Gastric botox is a non-surgical treatment method against obesity, which aims to neutralize the nerves and muscles that affect endoscopic stomach hunger and appetite for a certain period of time. Gastric botox treatment has been applied in the world for over 15 years. Moreover, the procedure does not require any preliminary preparation contrary to other surgeries due to endoscopic application technique.

Typically carbohydrate foods leave the stomach in 2-4 hours. However, after the gastric botox administration, gastric emptying time is extended up to 12 hours. Therefore, it is extremely effective in reducing the appetite and prolonging the duration of satiety. 

Moreover, it is applied to the parts of the stomach that secrete the hunger hormone. With gastric botox application, it is possible to achieve 40% of the excess weight and reach the ideal weight within 6-8 months.

Botox is a protein obtained from bacteria. It is generally used in the treatment of neurological diseases, sweating treatment and some urological conditions. However, recently, patients get successful results by using botox applications, weight loss treatments. The patient who gets botox applications can lose weight safely and permanently with the changes in the lifestyle.

Gastric botox procedure happens by injecting botox substance to certain parts of the stomach to limit the work of the muscles in the stomach. Consequently, the stomach slows down the digestive process. Accordingly, it is an easy-to-operate weight loss treatment that aims to extend the duration of hunger-satiety.

While doctors apply botox, they perform it with an endoscopy application that provides detailed viewing of the stomach from the inside. In this way, they ensure a secure and comfortable gastroscopic application for both parties. 

The most important point to pay attention to those who do not want to have weight problems again after the operation is nutrition. They can lose about 10 to 20 pounds in 5 -6 months after injection and diet. Each drug has a life in the body. In Botox applications, this period is between 4 and 6 months, and the effectiveness of the drug continues until this time.

Gastric botox application is not applied to everyone at the same dose. Consequently, every patient’s practice and botox dose are different. The biggest reason behind failed applications is unconscious and wrong practices.

Benefits of Gastric Botox

Studies to date have shown that morbid obesity is difficult to treat permanently with medication diet or exercise. For this reason, obesity surgery has started to be applied in the last 50 years. With the development of technical and surgical practice, gastric botox has been one of the first choices in the treatment of morbid obesity.

Thanks to gastric botox application, you will achieve your ideal weight by getting rid of 40% of your overweight in a period of 6 to 8 months. In addition to this, you will also progress significantly in the recovery of other obesity-related diseases.

In this treatment, as the botox agent is applied to the relevant parts of the stomach that provide hunger hormone, a decrease in appetite and prolonged satiety will occur in the person.

Gastric botox surgery, the effect of which lasts 4-6 months, has no risk or side effects. The patient leaves the hospital on foot 1-2 hours after treatment.

Doctors aim to reach the ideal weight within 6-8 months in gastric botox treatment. During this process, doctors apply gastric botox again for patients who cannot reach the ideal weight to ensure the continuation of weight loss.

There is a noticeable decrease in appetite and feeling of hunger from 3 days after gastric botox application. After the 7th day, these effects reach the highest level and continue for 6 months. With the implementation of Gastric Botox, it enables the ideal weight to be reached in 6 to 8 months.

  • There are other benefits of having gastric botox applications. You can see them below.
  • It is not a surgical method.
  • It can be applied to individuals with a body mass index between 25 and 40.
  • It is made under sedation. There is no need for general anaesthesia.
  • The process is completed in a short time of 20 minutes.
  • As it is a procedure performed with endoscopy, the patient can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure. It does not require hospitalization.
  • Gastric botox application is active for 6 months. The process can be repeated up to 3 times.

Gastric botox target group

The problem of obesity, which is widespread with the rapid spread of fast food consumption in the world, puts many people’s lives at risk. In this sense, gastric botox is a reliable option to lose weight and suitable for all people who complain of excess weight. The procedure happens by injecting botulinum toxin to some parts of the stomach with the endoscopic method.  

This procedure is not a surgical operation. Nevertheless, patient selection is a critical case in this procedure. Keep in mind that that gastric botox treatment will not be beneficial in people with a body mass index above 40. 

Gastric botox application is suitable for patients with body mass index 25-35. The surgical option comes to the forefront for patients who are over 40. For patients who are unable to lose weight despite the diet with an incompatible with diet, gastric botox application is an option. With weight loss, these patients feel self-confident and can reach permanent weight loss with the change of eating habits. Weight loss targeted with the gastric botox is about 15-20 kg.

Gastric botox procedure

First of all, gastric botox is a simple procedure that does not require surgery techniques. Before the procedure, a standard examination takes place. Especially in individuals with serious health problems, some blood tests are required. Patients are taken to the endoscopy unit after necessary analyzes and blood test examinations. In the endoscopy performed before the procedure, the oesophagus, the stomach duodenum is examined in detail, and then the doctor performs the procedure if he does not see a problem.

Doctors reach the stomach without interruption by the endoscopic method with the help of the anesthesiologist. Thanks to the Botulinum toxin, the patient gains effects such as long hunger time, appetite control and quick saturation. Foods can stay in the stomach for a long time if the muscles that provide contraction in the stomach cannot do this feature.

The procedure can be performed endoscopically, without the risk of surgery and the need for special preparation. Moreover, it can be completed in a short time of 10-15 minutes. After 1-2 hours, the person can return to his social life.

Anaesthesia that we use in the process is the sedation technique. We put the patient to sleep for 15 minutes and then wake him up. After waking up, the patient rest for half an hour for control purposes. Since the injection is applied only to the smooth muscles of the stomach, it does not affect any organ other than the stomach muscles.

Many doctors say that another important factor affecting the success of the procedure is the way of application and the experience of the surgeon. After a successful injection, the level of hunger hormone can drop very seriously. In this way, the appetite of the patients’ decreases and the feeling of fullness in the stomach lengthens. Consequently, the patient starts to lose weight. 

After this application, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes, the nerves and muscles that have an effect on the desire to eat are disabled for 6 months. Consequently, appetite decreases and stomach muscles lose their ability to contract. On the other hand, because the food will stay longer in the stomach, the feeling of satiety is prolonged, and the person feels full often with low food consumption. After this process, decreases in weight begin to appear.

Gastric botox side effects and complications 

Gastric botox has no serious side effects or complications. For this reason, it is a reliable method with high success rates. Very few patients (8–10%) may have mild and temporary nausea for 2-3 weeks after the procedure. 

However, this side effect is much milder than those we see after stomach balloon or stomach reduction surgeries. Keep in mind that the full impact of the drug in gastric botox completely disappears from the body in 4–6 months. Consequently, there is no possibility of permanent damage.

The purpose of gastric botox application is to block the nerves in certain parts of the stomach. This process is temporary. The goal is to close the appetite and slow down the stomach motility so that the patient can sometimes be satiated for a long time with a meatball or a bowl of yoghurt. It has not been observed in the scientific literature that it causes significant damage to the stomach.

After the procedure

Initially, after experiments on animals, gastric botox was applied to people in various countries, and positive results were obtained. For many people who are in trouble with their excess weight, gastric botox has become a hope. Below, you can find the usual process after the procedure.

You can continue your daily life after the operation. Between 2 and 3 days, a feeling of appetite and saturation begins. Some patients may have complaints such as nausea. After the application, the patient should take liquid foods on the first day. If you have any problems, you should consult your doctor.

Knowing that the Botox effect period is 6 months; during this period, special diet programs are prepared for the patients, and the target is to change their eating habits. Dietician controls with gastric botox are handled for our patients as a whole. Gastric botox alone is not an adequate method; it aims to combine this method with diet and sports and ultimately provide a significant change in eating habits.

When Botox protein is injected into the stomach, the nerves that operate the muscles of the stomach temporarily stop functioning. Stomach muscles lose their ability to contract. Thus, as the fullness of the stomach will increase, the feeling of satiety lasts longer. Our patients’ desire to consume food decreases. 

The effect of botox lasts for about 4-6 months. During this period, our patients who pay attention to their diet by using these advantages can lose up to 20-25 pounds. The aim is to apply this procedure once, and our patients obtain the correct nutritional information and do not need to repeat the procedure. However, if needed, the procedure can be repeated 6 months later.

The fastest weight loss process here is the first month. In the first month, patients can often lose 10 to 15 pounds. Afterwards, the patient who continues to lose weight can reach the targeted 30 per cent by the end of the year.

When considering gastric botox, it is strongly recommended that you enter a diet program created by the doctor and dietitian. Otherwise, trying to lose weight by having gastric botox alone will most likely disappoint you.

Although there is no obvious complaint in patients after botox application, some patients may experience dyspeptic complaints usually within 3 days and decrease over time.

As with all other methods of obesity surgery, there is no guarantee of weight loss with botox. Gastric botox helps patients’ diets by reducing their appetite. However, the critical point here is that patients adopt a lively lifestyle that is suitable for the diet program. Even if gastric botox is performed, there is a possibility that the operation will fail in individuals without healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits.

Patients who receive obesity treatment often have health problems when doing sports because of their excess weight. For example, problems may occur with the knee joint due to overload. These problems cause the patient to stop exercising entirely and cause more weight.

Eating after gastric botox

Doctors recommend liquid foods for the first 3 days. Moreover, it is useful to avoid fatty and acidic foods. During this period, protein-based nutrition comes to the fore, and carbohydrates should be avoided. 

After the first week after the procedure, patients can easily switch to normal meals. Since the botox effect period is 6 months, during this period, the dietician periodically prepares special diet programs for the patients with the aim of changing the eating habits. 

Weight loss is easy with gastric botox. However, you should follow a strict diet under the control of a dietician. People who follow this pattern can lose up to 20 pounds. Patients who partially comply with this diet may also lose weight. However, weight loss will fall below the target figure. It is not possible for patients who have never been on a diet to lose weight. 

The purpose of gastric botox is to delay the emptying of the stomach and prolong the feeling of fullness. The person who feels full can eat fewer portions. In this sense, gastric botox does not directly lose weight, it is a method that helps to lose weight.

Exercise physiology screening and exercise program

All patients should consult a physiologist for body composition and metabolic fitness. The tests provide an accurate measurement of calories you burn during exercise by evaluating maximum aerobic capacity. Activities on a treadmill or bicycle are extremely helpful to support gastric botox.

You should also receive a personalized, comprehensive exercise program that you can safely follow under medical supervision at a fitness centre or at home. 

Behaviour modification 

One of the most important processes regarding successfully losing weight is detecting potentially unhealthy behaviours and learning how to change them. With the help of a counsellor in an individual session, you will identify factors of unhealthy behaviours. Then you can set goals for practising new, healthy behaviours and adopting a more positive lifestyle to help you lose weight.

Gastric botox prices

Many people every year visit Turkey for medical services. The reasons behind that you can find the affordable prices, the highly skilled doctors, and the distinctive medical services in Turkey.

Recently, bariatric procedures have become highly popular in Turkey. Gastric botox is one of these applications that help weight-loss. Gastric botox costs differ according to the quantity of botox you need, the doctor’s experience and the location of the centre.

Other Treatments for weight loss

Many obesity patients gain permanent weight for a specific reason. Unbalanced thyroid hormone is one of the factors that cause weight gain. The way to regulate metabolism by speeding up thyroid hormones is possible by certain drugs. If the solution to this factor is medicine, drug therapy is an option for obesity treatment.

Drugs that have no medical validity should be dangerous for your health. Therefore, you should consult a reliable health centre before using any kind of medication. 

Regional fattening can be possible when the person’s body mass index is rising above thirty. This local fat harm the appearance of the person. Since it is not possible to completely eliminate these fats with sports exercises and diets, aesthetic surgery methods can be a good option.

The main purpose of aesthetic surgery methods is to remove fat tissues that are resistant to dissolution by some special techniques. Nevertheless, cosmetic surgery cannot be used as the primary method in the treatment of obesity. It is mostly used as an adjunct therapy that facilitates the work of the person and improves his appearance. Consequently, it can be used after the procedure of gastric botox.

There is a connection between the volume of the stomach and the feeling of fullness. It is possible to increase the feeling of satiety with bariatric surgery operations. Moreover, you can change the absorption process and reduce appetite.

It is possible to mention the different types of bariatric surgery. The first group is surgical methods that prevent eating and reduce the number of nutrients. The second group aims to disrupt absorption with intervention intestines and stomach.


What is the expectation in gastric botox application?

Patients lose 10–15% of their total weight over a period of 3 to 6 months. The amount of weight loss may differ from person to person, depending on the metabolic rate and frequency of exercise.

Are there any side effects of gastric botox?

Botox is mainly used to reduce wrinkles on the skin, and its dangerous side effect is unknown. Since gastric botox application is a standard endoscopic procedure, there are no significant side effects reported in the literature. Nevertheless, the method is not suitable for those who have a muscle disease and are allergic to botox.

Who cannot have gastric botox?

Botox application is not applied to patients who have an allergic reaction to the substances. Apart from that, it is not correct to apply to individuals with eating disorders up to psychiatric size in the pre-procedure interview.

Is this application painful or painful?

Gastric botox procedure is performed under sedation. For this reason, there is no pain.

Where should I get the operation?

Patients should have gastric botox application in centres with sufficient clinical experience (dietician assistant doctor) and should be able to reach the entire team for 24 hours. Doctors apply different treatment protocols and different doses of botox in each patient. Therefore, patients should be treated in clinics with high success rates.

How long the effect of botulinum lasts?

Just like other types of botox, gastric botox effect lasts from 4 to 6 months. 8 Hours of fasting is required before the gastric botox procedure as all other endoscopic procedures. This eases the anaesthesia, prevents the risk of vomiting during the procedure and enables the endoscopist doctor to apply the injections precisely.