A breast lift is a surgical procedure meant to ‘lift’ droopy breast back into their proper place. Through a straightforward surgical procedure, women that are tired of their droopy breast can have them back where they belong.

Why Is A Breast Lift Done?

There are several reasons for breasts to lose their natural elasticity and sag. These range from circumstantial regarding a person’s habits to biological and completely natural. The most common reasons are:

Childbirth – During pregnancy the breast become bigger and fuller due to the milk glands filling in preparation for breastfeeding. After some months, the breast size could or could not return to the level they had before. This happens specifically due to the ligaments that help keep your breast in place stretching out. Also, it can happen regardless if you actually breastfeed or not your baby. When the breasts are unable to return to their original shape, they become saggier and look deflated. 

Weight Loss – A sudden change in the weight of a woman can also affect their breast’s elasticity beside other parts of the body. The breast might grow notably when gaining weight. And are also likely to deflate and sag considerably when losing a great amount of weight. For the latter case, it leaves them very stretched out and hanging lose which can look very unappalling

Age – You can also lose elastic on your breast by simply living long enough! Breast sag as you get older and is inevitable. As a matter of fact, it is not only breasts but also the skin all over your body from your face to your tights. This is due to a loss of collagen in the skin, a protein that gives the skin its natural elasticity. Collagen is abundant during youth and steadily decreases as you get older. Some people subjected to severe stress might age prematurely and, thus, loss collage earlier than supposed.

Regardless of the reason you ended up with saggy breast, a breast lift procedure can help you put them back into their proper place.

Who Undergoes A Breast Lift?

There are several profiles for women that fit the bill of a perfect candidate for breast lift, these are:

Women Which Nipples Point Downwards 

One sure way to know if you already got droopy breast is to have a look at where your nipple points to. Does the nipple point down rather than forward as it naturally does? If that’s the case then you breast are droopy which a breast lift surgery can correct. Saggy, stretched breast skin weights it down and causes it to become droopy. The nipple drops accordingly with the rest of the skin. The breast list will reposition the entire breast and have your nipple looking forwards once again at it should be.

Women Whom Nipples Reach Past the Crease of Their Breasts 

A case of a more severely droopy breast is when the nipple reaches past the crease it naturally forms. As stated previously, nipples should always point forward. They pointing down indicates droopy breast. But they can also point relatively forward while falling way part the breast’s crease. They may or may not point downwards as well. But just they reaching past that crease means they are severely droopy which a breast lift can help you correct.

Women That Have Very Uneven Breasts

Breasts are really an exact match with one another. There is always one breast that is slightly larger than the other. This is not a big deal because it is barely noticeable. Even rarer is the fact that some women have naturally very uneven breast. Not only a slight difference but, rather, one breast that is severely lower in relation to the other. These very rare cases are a source of much embarrassment and discomfort for the women who suffer it. A breast lift surgery can correct one or both breasts at the same time and put them at a more even level.

Women That Simply Are Unhappy with The Position of Their Breasts Sometimes a woman simply might not be happy at all about how aesthetically positioned her breasts are. It is simply a matter of cosmetic tastes and it could or could not involve any droopiness on the breast whatsoever. Correcting even small level differences between the breasts is something that breast can also do of course. 

What a Breast Lift Does Not Do

There are several things a breast lift procedure will not do for you. Due to the abundance of breast-related procedures around, some tend to mix them up or assume they do all the same. It is very important that you as a patient are completely cleared an informed of what the breast can and cannot do. This is for you to keep your expectations in check and save yourself a disappointment later. Here is a couple of things a breast lift surgery will not help you accomplish.

A Breast Lift Will Not Make Them Bigger

Quite the contrary actually, your breast might lose some size thanks to a breast lift surgery. The breast lift surgery consists of getting rid of the excess skin and pull the breast up in a higher position. In no moment during the breast lift proper will you receiver a fat transfer or an implant to make them bigger. The breast augmentation surgery, on the other hand, is a separate procedure that does just that. The breast lift surgery simply lifts the breast back into a place they formerly were during younger days. That’s it. There is no increase in size involved. If anything, they might become slightly or modestly thinner depending on the amount of skin excised. But altering their volume is not the goal of the breast lift surgery.

You can, however, undergo both procedures at once. A breast lift happening concurrently with a breast augmentation is very common. In fact, some cases even require they proceed together in order to augment a very droopy breast.

A Breast Lift Will Not Make Them Much Smaller Either

The actual exciting of the skin during a breast lift is moderate. It will be limited enough to allow the surgeon to pull and fix your breast into a higher position. The amount of tissue excised for this is very little in comparison with breast reduction surgery. Thus, if you are looking to reduce the size of your breast due to having large ones that are rather discomforting, that’s the surgery you should look for.

The breast lift is a separate procedure that only involves cutting just enough to ‘lift’ you breast into place. That said, all breast lift procedures involve a breast lift procedure. The putting together of the smaller breast during breast reduction surgery necessarily requires a breast lift. Thus, you can have a breast lift without a breast reduction but you cannot have breast reduction without a breast lift.

Breast Lift Surgery

Before even making the first cut into the breast to start the procedure, you will go under. Breast lift surgery requires general anaesthesia to sedate the patient. That way you will not feel any kind of pain or discomfort no matter how little.

For the surgery, the surgeon chooses one of the four different incision type available to operate on breasts.

Types Of Breast Lift Incision

Crescent Incision – It requires a single bordering the top half of the areola which is the darker part of the skin around the nipple. It serves only to correct the cases that require very little amount of tissue excised.

Doughnut Incision – Known also by the technical name peri-areolar incision. It consists of a single incision around the areola. This type of incision works better if the patient needs to excise only a moderate amount of tissue.

Lollipop Incision – Involves two different incisions. The very first one is a circular incision around the edge of the areola. The second incision goes down vertically from the circle made by the first one towards the lower part of the breast. The overall shape of left by both incisions heavily resembles a lollipop. This incision allows for the removal of a considerable amount of tissue from the breast. Only the anchor type incision can extract more tissue.

Anchor type incision – Also known as inverted ‘T’ which itself looks a lot like an anchor. This type of incision requires three different incisions made around the breast. The first incision is a circular incision made around the areola. The second one goes from the circle made by the first incision and downwards toward the lower part of the breast. And the third and final one cuts across the inframammary fold which rests beneath the breast crease. This allows to practically have the breast open wide open and, thus, remove the most tissue out of all the types of incisions.

Breast Lift Procedure

Regardless of the type of incision employed, the surgery proceeds the same. From the incision made, the surgeon proceeds to gently lift the skin to access the tissue beneath it. They choose which section of tissue to excise and proceed to cut. Once cut all excess of tissue, the surgeon ‘pulls’ the breast into their new, higher place. Sutures will keep the pulled tissue in place. The surgeon will also reposition the areola accordingly so it points forwards once again. In some cases, patients have an enlarged areola because of their very enlarged breasts. When that happens, they cut the excess of skin from the areola before repositioning the nipple. The incision receives suture in order to put the new breast back together and the surgery concludes.

Breast Lift FAQ

Q: Can I breastfeed after a breast lifting?

A: Yes. A breast lifting does not affect your ability to breastfeed.

Q: What happens if I get pregnant after having undergone a breast lift?

A: This is not advised. Since pregnancy will inevitably alter the shape of the breast it might undo the breast lift you already had. Thus, you might end up having to repeat the procedure.

Q: Can I undergo breast augmentation at the same time I’m having a breast lift?

A: Yes, both procedures can happen simultaneously and its extremely common for women to have them at the same time.

Q: What about breast reduction? Can I have both a breast reduction and a breast lifting done together?

A: The breast reduction procedure always involves a breast lift to put together the new smaller breast. If you undergo a breast reduction, you are also undergoing a breast lifting.