Face Lift. Known also by the technical name rhytidectomy, the facelift is a surgical procedure that rejuvenates the face. Through incisions in key places of the patient’s face, the surgeon is able to attenuate the effects of ageing. 

The procedure deals mainly with skin hanging loosely from the face, mostly around below the cheeks around the jawline. It also deals with hanging folds of skin that forms creases of varying depth around the nose and mouth. In addition to that, it’s possible for a separate surgical procedure known as neck lift to happen during the same operation. Those procedures deal specifically with the loose skin and hanging folds on around the neck area. 

The simultaneous performance of it during the face lift proper is seamless since they are very similar in nature. You can request it from your surgeon directly during your consultation. They will tell you if you actually need it and incorporate it within your face lift procedure.

Face Lift and Supporting Procedures

The face lift procedure indeed does help to make a face look younger. When combined with a neck lift procedure to cover further zones, it could be efficient. Yet, in order to optimally enhance all aspects of their faces, some patients incorporate even more procedures. 

Such procedures are, besides the already mentioned neck lift, a blepharoplasty to fix droopy eyelids. Liposuction to remove fat from the neck or face in case the skin stretched due to bodyweight issues. Some patients even request chin implants to sport a much sharper jawline look. 

Why Do Patients Undergo a Face Lift?

Patients choose to have a face lift due to ageing-reducing benefits that the surgery can provide to their facial appearance. It is no secret to one that the passage of time makes their faces look older. Since our visage is a presentation card of sorts to anyone to look upon it, we all want to have it look as desirable as possible. 

The loosening of the skin happens when it starts to lose its collagen. It is a naturally occurring protein in the body which is responsible for, among other things, skin elasticity. Collagen guaranteed the suppleness, tightness, and elasticity of our skin as long as the natural levels of it remain high. But the natural level of it can diminish due to several reasons. Events like injuries, having extreme psychological stress can cause this process to be instant. 

The natural ageing process, however, diminished it as well when past a certain age all the same. Thus, loss of collagen is the reason why our skin loosens, hangs, and wrinkle. 

For those purposes, there is currently an incalculable number of facial creams flooding the market at any time. The effect of those creams constantly applied during a skincare regime is good, but limited. And they do not do anything to reverse sagging skin either. They only make the rest of tight skin look better as long as it’s applied. 

The injection of synthetic collagen and extracted fats do also improve it somewhat. But only as long as they are constantly applied and are much more costly. The face lift procedure, on the other hand, does tighten the sagging skin in a single procedure. By having the surgeon change it through a series of incisions, they can easily tighten it by pulling from it.

Best Candidates for a Face Lift

Generally speaking, anyone who feels like that, for whatever reason, has had a harsh effect on the look of their face. Specifically speaking, there are a defined set of patients that fit the bill.

  • Ageing Patients – Patients who feel the passing of time did a number on their facial appearance, and it shows. Those who are not really older but, rather, subject to intense, continuous stress may age prematurely. They are also very good candidates to undergo a facelift.
  • Former Obese Patients – Patient which in the past had a high body mass index but loss most of it recently. If the loss of weight was dramatic in amount, the fat would likely leave pockets of loose skin around the body, including the facial area. Age is also a factor in the skin’s ability to regain a level of tightness naturally when losing much weight.
  • Media Professional Patients – People that need to look good for their job do require a face lift for more professional reasons than personal. The appearance of their face is their brand and source of income. And, due to the nature of the business, it’s not good for them to lose facial appeal.
  • Injured Patients – Severe physical trauma to the face can possibly leave lasting damage relating shown as skin loosening. Not only victims of accidents but also sportspeople whose sport involves the risks of receiving damages to the head. Boxers and fighters are a perfect example of this as the nature of their work might make them age prematurely.

To anyone fitting the bill of any of those categories mentioned, a face lift is a chance to reverse the lasting effects life had on your visage. Look better permanently through a face lift procedure.

Results Form a Face Lift

Patients that undergo a face lift can expect to have much tighter skin around the jowls area of the face. The procedure takes care of annoying hanging portions of the skin and creases made up of a fold of skin falling one over the other. Wrinkles and lines in the skin around soften greatly, especially around the areas most affected by loose skin. 

If the procedure happens to include a neck lift, the appearance of the chin gets noticeable sharper. A more defined chin can mean an exceptional change on the contour of the face making it more appealing. 

Overall, the procedure greatly attenuates the markings the passage of time left on the skin. The youthful look of the face will make the patient more confident when looking at the mirror.

Preparing for A Face Lift

Before anything, the aspiring patient has a thorough consultation date with the surgeon. It is in there where you will know, based on the professional opinion of the surgeon, if you qualify for a face lift. Remember to bring a copy of your medical history with you to the consultation. During it, always be honest when disclosing any medical conditions you had in the past or currently have.

Our doctors will have a detailed look at your face in order to examine it thoroughly. The examination might likely include touching the hanging folds of skin to assess their consistency. Meanwhile, they also palpate the lower half of your face to feel your bone structure. 

Our experts might also ask which is the specific reason you want to have a face lift. It’s important to answer honestly to that question. After that, they will tell you if you are, in fact, a viable candidate for a face lift. In case you are, the surgeon proceeds to discuss with you your expectations from the face lift. Lastly, the surgeon will inform you which would be the best type of face lift for you based on the examination.

Face Lift Procedures

Before starting the procedure, the patient undergoes local or general anaesthesia in order to not cause any pain. The general anaesthetic knocks the patient out unconscious while the local will numb the face only, and you remain awake. The type of anaesthetic also depended on which type of face lift you undergo.

Types of Face Lift

Regarding the procedure itself, there are, as stated, several types of face lift methods to perform it. These are:

  • Full face lift – The surgeon makes an incision above starting in the hairline, at the level just above the ear. The incision goes downwards, passing the front of the ear, below it, and then back until meeting the portion of the hairline posterior to the ear. This is the version of the procedure that can make the most changes to the appearance of the face.
  • Mini Face lift – It uses a shorter incision which goes down from the middle part of the ear and then to the back of it. Due to the shorter incision, the tightening possible with the mini facelift is limited. It is mostly reserved for tightening a light amount of loose tissue present on the jowls.

The Face Lift Procedure

Regardless of which version it is, the procedures are similar. From the incision, our surgeon lifts the skin gently. He proceeds to grab the underlying tissue and fat and pull them back from the muscle beneath, tightening them. 

How much it is going to be pulled totally depends on the level of sagging. After reaching the proper level of tightness, he excises the excess skin. Once he has done cutting it, the surgeon puts the layer of skin back covering the face properly and applies sutures. 

In some cases, with heavily sagging, the pulling back of the tissue might be not enough. When that’s the situation, the surgeon can pull the muscles below to tighten them as well. And, with the help from our surgical staples and suturing, they will stay tight in place.

Face Lift in Turkey

There has been unprecedented growth for the cosmetic surgery industry in Turkey in the last two decades. So much so that now every year, an ever-increasing number of patients from around the world come here. And they come looking for one thing specifically: high-quality cosmetic surgery with good prices. 

Since the cosmetic industry became so profitable that it is now one of the main engines of the economy, so much so that its value is now over the billion-dollar mark and only going further without slowing down. Due to such emphasis placed upon it, the sector now has an equally impressive investment place on it to match. 

National clinics go above and beyond to incorporate the top of the line equipment to provide service with. In this sense, our facilities have got all the latest gadgets, tools, and knows all of the newest trends in new surgical techniques. Because of this, the results of a face lift in Turkey have absolutely nothing to envy of those from an economically-developed country. 

Our staff goes above and beyond to maintain clean facilities that welcome you and treat you like royalty for your stay. During the consultation with our surgeons, they will walk you over the steps of the procedure. Taking as much time as needed for you to understand it and the kind of results you can expect from it. 

Speaking of expectations, during the discussion, feel free to chime in with your surgeon about exactly what you want. They’ll attentively listen to you and let you know what you can realistically expect from the operation. However, the main draw that brings people in for a face lift in Turkey is its price.

Face Lift Prices

A Face Lift in Turkey, and any kind of cosmetic procedure for that matter, have the benefit of being affordable. Very affordable, in fact. A face lift in Turkey goes up for almost a third of any EU country.

This represents a simply incredible opportunity for people that simply cannot afford to break the bank for it. The reason for this has nothing to do with an inferior quality of service in any way whatsoever. As previously stated, Turkey has nothing to envy to developed countries skill-wise or technologically-wise. Rather, the reason for Turkey being able to offer prices that low is due to some unique advantages its economy affords. Frankly, Turkey has overall lower salaries than a developed nation proper. 

As a consequence of that, the prices of services can go cheaper than it would on developed countries. Those are fantastic news for the average aspiring patient of a developed country that can’t afford it there. Most people lack the kind of discretionary income to just spend in a procedure such as this. 

Chose Our Facility to Find Most Budget-Friendly Prices

In case you want to have the best face lift operation in Turkey and want to learn more about the prices, we would be glad to address your inquiry. Since we offer tailor-made procedures for each customer, each of them receive an individual price. Nevertheless, let us know about your expectations and problems, and we will inform you about the prices for the best face lift operation in Turkey.

Face Lift FAQ 

Q: Is having a face lift very painful?

A: No, it is not. You will receive either local or general anaesthesia before the procedure. Therefore, you will not feel any pain.

Q: How expensive is a face lift?

A: Price varies depending mostly on your situation. Inquire directly with our clinic to know the specific rates for your case.

Q: Will I be able to emote after a face lift?

A: Absolutely. Facial expressions are not hindered because of a facelift procedure. After the procedure, you will be able to frown and smile as wide as you did before it.