Ear Surgery. The main function of our ears is hearing, but since they are located on our faces, their shape and size are important too. In other words, our ears play a big role in terms of how we look. Anyone who has deformities in their ears might feel unconfident. 

Ear deformities may be the source of lack of self-confidence in both children and adults. Our doctors can correct this defect which is present at birth in the ear structure or becomes evident with development.

Ears may be in different shapes and sizes, and sometimes they may appear in an unusual way. Since they have a big effect on our appearance, the deformation of ears can make anyone uncomfortable. Thanks to ear surgery operations, it is very easy to reshape the ears and get the look we desire.

Popular Types of Ear Deformation

The most common external deformation is called scoop ear. It appears to be large, as they are very prominent to the front. However, their size is generally normal. Most of our ear development is completed until the age of six. In other words, we have ears close to adult ear sizes at the age of six. For this reason, it is normal for the ears to appear larger in young children with scoop ears that need ear aesthetics.

Sometimes the angle that the ear makes with the head looks wider than it should be, and this causes the ear deformity. This also makes the ear open outward, which looks more obvious when viewed from behind. Thus, the ear looks flat and creates an unpleasant look.

Many deformities can be removed with an ear aesthetic surgery. These may be the entire ear or partial absence of the ear, extra cartilage protrusions around the ear, pointed ears, or partial or complete loss of the ear as a result of an accident. 

While some deformities may affect only one ear, sometimes it may happen symmetrically in both ears. Thankfully, our doctors can reshape all kinds of ear deformities and give a satisfying natural look.

How is Ear Surgery Performed?

Ear surgeries are so safe and easy that even paediatric patients can have this surgery without any complications. Our doctors operate paediatric patients under general anaesthesia. 

First of all, it is important to inform your doctor with detailed and correct answers, as in any surgical or non-surgical procedure. Our doctor will share your general health status and necessary examination results with you in detail during the examination, what you should pay attention to before surgery, whether you are eligible for surgery, and the predictions of post-operative results. 

The Consultation

After you decide on going under the ear surgery, you will meet with your doctor in your consultation to talk about the operation, your aesthetic goals and how the procedure will proceed. In this examination, the solution of problems with your ears, the way of recovery after the procedure. It is really important that you inform your doctor about everything he needs to know in detail. The success of an aesthetical surgery is determined by the communication between the doctor and the patient. As long as you are open and clear about your desires, it will be easier for your doctor to plan the surgery.

After the consultation, you will decide on the date with your doctor. If you are an adult, general anaesthesia will not be mandatory for you. The doctors may perform ear surgery under local anaesthesia using sedative drugs when it comes to adults. However, if you are very worried or excited, you can talk to your doctor and ask for general anaesthesia.

The Procedure

Ear operations usually begin with the removal of the spindle-shaped skin behind the ear. The doctor marks the parts to be sewn to form folds. Then, it narrows the angle between the ear and head with tiny stitches. Then he shapes the ear valance by the stitches placed in the previously planned areas.

In some ear structures, the earlobe does not rotate while it is expected to turn backwards, or even more prominently forward after the auricle is folded. In such cases, your doctor removes the tissue from the back of the earlobe with a special technique, so that the earlobe is folded back. Lastly, he repairs the back of the ear with aesthetic stitches and completes the ear surgery.

This operation takes about one or two hours, is very simple and safe. Ear surgeries are usually outpatient procedures which means you can go home right after the operation. However, if you decide to get general anaesthesia, your doctor may require you to stay a few hours for observation. You will not feel any pain during or after the surgery, and the healing process will be very short. You also will be able to see the results right after the surgery.

After The Operation

You can go back to your normal life the next day after the operation since there will be no aches. Your doctor may put a small bandage under the headband after the surgery, but you will not have to wear it for a long time. Your doctor can take off the bandage usually the next day.

You do not have to go back to get your stitches removed since they will be aesthetic stitches and they will disappear over time. Generally, the first check is after the fourth day and the fifteenth. However, this may change regarding your individual case.

You can take a bath with warm water on the third day of ear surgery. After a day’s rest, people who do not have heavy work can start work using the headband. It is healthier for those with heavier work to rest for 3 days.

Always Follow Our Doctors’ Instructions

There will also be a few instructions that your doctor provides. You must follow all of them strictly to get the best results. If your doctor puts a bandage around your head, you need to keep it clean and dry to avoid complications. Furthermore, you may need to wear the bandage while sleeping to protect your ears from any damage. If you feel in doubt or feel anything strange, you need to contact your doctor right away.

Is Ear Surgery Safe?

Ear aesthetics are ear shaping operations that doctors perform to change the shape, position or size of the ears, and they are performed behind the ear. This way, they do not leave any visible scars. They usually include making a small incision at the back of your ear, removing small pieces of cartilage if it is necessary and putting tiny stitches at the back of your ear to reposition. All of these steps are completely one hundred per cent painless.

The biggest advantage of the surgery is that there is no possibility of recurrence of the prominent ear deformity. Thus, this operation will increase your self-confidence, affect your family and social relationships positively.

As we have already mentioned, ear surgeries are completely painless and safe operations that take quite a short time. Of course, as in all surgeries, a specialist and an experienced doctor should perform this operation in a suitable facility. 

Once these conditions are met, you can safely get your new look without any hesitations. If you have any further questions about the safety of the ear surgery operations, please contact us.

Ear Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular touristic destinations. Numerous beaches, historical sites and with its traditional hospitality, a lot of people prefer to travel to Turkey every year. In addition to all this beauty, this country is also considered as medical tourism heaven. Thanks to its well-trained specialist doctors, full-fledged facilities and the technologies they use, it serves millions of medical tourists annually, and this number grows day by day.

As a result, Turkey offers affordable and qualified services when it comes to medical surgeries. Nowadays, it is a billion-dollar industry in the country and keeps growing. It produces its own medical equipment, so the doctors are able to use the latest technology. Besides, medical technology also develops every day in Turkey to cover the demands. Turkey is one of the best destinations to go under operations without a shadow of a doubt.

Be Our Guests to Have First-Class Treatment in Turkey

In order to get the best aesthetic operations in Turkey, we would like to invite you to our facilities. At Estpoint, we offer high-quality surgeries, operations, and treatments with solution-focused consultations. Since we consider our patients as our guests, we will always provide the operation you chose with top-notch conditions. For detailed information regarding our services and offerings, don’t forget to get in touch with us.

Ear Surgery Costs

There are various different ear aesthetics operations that doctors perform depending on the problem. The cost of an ear surgery may vary due to the operation that you need to go under. However, since this process is really easy and takes only a few hours, we can definitely say that they are quite affordable

It is also worth reminding that no matter how easy the operation is, you still need to go under a medical procedure with an experienced team and an expert doctor. Thus, you will get the look you have always desired without any complications. There will be nothing to worry about.

Our facility and experienced doctors offer budget-friendly, perfectly safe and painless operations. If you have any further questions about ear surgery, you can contact us anytime.


When can I take a shower after ear surgery?

Your doctor will probably remove the bandages on the third day of the operation. It will be possible for you to take a warm shower after the third day.

Will ear surgery affect my hearing?

Absolutely no. Since the doctor will operate only the outer part of the ear, there is no chance of affecting your sense of hearing.

How long is ear surgery?

Ear surgeries take quite a short time and are about one to three hours.

Do I need to stay in the hospital?

No. You will be able to go to your home right after the surgery. In some cases, your doctor may ask you to stay a few hours just for observation purposes.  

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for ear surgery?

If you are physically healthy and know what you really expect from ear surgery, you are suitable for it. If you have any other underlying conditions, you can always contact us for questions.  

Is ear surgery expensive?

No. Ear surgeries are really affordable, especially in Turkey. However, for a detailed price for your own situation, you should get in touch with us and consult our experts.