If you happen to have very large breast which causes you discomfort in your day to day activities then a breast reduction is what you need. Believe it or not, there are some women out there that are completely sick and tired of their large breasts. Shocking, right? The usual narrative tells us that women mainly desire larger breast. The standards of beauty in most cultures see larger breast as a sign of abundant fertility.

People are drawn to them and, thus, they are seen as a big (no pun intended) asset for women’s attractiveness. But, in reality, very large breasts then to be rather impractical for many women around the world. Imagine having to rather very, very large sacks of skin hanging from your chest when trying to jog, for example.

At every single step of your run, you will have your breasts uncomfortably bounce around up and down. If they are large enough you might even come face to face with them as they hit you there. This does not apply simple to when jogging. This happens to large breasted women during the performing of most basic physical activities. It is a rather discomforting and annoying thing to a significant number of them. So much so that they would prefer to go through a breast reduction surgery despite the inherent attractiveness of a larger bust.

The breast reduction surgery excises excessive tissue and saggy skin from your breasts. After cutting out all that excess of skin, a new, smaller breast is formed from the remaining skin still attached to you. The procedure leaves out a pair of breasts that of a much more manageable size compared to the former.  The procedure helps reduce one or two full bra sizes and takes a weight off your chest.

Who Undergoes A Breast Reduction Surgery?

The general profile of a breast reduction patient is, of course, a woman that has large breasts that cause her discomfort. Said large pair of breasts might have been the natural result of their own puberty process. They might have also been the result of having a rather high body mass index with fat accumulating on the breast area. For both cases, having that large set of breasts impedes them of performing daily activities. Having large breast which limits their mobility or downright impedes them from being active also affects them psychologically. Besides the many unwanted looks and attention, they draw. The reduced mobility they cause to their owner ends up making them feel close to useless. To say nothing of how it distorts their self-image related to own general attractiveness and sex appeal.

They feel like a weight they would rather someone lifts from their chests and that’s exactly what the breast reduction does. 

Situations A Breast Reduction Can Fix

Women that want to undergo a breast reduction surgery also fit the following specific profiles:

  • Women which large breasts prevents them from exercising doing any exercising comfortably by getting in the way. 
  • Women which very large breast leave them with a very limited choice on wardrobe.
  • Women that developed very large breast due to having a rather large body mass index.
  • Women that underwent childbirth and which breasts ended up notably saggier after it.
  • Women that experience a chronic neck and back pain resulting from the heavyweight their breast represent. The problem might be so severe that it might leave to them adopting a hunch over posture permanently.
  • Women that develop recurrent redness and rash skin beneath their breast due to chaffing. As the hanging breasts moves and swings, the rubbing with the skin beneath causes the rash. The rash can get particularly nasty if their much sweat involves even leading to infection.
  • Women which heavy set of breasts causes them to have skin indentation on their shoulder due to their bra straps. The problem might lead to rashes on the area and even to cut on it by the straps.

If you happen to be a woman which suffer from any of these ailments due to the large size of your breast, there’s hope. The breast reduction surgery will reduce the measure of your cumbersome breast to a more manageable size. After recovery, you will find newfound confidence in your looks and increasing nimbleness to move around. 

Preparing for A Breast Reduction Surgery

For the initial consultation for you breast reduction surgery please take with you a copy of your medical history. Also, disclose to the doctor any medication you are currently on you might need to stop taking some of them for the surgery. You and the doctor will go over your particular breast situation and your expectation for the surgery. The doctor will then take a look at your breast, which includes feeling their size, firmness, and texture. Lastly, the doctor might require you undergo a mammogram to discard any undetected anomalies in the breasts. 

Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery proceeds under general anaesthesia so you won’t feel any discomfort nor pain during it. To start the surgery, the surgeon makes one of three different types of incision in your breasts.

Circular Incision – Consists of a circular pattern incision around the areola, the dark circle around the nipple. This suits better when excising moderate amounts of the tissue from the breasts.

Keyhole Incision – Is a circular pattern that goes around the areola and then down to the breast crease in a vertical pattern. The resulting incision looks like a keyhole, hence the name, and is better suited to excise more skin than the circular one.

Anchor Incision – Starts with a circular incision around the areola. Then another going down from the areola incision towards the underside of the breast. And then a final one going across the breast crease. All the incisions as a whole look like a proper anchor and it is the type of incision that allows extracting most skin.

Regardless of the type of incision, the surgery moves forward in a similar fashion. From the incision, the surgeon removes the excess of tissue and saggy skin. Once all the required tissue is out, they suture the remaining tissue together to shape your new, smaller set of breasts. On some cases, the surgery requires the relocating of the nipple further upon the breast. This is mostly for excessively saggy breast and will not damage the nipple or alter its appearance in any way.

Breast Reduction Surgery Through Liposuction

In some cases, the large breasts are solely due to excess of fat on the breast area. For these cases, liposuction can do the trick. A simple incision underneath the breast serves as an entry point for a cannula tube that sucks the fat out. The surgery is rather simple but the results are limited as well. Breast reduction through liposuction mostly reduces up to one bra size at most and might require an additional breast lift later on.

Breast Reduction FAQ

Q: Do you lose sensation on the breast when undergoing a breast reduction?

A: No, the breasts just feel numb during recovery. If the nipple required relocation, then you might lose some sensation there but it comes back after some months.

Q: Can you have a breast reduction after pregnancy?

A: Yes, it is common to need a breast reduction after a pregnancy leaves saggy breasts to the mother

Q: I want to have a breast reduction now and get pregnant later on, can I do so?

A: A pregnancy might alter the results of the breast reduction. If your breast enlarges excessively and remains so after, you might need another breast reduction.