be grouped as follows:

Labioplasty (Labium aesthetics – interventions on big and small lips)

Over time, sagging may occur depending on personal characteristics or age-related issues. This causes image distortion. With a simple operation, these elongated or sagging lips can be shortened and shaped. The lips that are empty and loose can be plump. After labioplasty, the patient can quickly return to her daily life. However, during the recovery period, it is not necessary to have sexual intercourse for 4-5 weeks.

Vaginoplasty (Vagina aesthetics – vagina contraction procedures)

Vaginoplasty, popularly known as vagina aesthetics, can be performed surgically or by laser. Vaginal aesthetics is a fast procedure with laser. Over time, enlargements are frequently encountered due to structural or vaginal deliveries. Such deformities can cause the pleasure of sexual intercourse to decrease or disappear by both men and women. With the help of surgical intervention, the loosened tissue is narrowed, and the surrounding muscles are rejuvenated.

Recently, vagina narrowing has been performed with a concise and easy method without requiring anesthesia in the office environment with the laser method.

Repairing the tear marks after birth

It is possible to get rid of tear marks that make women seriously unhappy. Scar tissues can be easily removed using local anesthesia, and muscles are re-sutured. In the meantime, internal tissue loosening or sagging are also corrected. After the vagina aesthetics, the patient can return to his daily life immediately. However, sexual intercourse is risky during the recovery period, 6 weeks.

Genital zone whitening

Due to sexual intercourse and hormones on the inner and outer lips of the genital area, color darkening occurs over time. This situation may create aesthetic discontent in women. The discomfort in question is eliminated with the applied procedure.

In recent years, demands have increased in this regard. The genital areas can get quite a dark color. There is no exact solution to the problem. However, the color can be lightened after labioplasty and oil injection to the outer lip. If not, the color-lightening cream and then some color-lightening laser applications are useful.

Outer lip aesthetics

The inside of the outer lips is completely filled with adipose tissue. Often congenital, sometimes outer lips get saggy and wrinkled. So the inner lips become visible. This problem not only causes visual discomfort but also prevents the outer lips from protecting the inner lip and vagina from external factors. Fat injection is a method to eliminate this problem.

Inner lip aesthetics

The task of the inner lips is to protect the vagina from external factors. It usually stays inside the outer lips and is not visible from the outside. However, due to birth and trauma, inner lips may grow and sag. Thus, it becomes apparent from the outside. In addition to visual discomfort that occurs when wearing tight clothes, it causes problems such as bleeding and infection. Its treatment is labioplasty surgery, that is, shortening the inner lips by surgical method.

Narrowing of the vaginal opening

As you know, the vagina is the channel where sexual intercourse occurs, and the birth takes place. Sometimes congenital and usually postpartum, the vagina wall muscles relax and prevent sexual intercourse. Both men and women are dissatisfied with this situation. As a remedy, the vagina channel can be narrowed, and the muscles can be tightened.

Operation Techniques Summary

  • For inner lip size; The inner lips are reduced using an S incision to prevent linear contracture.
  • For outer lip size; An S incision and fusiform tissue removal are performed.
  • For pubis size; Pubis removal or tissue removal is done.
  • Narrowing the vagina; A piece is removed from the back wall of the vagina. Since absorbable stitches are used, there is no need to sew.

As a result, none of the problems in the genital area are vital issues. Those who are predisposed to some infections and irritations lead women to seek solutions for medical reasons and others for visual and cosmetic purposes.

The Healing Process

The patient is discharged on the same day with regular dressing. After the operation, regional hygiene has critical importance. You can return to your daily life after the procedure. It may be necessary to use antibiotics for a week.

During the first month, sexual intercourse is not recommended. You can take a warm on the 2nd day after the operation. The operation results are very satisfying for you and your partner in providing an aesthetic appearance and better sexual intercourse.


Are genital aesthetics procedures painful?

No. Genital aesthetics applications are easy and painless operations. 

When can I return to my daily life after the operations?

It is possible to return to your daily life right after the procedure.