Botox, Wrinkles that occur due to aging can be quite uncomfortable for some people. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to look wrinkly and old. There are tons of different skin products with anti-aging or anti-wrinkle features. However, most of these products do not much except moisturizing your skin. The wrinkles remain the same no matter how long you use these products. 

On the other hand, botox can offer you a permanent and highly efficient way to get rid of your wrinkles. As a matter of fact, the botox is so effective that it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Moreover, it is not a surgical operation. What the doctors do in a botox is injecting a toxin called botulinum under the patient’s muscles under wrinkly areas. 

The botulinum exists in the nature. A bacterium called Clostridium botulinum produces this toxin. When the scientists processed the botulinum toxin, they have found that it has many medical and cosmetic uses. Botox contains extremely small amounts of this neurotoxin. When the doctors inject botox in the desired areas, it can eliminate the wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles underneath

Advantages of Botox

The wrinkles on our face usually appear when we move our facial muscles. Reducing the activity of these muscles means that the wrinkles will be greatly reduced. That is how the Botox eliminates the wrinkles, by paralyzing the muscles on your face. The FDA has approved Botox as a treatment against the wrinkles. Moreover, it is obviously the most efficient way of getting rid of the wrinkles. 

The effects of Botox do not take much time for becoming very apparent. Some anti-wrinkle products on the market need continuous usage for months until you see the slightest changes. On the other hand, you will start seeing the results of the Botox a couple of days after the procedure.

Botox Cost

Some people think that Botox injections are very expensive just because most of the celebrities have them. Quite the contrary, Botox injections is a very affordable way to fight the wrinkles. A small bottle of an anti-wrinkle product may seem more affordable than a Botox injection at first. However, thinking about how many bottles of that you will need, it may actually cost more in the long run. Because, you do not need to renew your Botox injections everyday. The results of Botox last for months, if not years.

There is no fixed price for a Botox injection, the prices are different in every clinic. However, you should keep in mind that a more expensive clinic does not necessarily perform better than the others. The Botox costs depend on the patient’s condition and requirements as well. We offer excellent quality Botox injections for reasonable prices in our clinic. If you want to find out more, consult us now and get a price!

Botox Turkey

The location of the clinic where you will receive your Botox injections is extremely important. Some countries have poor health laws and are unreliable for this kind of meticulous procedures. Therefore, you should only choose the tested and tried countries. Turkey is probably the most frequent destination for the people who want to have cosmetic procedures. Because, millions of tourists travel to Turkey every year for receiving a wide range of cosmetic operations. 

The reason why Turkey is so popular among those who seek cosmetic services is the high quality that we offer. Not only that, we offer these high quality services for very affordable prices that may be hard to find elsewhere. Choosing our clinic for having a Botox in Turkey will be a highly satisfactory experience for you.

Besides the high quality and affordable prices, Turkey has another big advantage. Regardless of where you are, it is extremely easy to travel to Turkey. The country’s location is close to almost everything. Moreover, finding a ticket to Istanbul is very easy since the flights are highly frequent. Keep in mind that the travel costs are going to be additional expenses for the Botox procedure. However, choosing a country like Turkey as the destination for your Botox, may actually cost much less than other countries.

Is Botox Risky?

The fact that Botox is actually a neurotoxin may sound like a problem for some people. However, the concentrations of the botulinum toxin in Botox are extremely low and therefore not dangerous for the patient. Countless people have Botox injections every year, and the complications from these procedures almost never occur. 

You can have Botox injections for a long period of time without experiencing any inconveniences from the process. Actually, besides its cosmetic benefits, the doctors use Botox for its other medical properties as well. This anti-wrinkle treatment has been around for a while now, and it has never caused any serious problems.

Be that as it may, the safety of the Botox injections depends on the clinic you choose as well. Some clinics use poor quality products that can actually cause serious health complications. Remember that Botox is a neurotoxin, and the people who handles it has to be approved professionals. 

We only work with the best cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists that you can find in all of Europe and Asia. As a result, we have never witnessed any of our patients suffering a complication due to Botox injections. Besides the doctors, we are also very careful at picking our materials. We do not use any inauthentic Botox chemicals. When you combine all these qualities we offer, you can realize that a Botox in our clinic is extremely safe.

What to do before a Botox treatment?

How you prepare for the Botox injections may significantly improve your Botox experience and the results you will get. One thing that most people need to do before the procedure is reading more about it and having knowledge. If you have any further questions, you can always ask the doctors in our clinic as well. They are going to inform you about all the procedures of a Botox injection.

Telling your doctor about the medications that you are using is also imperative before the Botox injections. If you are using any medications with blood thinning effects, you should probably stop taking them before the injections. If there are any other medications that can cause inconveniences during the process, your doctor will tell you about it.

If you are a smoker, quitting for a couple of days before the Botox injections is also a good idea. This way, you will significantly reduce your chances of having bruises after the process. You can also ask your doctor for a cream recommendation that reduces the bruising. However, the bruising is all about a couple of tiny red dots that totally disappear in a couple of hours.

Also, having a clean skin before the Botox injections will make the process considerably easier. Besides, if you have an oily face while the doctors are injecting the Botox, this may later cause acnes.

Botox Aftercare

In order to make sure that you do not face any complications after your Botox injections, you should be careful. Following a couple of simple rules can improve the results of the process. For instance, the area of the injections should not be massaged for about 4 hours after the procedure. You should also avoid lying on your front during these first 4 hours. Moreover, if you have any hats, bandanas or other headwear that is too tight around your forehead, do not use them.

Blood thinning medications such as aspirin should be avoided during the first 24 hours after the injections. Alcohol can also have blood thinning effects, so you should not consume alcohol during that period either. You are not supposed to feel pain after the Botox injections, but if you do you can take Paracetamol. However, do not take any medications without consulting your doctor in the first 24 hours after Botox.

Botox does not have any nasty side effects after the injections. You should be able to sleep without feeling any sort of discomfort. Eating will not be inconvenient in any way either. You can have a facial 4 hours after the Botox injections. The downtime after the procedure is very short and it does not restrict your daily life during this time. 


Is Botox only for women?

No, both men and women can have Botox injections, however, the male patients will usually require higher doses of Botox.

Does Botox injections hurt?

The doctors use a very fine needle for administering Botox. Therefore, the injections are painless and do not require anaesthesia.

How long does Botox injections take?

The complete process will take about 15 – 20 minutes. You will be able to drive home right after the injections.

Is Botox permanent?

The anti-wrinkle effects of Botox last for months before gradually starting to wear off. However, the process can be repeated whenever you need it. 

When will I see the results of Botox?

You should be seeing the first results a couple of days after having your Botox injections. However, seeing the final results of the procedure may take 10 – 14 days.