Are hair implants permanent? Today, hair loss is a major aesthetic problem for both men and women. There are many reasons for this, some of them; chemicals coming into the hair, hair not getting enough protein, and some hairdressing procedures. Washing your hair every 2 days will be the best choice for your hair. Spray, wax, etc. products can cause hair loss and thus lead you to hair implant procedures. Hair implants are produced from hair strands. When the hair implant is to be made, it is the time when the person's hair loss is over.
What is infrequent hair transplant? Hair transplant on thinning hair is a type of hair transplant in which the hair does not shed completely. This type of treatment is the most appropriate treatment for people with hair loss. The type of hair loss is different in women and men. Thanks to the donors in the nape of men, hair transplantation can be done again with real tissues. Since there will not be enough hair grafts in women, it is taken from another part of the body as a donor.
Do Hair Implants Work? Hair loss is one of the most common cosmetic problems. Loss is a major problem not only for men but also for women. Hair shedding between 50 and 100 strands per day is normal. If there is a hair loss above this number, it should be treated by a specialist.