Body Contouring Surgery. Today, one of the most important problems of people is being unhappy with their body shape. Aside from the perception of perfection in body forms, the fact that people are happy with their body lines and structure actually creates positive effects on many different situations. Getting rid of excess weight, having the curves and contours as intended, is a necessity not only for aesthetics but also for health. The body contouring surgery offers opportunities in terms of having the desired body shape to most people.

Body contouring surgery are applications in which the body lines are redrawn and reshaped in the intended direction. You can go under this surgery to reshape your arms, abdomen area, neck, waist and hips, and also your ankles. In addition, if necessary, you can also go under body contouring surgery for your legs or for abdominal and arm stretching.

In body contour applications, firstly, our doctors evaluate the body structure in detail, and accordingly, determines your ideal weight and excess fat areas. After the doctor determines the areas, he draws lines on your body to show you where he will perform the surgery.

Body contour applications show very effective results in only one session. With single session body contouring processes, it is possible to create firmer, more fit, proportionate, balanced and ideal body lines, and the permanence of the effects of the application is also quite long. 

Our expert doctors and the experienced team perform this surgery, and it contains no risk at all. The healing process is also quite short. At the same time, the discomfort you will feel after surgery is minimal when you follow all the recommendations of your doctor carefully.

Body lifting

Body lift is the procedure where the doctor removes excess fat that causes deformation to reshape the body. For many plastic surgeons, the body lift is a combination of stretching the hips and thighs, as well as performing a tummy tuck operation. Since the body lift process is the removal of sagging tissues and skin to shape, you should find your ideal weight before this procedure.

As in other surgical procedures, body lifting surgery needs to be done in a well-equipped surgery room. There are very low-risk rates when it comes to this procedure. Of course, again, it needs to be done by an experienced doctor. With the help of our professional team, you will get the body shape you have always wanted with minimum discomfort.

After you decide on going under the body lifting surgery, our doctors carefully examine you and make a detailed plan of the process. This procedure usually takes a few hours, and since you will be under general anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during or after the surgery. The healing process is also pain-free and short as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions. 


Liposuction operation is a procedure that most people undergo to get rid of excessive fat. Your doctor will place a thin tube under your skin while performing this procedure. With this tube, they remove your excess fat. Liposuction is a very simple and risk-free operation when done under the right conditions. Furthermore, it is a completely painless operation as our doctors will perform it under general anaesthesia. You may need to wear a special corset for a while after surgery to get the best results. As with any surgery, you will get the result you desire as long as you follow the bits of advice of your doctor.

When you decide to have this surgery, the first thing you need to do is to talk to our doctors about the final image you want to achieve. Then, you should prepare for the operation as directed by the doctor. 

Liposuction surgery is one of the most effective and easy methods of body contouring. The results are very permanent as the doctor removes the fat tissues completely. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this operation is not a method of losing weight. It is an ideal method to get rid of regional excess fat that disturbs you or for the areas that you cannot shape with exercise or diet. You will be able to return to your normal life after three to four days without any hassle.


Abdominal stretching is an operation in which the excess fat is removed in the middle and lower abdomen, the sagging of the skin is corrected, and the abdominal muscles are strengthened. It is possible to get rid of abdominal fat and sagging skin with abdominal stretching surgery. The doctors can perform this surgery along with other surgeries such as liposuction.

Adult men and women, who have diet and exercise-resistant fat accumulation in the abdominal region or weakened abdominal muscles, may be suitable candidates for abdominoplasty.

While performing this surgery, the doctor makes small incisions and removes excess fat with the help of a special tube. After, the doctor strengthens the abdominal muscles and repairs if there is a weakness in the muscles. Finally, they reshape the excessive skin.

The full abdominal stretching operation can take approximately 2-5 hours, and partial abdominal surgery may take 1-2 hours. This operation also has very low-risk rates, and the healing process takes a little time.

Genital Aesthetics

Genital aesthetics operations are great for the ones who are not happy with their genital area. There are lots of women who go under genital aesthetics operation since age-related sagging on the skin may occur over time. This surgery is ideal for anyone who would like to reshape their genitals.

Lips called labium are thicker and fuller parts. They make up the outer genital structure, which is basically small lips that are located inside and thinner. Our doctors reshape both areas with a simple operation. The sagging lips can be shortened, and the shape of the lips that are empty and loose can be plump.

On the other hand, our doctors may perform vaginoplasty surgically or by laser. Genital aesthetics is a fast procedure with the laser. Over time, vaginal tissue can enlarge due to ageing or giving birth. Such deformities can cause the pleasure of sexual intercourse to decrease or disappear for both men and women. With the help of surgical intervention, the loose tissue will be narrow, and the surrounding tissues will rejuvenate.

After vagina aesthetics, the patient can return to his daily life immediately, but during the recovery period, sexual intercourse is banned for about 6 weeks.

Mommy makeover

Mommy makeover is the whole process for women, who are mothers, to recover their body and regain their old tension after a while.

After birth and lactation period, most women may experience ejaculation or sagging in their breasts. The abdominal area also loses its tightness, and loosening of the skin may occur. If too much weight is gained and lost, there may be an increase in lubrication and relaxation in areas such as the arm and inner thighs. Therefore, various surgical interventions can be planned for the breasts and abdomen.

When it comes to mommy makeover surgeries, mostly breast lift, abdominal stretching and supportive liposuction surgeries are understood. You can undergo these procedures at the same time or one at a time. After talking to our experienced doctors and explain what you really want, they will make a detailed plan for the surgeries that you might go under. If you would like to undergo mommy makeover surgery, you should wait at least six months or a year after the breastfeeding and abdominal surgeries. Thus, your muscles will be ready for reshaping.

The healing process for a mommy makeover is not too long. As long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, all of these surgeries carry very low-risk rates, and the results are very satisfying.

Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks augmentation procedure is great for anyone who would like to increase fullness, roundness and projection of their butt or buttocks. By undergoing this surgery, you may improve the balance of your figure and gain self-confidence. You can also get the natural physique you’ve always desired. This procedure is safe and very effective. It also provides very fast and natural results.

There are two methods for this surgery; either silicone implants or a fat transfer. Both procedures are completely safe, and the results are very natural.

The fat transfer technique involves removing excessive fat from other areas and injecting them into buttocks. If you would like to choose the implant technique, your doctor inserts FDA-approved silicone between your butt bone and muscles. Both methods are safe and effective, but the fat transfer technique can take a little longer to see the results since you need to wait for the fat to settle.

Buttocks augmentation surgery is an out-patient procedure which means you will be able to go home right after the operation. This procedure also takes very short time; about only 2 hours. The recovery process is easy and fast, only takes 1 or 2 weeks.

If you would like to go under buttocks augmentation surgery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.


Which body contouring surgeries do you offer?

Currently, we can perform body lifting, liposuction, abdominoplasty, genital aesthetics, mommy makeover, buttocks augmentation operations.

Are body contouring surgeries safe?

Every operation we do perform are 100% safe. We do follow worldwide industry-standards for that.

Do patients feel any pain during body contouring surgeries?

No, they don’t. We administer anaesthesia to our patients so that they don’t feel anything.