A body lift operation can significantly improve the shape of your body. To achieve this, our doctors remove the excess of sagging skin and fat. In addition, the operation can include procedures such as liposuction in order to provide you with the best results possible. Hence, we can say that a body lifting surgery follows almost the same principles as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operation. 

One of the differences between a body lift and a tummy tuck operation is the areas it treats. A tummy tuck only works on the frontal parts of the abdomen. On the other hand, body lifting surgery includes the sides and the back area of the abdomens. Moreover, a body lift can improve the contour of the buttocks, thighs or the circumference of the thighs as well. 

There are some factors that can cause your skin to lose elasticity. These factors include but are not limited to sun damage, ageing, weight fluctuations or pregnancy. If your skin loses its elasticity due to any of these situations, your skin will start to sag. As a result of this, you will feel irritated by the undesirable appearance of your body. However, you don’t need to worry since a body lift operation can contour your body in the way you desire.

Advantages of Body Lift

The best cosmetic procedure that can help you get rid of the sagging skin issues is a body lift operation. Besides, the advantages of body lifting both for your physical appearance and your psychology are miraculous. 

First of all, the body lift services we offer in our facility have individualized plans. Which means that our doctors will have your personal wishes in mind while performing the operation. As a result of this, you will leave the operating room with the appearance you desire.

Sometimes, the sagging skin may not allow you to wear the clothes you want to wear. A body lift operation can help you solve this problem by removing the extra skin. After the operation, you are free to wear your favourite clothes that you could not wear before.

You may experience some other complications such as skin irritation or infection due to sagging skin. After a body lifting surgery, loose skin will not be rubbing together anymore. Therefore, you will be safe from all the irritations or infections that this condition brings.

How Do We Perform Body Lifting?

We follow a couple of essential steps in order to successfully perform body lift surgery. First of all, you need to discuss your expectations with the doctors in our facility. In return for this, he will consider your expectations and inform you about the procedure and the possibilities. All the steps of the body lift operation will be individualized specifically for you. Therefore, the results of the surgery will yield highly satisfactory results for you.

Notwithstanding what some people think, the body lift surgeries are completely painless. You will be under the effects of anaesthesia during the whole procedure. Therefore, you will not be feeling even the slightest sort of discomfort. Moreover, the body lift services that we offer in our facilities are %100 risk-free and safe

Still, some people might be asking how we perform body lift exactly. Our body lift services have 3 main steps, which are discussing your expectations, determining the best procedure and the body lifting operation.

Body Lift Operations in Turkey

Turkey is a country famous for the cosmetic services it offers. It is simply unmatchable in regard to the amount of medical tourism. Body lifting operations in Turkey are preferred by many people from different countries or even continents. In particular, the success rate of the body lifting operations performed in our facility is extremely high.

The location of a body lifting facility will affect the results that you are going to get from the surgery because some countries are very lousy in body lifting operations due to the inexperience of their doctors. Even in Turkey, some facilities are obviously better than the others in recognition of their services. Our facility is by far the best in Turkey regarding the quality and the cost of body lift services. 

In some facilities, you will pay a lot of money for a body lifting, although their services are of poor quality. Besides expensive and yet poor-quality facilities, there are also ones that ask for unrealistically low prices. However, if the costs of a body lifting in a facility are too low, it may be an unreliable place. For this reason, you should choose our facility in order to find the best quality matched with affordable prices. 

Body Lifting Costs

The cost of a body lift surgery depends on a couple of variables. The areas where you will receive the body lift surgery is one of the main factors. For instance, if you want a body lift operation on the abdomen area, it will not cost that much. The cost will increase as you choose more areas such as thighs or buttocks in addition to the abdomens. 

When you consult a doctor in our facility, he will tell you about our body lifting costs. The total price that you are going to pay will include all the expenses of the procedure. This will include anaesthesia costs, operating room fees, etc.


Are the results of a body lifting permanent?

Yes. Once you go through a body lift surgery, the results will be permanent.

Am I a suitable candidate for a body lifting?

Anyone who is over 18 years old and does not have life-threatening health conditions can have a body lift. Besides, it is suitable for both male and female patients.

Does smoking affect my recovery?

You need to stop smoking a few weeks before the body lift surgery. Smoking after the operation should also be avoided for a while because it can significantly decelerate the healing process.

Can I lose or gain weight after the body lifting?

If you gain an excessive amount of weight after a body lifting, you will lose the contour of your body. On the other hand, if you lose too much weight, your skin will start to sag again. Therefore, avoiding extreme weight fluctuations after the body lifting is a good idea.