Dental aesthetics is a type of cosmetic operation that concerns the general quality and the form of the lips, the gums, and the teeth of a person. Those operations don’t have to be surgical always and include a couple of different methods for different needs of a patient. Any person who wants to have a more beautiful smile should consider getting dental aesthetics operations. 

We will consider some of these operations and methods below, but first, let’s talk about why one needs to apply for dental aesthetics and what are the most common causes of it. Namely, they are: 

  • Deformation in the shape and size of teeth
  • Undesirable teeth colour
  • Black triangles
  • Non-uniform teeth positioning
  • Malformed teeth 
  • and any other undesirable situation that would disturb the person concerning their smile. 

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, our expert doctors can fix such issues with great ease, and there is nothing for the patient to be afraid of. Furthermore, over the last few years, again with the advances in technology, common accessibility, and due to the lower costs, dental aesthetics are more common than the past. So, if you have any questions concerning your teeth or your dental constitution in general, please feel free to reconsider getting dental aesthetics operations that suit your needs. 

The Flexibility of Materials

There are a number of options for the materials used in the operations. This means if you would have any problem with the usage of one kind of material, you can always have an alternative to prefer. This is one of the most reassuring options in any kind of medical operation. 

Find the Most Suitable Option For You

Similar to dental aesthetics, you may surely find the most suitable option for you. You may also optimize the number of sessions of treatment that you would get according to both your needs and the requirements of the operation in case. These conveniences may also make you think twice about getting dental aesthetics operations. 

Now, let’s go further into the details of some of the most common operations and issues in dental aesthetics, namely:

  • Teeth Whitening 
  • Zirconium Crowns 
  • Porcelain and Lamina 
  • Hollywood Smile 
  • and Implant Treatment 

We are glad to provide you with these treatments at our facility. For more information about the details of these procedures, you can keep reading our guide.

Teeth Whitening 

The first impression of a person on the other is always mostly about their teeth. Immediately after looking at your face, the person before you looks at your teeth once you begin to talk. Thus, having a beautiful smile, and for that, having clean white teeth is the most important thing for any person. 

It boosts one’s self-confidence and unexceptionally has a good effect on the person you are talking with. So, if your teeth are not that white, there is no need to worry about it. With the most convenient ways that doctors use to correct teeth colour, teeth whitening is now a very easy process that might help you with your dissatisfaction.  

One of the major causes of coloured teeth is the excess use of antibiotics during the development phase as a child. If it is not a medical condition like this, the problems in the teeth colour are often caused by some of the substances that we consume. For example, cigarette, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages are one of the most effective substances that cause yellow teeth. Another major cause for yellow teeth is the ageing. Once you become older, it is mostly unavoidable to have yellow or tainted teeth. 

If you suffer from this problem even if you avoid harmful substances and brush your teeth regularly, it is more than normal to apply for teeth whitening operations.  


The mostly used procedure is the professional bleaching in which the dentist or dental aesthetics team applies a whitening product to your teeth. Once you apply to your dentist, they inform you about whether the process or products are suitable for you. Please make sure that you give all the background information about your dental health to avoid any unwanted side effects. Since our doctors will create a roadmap regarding your individual case, it is essential to provide every detail they ask.

As soon as the dentist makes the initial controls, then they make a shield or use an extra gel to protect your gums from the whitening product. If they prefer to use a shield, the production of it will take one or two weeks after they take the impression of your gums. After this and the initial cleaning of your teeth, the dentist applies the whitening product to your teeth.  

Continuation of your treatment might be applied in-home or in the clinic according to your needs or preferences. If you do continue your treatment in your home, then you need to apply the product to your teeth regularly for 30 minutes to one hour depending on your conditions.  

Another method which recently became popular is the laser whitening technique, in which, again a whitening product is applied to your teeth, but then the dentist uses a laser to activate the whitening agent in the product. Which method you will use would depend on your needs and preferences and budget. 

After a well-applied whitening process, if you keep your teeth healthy, brush it regularly, and keep away from harmful substances, it will keep its whiteness for over three or four years. 

Zirconium Crowns 

Zirconium is a white alloy that most dentists and patients prefer in recent years rather than the old grey metal crowns, bridgework, and other dental aesthetics operations. It is also commonly used in dental crowns, which is a piece of product that covers the tooth or a dental implant that is either broken, weak, or deformed. Dentists may also recommend the patient to apply dental crowns if the patient is suffering from severe discolour problem in their teeth. 

Although the most used material for crowns was metal until recently, Zirconium is now taking the place of a metal crown. There are, of course, some very plausible causes for this. Zirconium has a number of advantages when you compare it with metal crowns. Now let’s take a look at these advantages in detail, which are

  • solidity 
  • durability 
  • biocompatibility
  • pleasant looking
  • and very quick applying process

To get more information about Zirconium Crown operations, you can get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to help you.

Advantages of Zirconium Crown

First of all, Zirconium is as solid and strong just as regular metal crowns. When you imagine how much strength you need to chew on a piece of food, you may get how strong your crown actually needs to be. This is why you may certainly prefer Zirconium when you want to get dental crowns. Not only that but also the fact that it is so strong, it is not a must for your dentist to operate on your tooth initially in the preparation phase. 

Secondly, Zirconium crowns may last for over 5 years without any significant problem or deterioration. Being such a durable material makes it very preferable since no one wants to renew their dental crowns annually.  

Third, and may be the most fitting advantage of Zirconium in terms of health is its high level of biocompatibility. Usually, doctors use metals not in dental operations, but for almost any kind of medical implantation or operation.  

Although they are commonly used, metals don’t always match with the body and organic tissue well. This is not different when it comes to dental crowns. However, unlike metal crowns, Zirconium crowns are less likely to create a reaction or immunological problem in your mouth that would make you suffer from unpleasant pain consequently.  

Last two advantages are not less important than the first three. Since Zirconium is a white powder, unlike the metallic grey, it has a very compatible and harmonious look on your teeth.  

There is nothing more beautiful than an untainted, snow-white smile, and Zirconium gives you that. Lastly, most dentists now have the required equipment to produce and apply Zirconium crowns on the same day. Zirconium crowns don’t need procedures like taking the impression and waiting for the relevant lab to produce it etc. Our clinic has the right equipment and can solve all your problems right away with Zirconium crowns. 

Porcelain and Lamina 

Porcelain Laminae is a technique in which a piece with a thickness of a fingernail is applied on the front face of your incisors. It has almost the perfect colour and texture harmony with your teeth. 

Unlike conventional porcelain crown technique, this doesn’t require a lot of preparation on your healthy tooth, and thus it almost remains intact. The only thing your dentist will do is to take a very thin layer from your incisor and to apply the lamina on your teeth with special bondings.  

You may apply for porcelain laminae if you suffer from the following conditions: 

  • diastema, which is the case where you have a gap between your two teeth,
  • any broken front teeth, which also known as snaggletooth,
  • excessive discolour problems where conventional whitening techniques are not effective, 
  • and the extreme cases in which all teeth in the mouth have to be plated from scratch due to very severe dental problems.  

Almost anyone who suffers from the conditions listed above can have porcelain and lamina treatment. However, people with deformed jawbones and people with severe gingiva deterioration can’t have this treatment. In any case, you should consult your dentist. 


The first phase of this process is the preparation of your teeth. Your dentist cleans any residual on your teeth and then measures the size of them to make the copy. Then they make the plate from porcelain and lastly apply for this plate on your teeth by bonding with resin. 


The main advantage of Porcelain laminae is its longevity. With good dental attention and care, you can use your laminae for over the years without any problem. This is because they contain porcelain which has higher standards of bonding and strength than other adhesive systems. Nevertheless, it needs good care, and you should keep away from nail-biting or consuming hard-shelled food.  

Another advantage is that it is perfectly compatible with the colour and the texture of your teeth. So, you have no reason to hide your beautiful smile. 

Porcelain laminae is also very resistant to cracking or scratches. It is almost impossible to get the plate off from your teeth without shattering it. Unlike other conventional materials, you can use porcelain laminae with peace at mind.  

The preparation and production phase of the operation takes only three or four days. Yet, it might take up to 3 weeks to complete the adaptation to plates. In this process, different exercises for your lips or some reading exercises might be helpful for the adaptation. And in the end, you have your completely natural feeling teeth.  

And lastly, the porcelain surface minimizes the risk of tartar and colouring. Thus, you don’t need to think about any colouring by smoking, coffee or tea consumption in the future.  

Only two points that you may want to take into consideration is that porcelain laminae treatment has a higher cost than other conventional techniques due to its higher medical standards; and that it needs detailed work, so you would need an experienced dentist. However, we offer budget-friendly solutions to our visitors, and therefore, you can get in touch with us to get a detailed price package regarding your interest. 

Hollywood Smile

As we already said, the smile is one of the most important things for a person since it contributes to a person’s immediate disguise. A person with a beautiful smile with snow-white teeth is the very indication of self-esteem and makes the person in front of them feel very positive about them.  

As a new trend, the Hollywood Smile application is a series of process that enhances your smile in the way you desire. When we say smile, it includes the shape, colour, and size of your lips, any problems concerning your teeth, and the general dental posture of your mouth that affect your smile. By applying any required operations, your smile, and thus your face become very good looking easily.  

The Process

As the main step of this process, you should decide which type of lamina you want to get. Since the patients most frequently ask the question of whether they would get bored with this new look or not, the decision is very important. This is because, as we also explained above, the porcelain laminae is very hard to remove once it bonds with your teeth and so if you are not sure whether you will like your new smile or not, you may not want to choose porcelain laminae.  

In this case, you can choose to have composite laminae instead of porcelain ones. Unlike porcelain laminae, they can easily be removed after the application. The disadvantage of composite laminae, however, is that it might go under colour change eventually. At this point, the decision is yours to make.  

So, once you decide to move on, how does this process goes on: 

  • First of all, your teeth and jaw bone structure is determined by the dentist after they take photographs of you. 
  • Using these photographs and measurements, they make a model of the product. By the ease of computer technologies like CAD (computer-aided drawing), your dentist will make a design of your new smile according to the ideal size and shape for your conditions.
  • In the next step, these models, along with the photographs of the patient, are sent to the technician. Then they make the prototype of the teeth by using plaster models. 
  • And at last, these prototypes help the patient to have an idea about their new look and new smile in the end.

All of this process takes up to only 10 days, which is a very short time period if you keep in mind that you 

Hollywood Smile treatment includes not only operations on your teeth, but also may include some minor cosmetic surgery operations on your lips or jawbone. These possibilities change according to your needs and conditions.  

And in the end, you throw your best smile to the world! 

Implant Treatment 

Dental implants aim to recover the one or more missing teeth in the mouth. For the implant to be as strong as a tooth root, it is placed in the jawbone. Usually, these artificial tooth roots are made of titanium or titanium composite.  

Titanium is preferred because it does not interact with body tissue, and it is a strong material which can tolerate high forces. The main aim of the implant treatment is to make teeth which can be used mind at peace. 

Implants tend to last as long as you care for them. It means that the post-treatment process is as much as important as the treatment process. The most important factors that determine the permanency of the implant is caring and regularly attending to the appointments.  

If the patient does not provide the necessary caring for the implant tooth, it can turn back to the old coating. In this case, you must follow our doctor’s advice and instructions on how to take care of your teeth properly. 

One of the advantages of dental implant treatment is that it can be applied to any amount of failing tooth you like. It means that you can have only one tooth implanted or you can have your whole teeth implanted. Depending on the conditions in your jaw, you can get a dental implant as much as you want. There are other advantages, too. For example, it is enough to cut down only one side of the tooth if you want to replace only one tooth. In bridge treatment, dentists have to cut down each side of the tooth. 

Many people believe that implanting a tooth causes the same amount of pain with taking a tooth out. Since we administer local anaesthetic to the tooth, patients do not feel any pain at all. If the patient is too nervous about the pain, the dentist may give some sedative to the patient in order to easily complete the operation. General anaesthetics are rarely used in this case.will have your most beautiful smile in the end. 

The Aftercare

As mentioned before, aftercare is an important process. Regular dental cleaning should not be hindered after the treatment. In addition to that, the patient should stick to the regular dentist appointment schedule. It is an important fact for the dentist to see the progress or regression if there is any. Also, the patient may take medicines like painkillers after the implant treatment if the dentist decides so. 

If you want to get dental implant treatment, you can talk to your dentist for an appointment. If your dentist does not offer an implant treatment, they can always guide you to a reliable implantologist. Just make sure that the operator is an experienced implantologist who you can rely on.


In a nutshell, dental aesthetics are totally healthy and useful procedures if you want to improve the way you look in a certain way. Furthermore, they all are completely painless and they don’t cause anything that can affect your life. As long as you follow our experts’ instructions during the recovery process and afterwards, it is a piece of cake to achieve your desired look. 

Our doctors are experienced specialists in dental aesthetics so that we can provide you with the best quality services. Moreover, with our affordable prices, we can help you with everything you need before, during, and after the operation. You can contact us for more details about our prices. 

Lastly, please bear in mind that every operation is an individual process. Therefore, everything we mentioned during this article depends on the patients’ situation, expectation, and health conditions. As a result of that, if you want to learn a detailed description of your process, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. In the end, we are here to put a big smile on your face. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does teeth whitening damage the teeth?

No, it doesn’t damage your teeth.  

How long does teeth whitening last?

It is up to the patients’ aftercare. If you follow our doctors’ brief and instructions properly, it can last for many years. 

Does teeth whitening result in any teeth sensitivity?

No, teeth whitening has no such permanent side-effect. 

How long should we leave between the teeth whitening sessions?

The most applicable way is to leave at least a year between two teeth whitening sessions. However, our doctors will give you more details regarding your individual case.

After a dental implant, do the new teeth look natural?

Yes. Our implantologists always take care of making the prosthesis look exactly like a natural tooth.

What should patients do after dental implant treatment?

It is very important that patients pay attention to aftercare. They should have even more meticulous oral hygiene habits, use the right brush and if applicable, use special mouthwash products.